Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Urban Project - The Supermarket completed

Hi all

As the title of the post suggests, I've completed the supermarket that I have been building for my Urban Project.  Last time I posted about it, this was the extent of the build - a shell ready to be populated.

I also put together the shelves for my display counter.

So what have I done since? well for starters I put together the rest of the display counter.  Using blu-foam and coffee stirrers...

The finished, painted article is further on in this post.  For more detail on the shop floor, I also wanted to add some fresh produce so I built a wooden crate.

lined it with purple painted kitchen towel

and filled it with these....

to produce this...

which, again will show up later fully painted.  I also wanted to put up a low, decorative wall around the parking area of the market.  To this end I made some posts out of blu-foam (naturally) and added some beads to give a nice finish.

more bits and bobs followed including a rather crooked ladder from cocktail sticks...

and the flat roof that would cap the piece.

I also wanted to fence of the unloading yard and to that end purchased some mesh from Wicks for a couple of quid, some bending, cutting and swearing later, I managed to get some lengths of fencing made up, which I drybrushed with some rust effect...

more bits and bobs were made up while I waited for things to dry - here are some road signs made from signs printed from the internet onto photo paper and backed onto cereal box card, then mounted on a cocktail stick on a 20mm base.

All I did then was put everything together.  The roof was covered in homemade textured paint and capped with a sign that I printed from t'internet. I also printed off loads of advertising signage - supermarkets are a riot of colour and crap product adverts!

The parking lot got its bays whitelined and signs posted. added to which are my 3D printed trolleys.

The yard benefitted from some gas bottles from Wargames Terrain Workshop and some signage

as well as some homemade wheelie bins

The warehouse got some boxes that I'd sculpted as well as vending machines from Wargames Terrain Workshop and of course last weeks safe!

here are the shelves fully loaded with handy supplies for the survivors....

and the produce crate and some sacks of spuds on a pallet

the checkouts are at the far end of the store....

That's it for now as some of the piece is still drying/gluing.  I will, as promised show the whole board next week, fully laid out complete with zeds.

hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Safe bruv, safe....

oh dear sorry for the old school street lingo...

Hi all

Happy New Year to you all. I hope that your Christmas period was as relaxed as you would like and filled with the joys of our shared hobby.

I was going to do a loot post from my double whammy - i.e xmas and my birthday which is just after.  However I think I'll just show the minis and games that my awesome family gifted me over the course of the year as and when I showcase them here.  Suffice to say, I'm both blessed and humbled by my family's generosity.

Sadly, I've been a bit poorly over the holiday period, with a damned chest infection marring the precious few days I had with my family.  But I did manage to persuade them to gather around the breakfast bar and participate in a board game or two including one of my Christmas gifts - "Escape From Colditz". I've been wanting this game since, well forever!  Thankfully it lived up to my expectations and is thoroughly enjoyable to play and I can see me getting a lot of games this year!

On the Urban Project front, I've been busy making detail pieces for my supermarket and I started making a safe to hold the takings.  I uhmmed and ahhed as to whether to make it relatively simple i.e. a box shape with a dial, but I decided to stretch myself a bit and make an open safe.  Not only would it fit my current project but also many other settings such as Pulp and 7TV2e.

For the build, I reached for my 1cm blue foam and cutting a small square and hollowed it out.  I then used 6mm blue foam door cutting it to the same sized square. I then used a cocktail stick to represent a hinge and glued the whole lot to a 40 mm square mdf base.

on the door I glued a small circle from the top of a coffee stirrer and then a slightly smaller mdf piece that came from one of the TT Combat mdf terrain packs made up the rest of the dial.  I then cut a piece of cocktail stick and made up a handle.

I then cut up some foam to make some cash and some cocktail stick to represent coins.

painted up it looks like this...

Finally here is the finished piece (with the varnish still drying...) with a plastic Bushido ninja for scale.

The rest of the piece is progressing well and should be finished over the next week, which just leaves the last corner of the board to finish.

hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Traditional review of 2017!

