Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012

Well it’s the New Year and hopefully 2012 will be a gala gaming year for da Gobbo.  Santa was very kind to me and brought many goodies to drool over.  A horde of zombies invaded the Grotto (well 28) a good start at least although now they are on the board (I’ve managed to paint 20 of them!) they look a little lost - even on a 4’x 4’ table; so many more required me thinks.  To balance the beasts, some beauty followed and a new Blood Bowl team arrived under the tree – the Alzuri Angels an all girl team of High Elves!  These plucky gals have been painted as well (I really got a lot of work done while off for Christmas), at least the starting 11 have been completed and are good to go when I finally get back to the games club.  The new boxed set of British Hussars galloped in and will be put on the painting back burner along with the other Black Powder stuff; at least until I can shift the other 8 zeds and 2 Elf catchers.  The project that will take the longest time to clear (especially as I’m now back to work!) will be the new 40k army – The Tau. 

Yes I’m now determined to fight for the “greater good” and have joined the growing fledgling empire of the plasma wielding, battlesuit wearing, jet pack using Tau.  Just writing that last sentence justifies why I fancied the Tau as my new 40k army.  Plasma guns, jet packs, skimmer battle tanks, giant mech suits and a brand new codex scheduled for some time this year – it’s all good!  The army suits my style of play with lots of ranged combat, reliance on technology and some really cool models.  A battleforce was the start and already I have painted the Devilfish and undercoated nearly all the rest!  I also got loads of vouchers so off down to the hobby store and a Hammerhead battletank has been added (got to have that railgun!) I had to have the codex even though it will be replaced early this year so I got onto Triple Helix war games and ordered one and another battleforce to finish the bulk of my army.  That should leave me in a relatively strong place with 24 F/warriors, 24 Kroot, 2 Devilfish, 6 Stealth suits and 2 Battlesuits as well as several gundrones.  With the Hammerhead it rounds out to about 1300 points which leaves me some points to spare on some other goodies such as pathfinders (already got the transport) or Vespids to kick some marine a**! I think though that I will wait to see what the new codex comes up with before committing any more gaming tokens toward it.  The models that I have got and those that are on order should keep me painting for a while anyway and it’ll give me some time to play with and get used to them (I have never even faced the Tau let alone fought with them….)

All in all it’s an exciting time hobby wise and I get wait to get stuck in!

Happy New Year