Thursday, 15 October 2015

day 21 - don't blame it on the weathergirl...

"and the power outages around the city continue as the military and police struggle to contain the infected.  Mayor Alexander stated in his broadcast 'the citizenry must not panic, everything is under control!' ha ha that doesn't seem to be the case to this old reporter Mr Mayor.  Now over to our weathergirl - Stacey Raines."

"Thanks Bob, the weather has been particularly dry this.....what the hell is that! aaaaarrggh! Kevin get off Bob! what are you doing? stop biting him! don't look at me like that, no don't come over here....this is Stacey Raines running away! if you hear this broadcast - help me!!"

Juliana Jones crossed the small living room of her apartment, to the TV and switched it off with a snarl.  "I think we should go over to the studios and help her!" she said to the room in general.  Ling Mei sat in the window seat looking out into the streets as she had done since the death of her beloved landlord a week ago.  The tears had dried days ago but the aching hole in her heart was a constant reminder of her loss.  Debbie shot her a glance as she replied to JJ's statement "It's dangerous out there JJ and only getting worse" 

"Ha, of course it's dangerous out there Debs, but we can't sit here with no food or water waiting to die." JJ shot back.

"don't call me Debs! Listen, i don't want to shrivel and die here either but how is rescuing the bimbo going to help our situation?"

Ling Mei stood in a swift, fluid motion.  Striding across the room to the pile of weapons, she grabbed her swords and bow.  "We save the girl, grab some supplies and smash any of those dead bastards along the way!"

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