Wednesday, 25 April 2018

More Stuffed Fables

hi all

After last weeks photo fail, I thought I would show the pictures that were missing, plus some new "Stuffed Fables" minis that I have painted as part of a commission that I'm working on.

First up are the "baddies" we missed last week - Knuckle, The Snatcher and Skreela...


The Snatcher


More recently, I managed to paint just two more - The Dollmaker and the main baddie - Crepitus!

The Doll Maker


Work is progressing on my board game design and next week I hope to reveal the WiP.

hope you enjoy 

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Apologies and Post Salute

Hi all

First of all, my apologies for a lack of post this Wednesday.  I'm sure you have noticed a downward trend in the number of posts I'm managing to put out there at the moment, from 3 posts a week to now just about 1! It's not that my enthusiasm is diminished in any way, just my opportunity...  Real life has a way of interfering and the new job role is a bit all consuming at the mo.  By the same token please don't think my lack of comment on your own blogs is a personal slight.  I normally manage to catch up with my faves during call outs and night shifts but have little time to leave even small comments, rest assured I am continuing to read and be inspired by your individual journeys through our awesome hobby.

Does this mean I'm not getting any hobby time at all? Not at all, thank goodness!! I'm actually gaming as much as I can, shifts permitting.  I try to get at least one board gaming session a week, sometimes two.  I'm still cracking on with my Stuffed Fables commission, albeit a little slowly. I'm also currently designing and building a miniatures based board game which I hope to show you guys really soon.

Anyway, this weekend I managed to crack a little time in the schedule to make my now annual pilgrimage to Salute.  Sadly I was lacking one of my favourite nerds (Nerd 4 Life), but still this year was my favorite in some time, this was for two reasons and it might fly in the face of popular opinion.  The first was I only spent about £70. This is a lot less than I normally spend and I did have a reasonable budget of about £250 but, and here's the real reason I loved this year - I played a lot more games! Yes there we have it! I played some actual games rather than go on a big shopping spree.  This wasn't because there wasn't the usual array of shiny stuff pulling my attention (Mierce Miniatures, I'm looking at you!), although there were a lot less traders, or so it seemed.  But instead there were a lot more demo and participation games and that to me made the day really special.  On that subject I played Darklands and boy oh boy is that a nice game, really gorgeous minis and a great mechanic, with loads of dice rolling...

Second reason, I bought me a dragon! Oh yeah I bloody well did.  That total git and all round really lovely guy Dave Stone sculpts literally the nicest dragons and every year I just about manage to walk away without a dragon and a ton of regret. Not this time, this time I broke, this time I walked away with this bad boy...

I very nearly broke again and got the new Wyvern, that he's sculpted, which is absolutely stonking, I kid you not, it is beautiful.  But I had to go Oriental Dragon, well I think you know why...

Anyway here are some of the games I saw, not even a third of what was there, as always I've no recollection of who made them. 

ACW - look at that Ironclad!!

nope, no idea but what a board!

Jess plays "Swiss Family Robinson" we tried to storm the beach with our pirate crews!

Band of Brothers, this was just a beautiful board

Fallout! the game, not bad but I wasn't sold on the game

Darklands, beautiful board and minis

more Darklands, I played the massive Brute, wiping the floor with the werewovles

Jess mourns the splatting of her halfling wrestler

All in all a good day, my only regret was not spending more time with Dave and Jez and getting in a game or two of Death Match! but when I managed to get over to them they were busy.  I hope they had as good a day as I did!

hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Stuffed Fables

Hi all

As you may remember, I've started to take some commission work for my board games group.  Just recently I was asked (I may have hinted really, really heavily) to paint the miniatures from a really cool looking RPG board game - Stuffed Fables.  By Plaid Hat Games, the folks behind "Mice and Mystics - fast becoming a favourite of mine, this game pits an unusual band of heroes called "The Stuffies" against the evil "Crepitus"  This is the blurb from Plaid Hat...

Sworn to protect the little girl that loves them, a group of stuffed toys has been drawn into the Fall, an otherworldly, fantastic realm ruled by a brooding master of nightmares.

Stuffed Fables

The miniatures are amazing if not a bit chibi like...

on my painting table, ready to go!
Anyway, so far I've managed to paint half of the heroes and some of the villains and here they are. Starting with the good guys, first up is "Lumpy" the stuffed elephant, armed with a meat mallet!

Next is Piggle - he has the top of a Play-doh can for a shield and a baby rattle for a club - nice!

Finally for the heroes, this time - Lionel.  Players can't choose Lionel at the beginning of the adventure as he has to be unlocked later on in the game.

Now for some bad guys, i'm gonna leave the main protagonists until the next post I do about these minis. So in the meantime, we have the Mongrels - these mechanical hounds serve the Nightmare King, hunting through the corridors of his castle.

Next are the Dark Hearts, these heartless creatures are made up of discarded socks and other cloth bits.  Yes, the hole goes right through them!

Now for the really creepy toys - The Crawlies! These hermit crab like mechs, make their homes in the heads of dolls....


hope you enjoy