Hi all

So this is the last post of 2017 and as ever it is traditional in this blogosphere that we review the last 12 months here in da Grotto.  Strap in this may go on for a bit!


I started the year with a competition, by naming your fave Gobbo post of 2016 you could win a Lucky Orc dice bag.  I announced the winner in Feb and it was a most worthy recipient - the highly esteemed "Sir" Michael Awdry.  Once again I must recommend the Lucky Orc, Beccy does amazing work and produces a number of products for the gamer on the go.

Also in January I concluded an AAR for a Bushido tournament I had competed in, it was very well received and the series prompted me to continue the narrative AARs that dominated my ATZ games and led to the development of my current campaign.  Speaking of Bushido, January saw the introduction of faction after faction of the fantastic GCT Studios finest, as the lure of the Jwar Isles was in full swing. 

I also completed my third board for the game - "The Daimyo's Palace"

One of the last posts of January featured a very special xmas gift from a fantastic guy - Dave Stone.  The gift inspired a few of us lucky recipients to have a "Tweek off". Now before all of the complaints about lewd behaviour come flooding in, let me explain - Tweek is a character from 2000AD's Judge Dredd and Dave had sculpted the furry alien and sent them to a select few. We in turn all painted them and showed them on our blogs!  Here is my entry again...


February was a mixed bag for me, I had pre-written loads of blog posts ( I really was very prolific in the early parts of the year, most likely proportionate to the amount of Uni work that was due at the time...) but my blogging mojo took a massive blow when I quite unexpectedly lost my mum.  The very kind readers of this blog were understanding and I took some time to gather myself.  In the meantime Clint from "Anything But a 1" very kindly gave me a book, a very special book - "The Warriors" by Sol Yurick, this was the book that inspired my favourite film of all time and bought a smile to my face at a time when smiles were scarce and I thank him again for it. 

Anyway here are some of the minis that were painted during the month.


March was dominated by my second Bushido tournament - Daimyo of the South, where I took my Silvermoon Trade Syndicate warband.  Sadly I could only manage 9th (out of 12) but still thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to next years event.


By April I was into the last few months of my degree, this meant a slow down in production, sort of....

Erm I still managed to get a start on building some sewer tiles that could be used for 7TV2e or D&D and even started playing more of my ATZ English campaign.  The making of the tiles and the pieces that make up the contents of the dungeon were uploaded onto YouTube so didn't feature too much on here, for those of you who subscribed to the channel, don't worry more stuff will be forthcoming i've just been having issues with the recording equipment.


May saw a wider variety of miniatures being painted from the Kung Fu panda to Countess Annabella Von Kriekveld.  Included in these were some beautiful pieces from Dave Stone's Wargames Terrain Workshop and the completion of my dungeon tiles.


If anything June was sparser than May for posts, in fact the decline in the amount of posts I have put out this year has taken a general downward spiral until I'm down to just one a week, from 3! This is due mostly to the new career and the extreme amount of time that is required to keep up with my studies and to practice as a paramedic.  Also my mojo is at a bit of a low due to my mum, however I do what I can to keep up.  YouTube videos were still being made regarding my D&D/sewer projects.


July was another great month for Bushido with Clan Ito hitting the games table as well as my ATZ campaign scratching my Zompoc itch....

I also announced the start of my Urban Project which I will be showing in Feb 2018.


August came around and the posts were dropping off but I still managed to put out some Bushido, ATZ and terrain goodies....

I was also blown away by the kindness of my fellow bloggers

September and on....

Now this may seem like a cop out just lumping the remaining 4 months together, but I really have dropped off the volume of posts compared to the more prolific level of posting at the beginning of the year.  The reasons for this I've already explained, sadly the pressure of RL has drastically reduced my output....anyhoo, the Urban Project continued at pace, dominating the hobby time and edging out game play which is a real shame but I must admit I did love the focused terrain building!

well that is all I've managed do over the! I have really enjoyed blogging this year despite the downturn in the productivity. I'm hoping that 2018 will see a rise in the mojo and a great deal of gaming.

happy New Year all
dGG aka Andy