Tuesday, 13 October 2015

day15 conclusion

"To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave" Elvis Presley

What a game! it only lasted 5 turns but they were all bad.  after the first move onto the board there were zombies everywhere.  JJ and Debbie arguing because of a random event attracted even more zeds and they began charging in from all over.  The group's shooting was poor or they could not activate and even Ling Mei who is a monster in melee could only knock down or battle zeds to a draw.  In the meantime a group of zeds charged them from the rear and it was inevitable that something bad would happen.  JJ fought like a tiger, Debbie cleared her opponent, but Ling Mei got locked into combat and that meant poor rep 3 Nash got munched as he was isolated at the rear of the group. with no help forthcoming, the zed that knocked him OOF began to snack on the aged lounge singer.  After his death JJ failed her man down and ran off the board.  With two heroes out of the encounter i had no choice but to turn tail and run, while the zombies consumed Nash..... 

absolutely gutted for the loss of the Elvis impersonator, i love the model and i thought it gave the story and the campaign some extra texture.

Following the encounter I did not need to roll for keeping it together as Ling Mei had done really well previously and no one lost any rep for the failed mission.  However the gang were a man down and morale had hit rock bottom.

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