Sunday, 11 October 2015


I have got an ambitious project in mind.  Recently my terrain board posts have been put aside due to my enthusiasm for ATZ.  I had planned to post about how i put together the rest of my boards - the train station and the canal, but i've kind of been taken over with the need to post batreps about Ling Mei's struggles.  These terrain posts will follow later on i'm sure but in the mean time i've been thinking about a new board.  

The new board will be purely for ATZ rather than shared with my Bolt Action games and will substitute in for the radar station/hilltop.  So what i've decided to make is a hospital board, this was partly inspired by fellow blogger posts, partly by my job role and of course it is iconic in the zombie genre. I'm going to pretty much fill the whole 2' x 2' so it's a huge project, especially as i'm thinking basement and a 1st floor as well as ground floor!

First things first was to sketch out a floor plan of the way i want it to look ideally.  Then I need to get the material to build it! During that time i'm going to scour the interwebs for the bits and pieces to fill it! Paramedics, doctors, nurses, patients and their zombie equivalents, hospital beds, office furniture, library book stacks, tables, chairs, ambulances and the list goes on.....

So what do you think? I'm already starting to question my sanity! The design will no doubt change a bit when I draw it onto the board. I'm already rethinking doing a basement as the boards are 30mm deep and I need 40mm per story so it means only partially sinking the basement, will that look odd?  But basements are atmospheric and do I want to lose the morgue? Some of the smaller offices might be joined as they won't get figs in otherwise. The lift shaft will get smaller (or will it, should I leave it bigger?) should I have stairs going down to the basement or just leave it as a lift? Aaarrrggghhh!!!


  1. Wow, this will be a huge build. It should make for a great atmospheric game board tho. Keep the basement and stairs, they will make it that much better. Maybe, just for a reality check (where's the fun in that?) lay out the floors and try gaming on them. Just see if they work, and what you may want different.

    Good Luck!

  2. Thanks N667, that's a good idea! I think I'll do that, I've already cut the basement template out of the mdf terrain board in a impulsive splurge if activity and cut the floors out in foam board - no turning back now! Will have to adapt it and be flexible as and when but all ahead full. Have ordered some hospital beds and loads of med zeds too!

  3. Hang on a minute, how many blogs you got dude?

  4. Just the one dude, keep playing with the layout and wanted to add a blog