Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Violet Day 8 part 1

Violet hunched her shoulders into the over large jacket she had stolen from the farm that bordered Jungville.  That was 5 miles back down the road and she was sick and tired of walking in the heeled boots that formed part of her stage costume from the TTT (Tits, Tassles and Tail) a "gentleman's club" back in the next town over.  Jungville's suburbs was only a couple of miles down route 329 and with it some hope of contact with people.

Violet was worried, the "zombies" she had encountered back at the farm were like something out of the movies, all shuffly and bitey, it was a living (ha!) nightmare and she had had to use Ru'un, her katana to back those motherf***ers off.  She tried not to think of them as previously human and compartmentalised the horrible things she had done in the name of survival.

With impeccable timing her stomach made a dreadful noise and she realised she needed to do something about the current predicament she was in.  She needed food and a vehicle if she was going to get to Jungville to find some answers as to what the hell was going on.  Loosening the razor sharp heirloom blade in its scabbard, she pushed on toward the 'burbs of Jungville.

the board!

Violet – day 8 
Violet, having escaped the farm on day one, has spent the week living rough on the small amount of food she had scavenged from Joe’s car before she was kicked out of it and a couple of chocolate bars in the pockets of the coat she took from the farm.  Desperately hungry she has arrived on the suburbs of Jungville, she must find food if she is to survive. She also needs to get a vehicle if she wants to stay mobile. 
  • Violet (V) moves onto the table in section 7 
  • 2 X rep 5 PEF setup in section 3. 1 X rep 4 PEF in section 6. 
  • 2 X zeds setup and once again the setup together, this time in the industrial park in section 9. The encounter takes place in the morning of day 8 in the suburbs with a rating of 3  

Turn 1 
  • Zeds go and move along the fence, they can see V but are hindered by the height of the fence and the raging river. 
  • The rep 4 PEF moves closer and resides just behind the bridge out of sight and the other two move away even though they are rep 5, cowering behind the falls. 

  • Turn 2 
  • Random event – keys in the ignition (no car being used so leave up to fate if I roll a 1-3 instead of a 1 with the nearest car it has keys in it.) 
  • Turn 3  
  • V moves over to closest car and there are keys in the ignition, I rolled a 1 anyway…. V gets in the car, despite zeds being within 12” the car starts and she drives half distance up the road. 
  • The noise does not generate zeds 
  • The zombies move along the fence some more pacing the car. 
  • The rep 4 PEF moves back to its original hiding place behind the woods. 
  • One of the rep 5 gets a bit closer skirting the bushes near the edge of the board but remains out of sight 
  • The other crosses the wooden bridge on the falls and is revealed to be….. 
  • Some spooked nerves and the ER goes up to 4. 
so far so good, V has a car!
  • Turn 4  
  • V stops the car (and turns off the ignition but leaves the keys in the ignition so she can look for supplies, this is key(!) later)
  • The noise generates 3 X zeds 
  • The rep 4 PEF retreats and the rep 5 remains where it is. 

  • Turn 5  
  • V draws her katana and enters house 2 
  • Finds 1 zed and spies another set of keys on a coffee table!?!  
  • Fails her BP and ducks back out of the house and behind her newly acquired car. 

discretion the better part of valour
  • Turn 6 
  • Double 5 means no one goes 
  • Turn 7 
  • This time the zeds go and everybody moves closer to V 
  • Rep 5 PEF crosses the river at a ford and hides behind some bushes 
  • Rep 4 PEF crosses the river at the bend via a ford and ends up on the road. V is facing the other way though so it does not reveal. 

  • Turn 8  
  • The PEFs both retreat again.  
  • Once again V doesn't activate and has to roll BP for being charged by 2 X zeds and retreats towards the black car. 

  • Turn 9 
  • V passes her duck back 2d6 as she is the star of the show and then rolls 1 for her BP and charges the single zed on the other side of the car attacking it from the rear.  4:2 successes and she puts it down. 
easy meat!

