Friday, 16 October 2015

day 21 part 2

It was mid afternoon when the small group reached the outskirts of town, there had been a handful of zombies that had barely slowed the girls down as they journeyed the short distance from Ling Mei's building.  In the mid distance the huge satellite dish that broadcast the news and weather reports rose high above the buildings on top of Jungville Hill.  The Jungville tunnel running beneath it, gaping ominously and seemingly filled with danger and potentially zombies.  

With a swift action Ling Mei drew her bow and released a shaft at a zed 25 yards across the junction.  With a solid thunk the arrow pierced the zombie's forehead and it dropped to the floor without a further sound.  Looking around their were no more of the undead in sight and the group sprinted across the broken ground around the train yard.   Making good time the women sped toward the hill, the TV station loomed ever closer.  

Ling Mei, glanced behind her, in her haste to get to the girl she had outpaced the others and they were strung out in a line stretching several yards back with Debbie bringing up the rear.  "Damn" she whispered under her breath, slowing down. She did not want another incident happening and opened her mouth to gee the others up and close the gaps.

RING! RING! RING! a strident cell phone ringtone split the quiet air startling the group and causing them to look around frantically for the culprit.  Debbie spotted the small, black object lying in the grass and rushed to it, to try and silence it before it attracted unwanted attention from passing zombies.  As she reached the phone and switched off the ringing, she noticed some movement in the bushes across from her.  Glancing frantically around her she saw two muscular young men with huge mo-hawks and equally huge firearms rise up from behind the shrubs and a further two emerging from behind the phone box....

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