Thursday, 16 November 2017

The force is strong in this one...

Hi all

Image result for x wing miniaturesnot a very original title for this post, but I had my first games of X-Wing last night.  I know, I know where have i been for the last couple of years? In my defence I've been attempting to limit the number of new games I take on in recent times - boxes and boxes of unused games and miniatures, some still in their cellophane wrappings line the shelves of da Grotto.  That said, both Rich and Chris took an interest in X-Wing at Salute! this year and bought into the game.

So Rich hosted a gaming night last night, the first we've had in months, it was just me and him as the other members of the Herd were busy, so we took down his sadly under-used fleets and took them for a spin.

I lost... 

a lot....

but I really loved the game, so did I lose?

.....erm yes.....yes I did....all of them...

but I did really love the game.  Nice simple mechanic, not too many tokens on the board (unlike my beloved Bushido) and beautiful, cinematic miniatures.  Rich put on some Star Wars music and the room was filled with the sounds of us trying to impersonate the whine of a Tie Fighter engine (bet you're all doing it right now!).  Yes I even piloted the "Millenium Falcon" resulting in it's destruction - twice!  A sad, sad day for the rebellion...

So better late than never, I 'm loving a bit of X-Wing and it's going on the shopping list.

hope you enjoy

Monday, 13 November 2017

Urban Project - Nash Road (WiP)

Hi all

As part of my grand plan to design and build a 3 foot by 3 foot playable participation game of Zombie goodness at PAW 2018, I have constructed "Nash Road".  This is of course a vanity and it could have been called anything else but in fact there is actually a Nash Road in Thanet so its has uses for my ATZ campaign based in Thanet.

To start the road then, I took a large piece (18"x17") of 6mm blue foam and designed the layout of one side of the road.  As I wanted my buildings to be of a good size and totally playable, I only put three buildings on and because a lot of houses and roads in the UK have been added to towns haphazardly over many decades, sometimes centuries, I have placed them in a curve.  Each side of the building is 6" long and they consist of an open plan ground floor with a patio entrance to a tiny back/side yard.

On the foam I also carved paving slabs for a pavement, with some tarmac filling in for missing slabs as well as some drains and manhole covers.

I also, on this set of buildings wanted to experiment with proper windows as opposed to the painted on versions I did for the "Winchester".  This is a new thing for me and I was quite worried about how they would come out.  As it turns out they're a bit wonky! but do you know what? I really like how they've come out.  I used coffee stirrers cut to length, split down the middle and painted white to form the frames.  I then glued these to a clear plastic blister pack to form the glass.  I then added another frame on to the other side of the plastic to give it some thickness/strength.

Added to my blue foam walls, they look like this - yes they are wonky aren't they!

I then made up some coffee stirrer front doors and blue foam stairs as well as decorating the inner surface of the walls with scrapbook paper.

One back yard I "crazy-paved", another had a path going to a shed (which I built out of coffee stirrers) and the last one will be an unkempt lawn.

For the boundary walls I decided they would be a bit more decorative and made the middle of each wall section a flint type wall, quite common in these parts, as is the grafitti.... That was painted using Neon Acrylics that I got from HobbyCraft for 89p each!

I used a poundshop version of "no-nails" to stick the walls to the base.  When I'm building these projects I tend to work on different aspects of it at any given time, so a lot of these WiPs won't form any particularly logical progression....sorry :-)

Anyway, I went on line and printed off loads of random portraits and wedding photos as well as mingling in a couple of my own, including my fave pic of the Nerd Herd!  Once shrunk down and printed off, I used a gold Sharpie and drew a simple frame on each pic.

When added to my "wallpapered" walls, represent the various framed photos that families have in their homes and add another quick win/small detail layer for these buildings.  I also added some paper curtains to the windows to hide some bad joins and add another detail.

One purchase that I made for this project is some plastic street lamps from China, these are really good value at £3.42 for 20pcs (I bought two packs).  They can be hooked up to a power source and made to work but I'm not that technical and not having any real need for the lights to work cut the wires off...

starting to come together!
Having got quite a bit of the work done on the structures, I turned my little rat brain back to the small details and with that in mind I started building some electronics...

Stacking music centre - showing my age!

And so I've managed to get some of the stuff painted up and finish the downstairs on all three properties...
Nash Road - evens side

number 2 with its "crazy paving" garden

open plan ground floor - lounge area

kitchen nook
 the kitchen units are from blu stuff molds and are made of Das with Das plates and food and a blue foam microwave.

number 4 is a bit more smashed up!

i'm a bit proud of the garden shed in the back yard

broken down front door at number 4

number 6

you can see through the window, April Nillson is hiding!

blurry shot through the patio doors

the smashed patio doors of number 4

So thats the ground floors and most of the work done for Nash Road.  Extra detail will flow when I start getting street furniture and signs onto the pieces and of course the upper floors of the properties.

hope you enjoy

Friday, 10 November 2017

Urban Project - The Winchester, finished(ish)

Hi all

So as the title suggests this is the final look of the "Not" Winchester Arms that I have scratch built for my participation game coming up in early February.  I'm very much hoping that this is what the organisers are looking for, if not sorry....

The various floors simply stack on top of each other with a flat roof made out of blue foam and topped with my homemade textured paint.  To the base I have added a red telephone box from Blotz, this is in the film and I thought that it added a certain something to the piece.  The street that the pub sits on is also tree lined.  Rather than use up my limited tree stock permanently to the build, I made up a little base for one of my existing trees to sit in.

I also added a street lamp that I bought from China (more on these in another post)

Overall I'm pleased with the results and can see me playing out some interesting encounters for my own English ATZ campaign.

but that is it for now, coming up is more street sections for the project.

hope you enjoy

Monday, 6 November 2017

Urban Project - The Winchester (second floor)

Hi all

On to the next floor of my "Winchester" build - the second floor (third if you're from the US).  Again we don't get to see this part of the building in the film so I've got free rein to do what I want to do.  Obviously there needs to be bedrooms and a bathroom but the layout is my choice. I started with some of the smaller detail in this case, the beds and back made with the blue foam and a bit of paper I've come up with this...

This then was made into a mould with my "Blustuff", again my apologies as I didn't take any WiP photos so you can see them.  The bed moulds went better than my kitchen ones did and have come out halfway decent - lets say Year 7 art project rather than 4.  I also made single beds and wardrobes as well as a bedside table - these didn't come out quite so well, but still usable.

While this was going on I cut a square of blue foam for the floor and cut a hole for the stairs to come through.  I stuck with the same carpeting pattern as the previous floor but changed the "wall paper".  Again I used a tile effect for the bathroom.

Obviously I couldn't just have the stairs appear from the floor so made a matchstick and coffee stirrer balcony for the landing.

I also crafted some bathroom furniture out of blu foam and moulded it.

Add in towels made from kitchen towel soaked in cheap red paint.

In the master bedroom is the wardrobe made from Das and there is the bed from the mould.

The second bedroom is a younger persons, note the music posters and a wanted poster for a certain Gobbo and more "Walking Dead" comics.

and finally the overall view of the second floor...

the next post will be the finished model.

hope you enjoy