  • Turn 10 
  • V  runs across the road and enters house 1 
  • Inside is a rep 5 soldier armed with an assault rifle 
  • V passes her BP test but uses her 2” extra move to dash through into the back room before going to insight…. 
  • In the back room is a rep 3 survivor with a BA rifle, straight to insight as she has no more moves to make. 
  • V does a meet and greet first and gets 2:0 successes and persuades the survivor – Oscar to join her. 
soldier boy

Violet ran up to the first house in the row as the dead started to draw closer, flinging open the door with a crash, she dived through the opening and into the small front room of a tiny family home. Inside a uniformed soldier spun around from the open fire place and began to raise the large assault rifle he held in his right hand.  Taking the room in at a glance, Violet dashed through the room in a couple of long strides, crashing through the door opposite and coming up in time to dodge the gaping barrel of a rifle pointing at the entrance.  Behind the gun and looking petrified was a young boy, roughly 15 years old....
  • Turn 11 
  • Soldier goes first and walks into the back room…. 
  • Meet and greet goes badly and he tries to arrest the group. 
  • Walk the walk as V resists 
  • Soldier boy wins insight 3:2:1 with Oscar (O) next and V last. Rolling a d6 he opens fire on O with his AR hitting him 3 times killing him outright. V charges into corporal Heizmanshe rolls 4d6 for rep + 1d6 for Rage + 2d6 for her katana for a total of 7d6, the corp is rolling 5d6 for rep + 1d6 for being protected and using his AR as an improvised weapon, the first round is a draw, the 2nd round V wins by one and reduces him to rep 4V wins the 3rd round and he is reduced to rep 3, V goes onto win every round after, cutting the soldier to pieces (ruining the armour in the process). Picking up his AR and a first aid kit from the room V considers what she has just witnessed and done….. 
  • The zombies (you remember them right?!)  all move closer to the house. 
  • The PEFs move closer again 

  • Turn 12 
  • V runs upstairs in an effort to locate food and finds nothing at all 
  • The closest zeds reach the front door and start to batter it and they break it down. 
  • The PEFS both move forward one ducking behind the bridge the other behind the ruined house. 

  • Turn 13 
  • V runs down the stairs and into the front room (the back door leads off the board…) 

  • Turn 14  
  • Neither side activates 
  • Turn 15 
  • Double 1s and V twists her ankle….damn! 
  • Turn 16 
  • V fails her BP and cannot charge the undead at the door and must duck back to the back room. 

  • Turn 17 
  • The zeds activate first and charge V who passes her charged test 1d6 and draws her katana. 
  • She scores 1:0 successes despite all the dice rolled (11 in total!) and cuts down a z, 6:2 on the 2nd round and she slices up the last zed. 
  • The rep 5 PEF closes in on V and is now just behind a pair of zeds, the other PEF retreats back up the road. 
  • Turn 18 
  • As V comes out of the house she sees the PEF which turns out to be 2x citizens rep 3 female – Virginia and rep 4 Isiah both armed with improvised weapons. The meet and greet is fairly neutral and they exchange pleasantries. The PEF that is more distant is revealed as nothing more than a case of raw nerves and the ER goes up to 5 
  • The zeds head toward V with one in charge range. 
  • V fails BP and ducks back 6” behind house 1 

  • Turn 19 
  • The lone zed charges again and again she fails BP and backs herself into a corner 
  • The remaining zeds close in too…. 

  • Turn 20 
  • V activates and runs (limps!) around the zeds 
  • Virginia and Isiah spy the keys in V’s newly acquired car and decide to acquire it themselves (1 in 6 chance and I roll a 6) with zombies within 12” they have to roll to see if it starts, which of course it does and they drive it away…. 
  • To rub salt in the wounds, the noise generates 4 X zeds! 

The sound of the car revving up and disappearing around the corner of the junction set Violet's teeth on edge “schas po ebalu poluchish, suka, blyad!” she screamed aloud in Russian at the retreating form of the car she had planned on using to escape the 'burbs.  Those motherf**kers she added in English as more of the infected charged at her, trying to get at her living flesh.
  • Turn 21 
  • The zeds activate and 3 charge V with the others moving toward the car noise. 
  • V wins with 6:3 successes and kills them all in a single round! Badass! 

  • Turn 22 
  • 3 of the remaining 4 zeds spot V and head towards her, the other carries on to where the car was. 
  • V moves up the road in order to search more houses 

  • Turn 23 
  • V charges into combat with the closest z and kills it 
  • The remaining zeds charge toward her with 2 reaching her, she wins 5:2 and kills them both. 

  • Turn 24 
  • V charges the last zed in the open and kills it 

  • Turn 25 
  • Still have to roll in case there are doubles and I roll double 5…. D’oh! 
  • Rolling on the chart I get cell phone. Random direction and d6” away makes it in the ground floor of house 1. As its inside I rule that it can only attract zeds on a 6 and none are generated.

The piercing, clarion call of a cell phone carried across the still air.  Violet whipped her head left and right trying to pin point the direction of the noise. Violet knew she had to silence the infernal machine as it would act like a beacon for the infected.  It seemed to be coming from the direction of the house where she had killed that damned soldier who had killed poor Oscar.  Steeling herself for the dreadful sight of the lifeless bodies she used the tip of her katana to open the front door once again.....