Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tournament time

This weekend I played my first competitive tournament since I got back into the hobby.  Not that I have been a prolific tournament player in the past either so it was interesting to take part in as well as a learning curve.  The game was 40k – not on the top of my list of fave games having cut my teeth on WFB and now with the Napoleonics looming and my continued obsession with Zombie Apocalypse games; but still I’ve enjoyed playing some small games with Rich.  The problem is my lack of 40k models and a distinct lack of codexes.  I have got an Eldar army but it’s a bit light in the vehicle department and I don’t have a codex.  So I had to “compete” (I use that in the loosest of terms) with a makeshift space marine army with a borrowed codex from Rich.  The army was terribly unbalanced and I lacked the tools to do a decent job - very little anti-tank, almost no vehicles and no mobility.  It was all a little piecemeal and added to that my lack of competitive experience and 40k games under my belt I only managed a single draw!  That coupled with two losses meant that I was rock bottom on the day.  A very lowly position to find myself in indeed considering I have been gaming for ** years; in fact longer than at least two of the competitors have been alive….

Still the experience is all and I do love to play no matter what the outcome!  It was real fun playing against new opponents and new races/armies.  I got to see first hand how powerful the S/Wolves, B/Templars and the Necrons are and how important it is to have an army that you have created with the tactics you favour in mind. Da Gobbo has retreated back to his grotto to plot and scheme and paint an army ready for the next time.  Maybe a change is order though, something different, something which reflects me a little…..

Step forward the Tau!!