Friday, 21 July 2017

Yuui Ito

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More offerings from my newest Bushido faction - Clan Ito.  This time let me introduce you to Yuui Ito, one of the awesome Hebi...

Another daughter of Orochi, a ferocious warrior gifted with great prowess in battle and the honour of Orochi’s snake form body. She slithers across the battlefield seeking out the cowards in the shadows and dispatching them in Orochi’s name. Although not of the Ito bloodline Yuui has risen amongst the ranks of the followers of Orochi, a rise that has not gone unnoticed by many Ito, who by birth should outrank her. 

Yuui is a cracking model and nice addition to the faction, for just 7 rice you get a 3MS model with all the benefits of being part snake! She has better than average speed at 5, is "light footed" meaning she ignores movement penalties for crossing terrain and is "steady" meaning she cannot be made prone by special attacks.  With her armour (1) and 8 wounds she can take a bit of punishment in combat, even better she can use her Ki feat "grapple" and immobilise her opponent setting them up for a beating by her kin.  With her hebi trait "blood of orochi" I can use her in the "Blessed" Theme and she contributes to the poison pool that allows me to grant poisoned weapons to some of my fighters!  Finally her ki feat "detect" allows her to sniff out those pesky ninjas!  All in all 7 rice well spent....

So the painting of Yuui followed my general theme, with green clothing and lots of gold ringlets around her tail and stuff. I gave her the trademark yellow viper eyes and repeated the colour on her underbelly.  The upper side of her tail I made a dark red to fit my "viper" theme and its not easy to tell from these photos but there is a subtle red pattern mixed in to break up the block colour.  Once again I went for the bases from "Debris of War" this time going with the flagstones to represent the inner temples of the God-Kami - Orochi.

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Wargames Terrain Workshop 2

Hi all

A little while ago I picked up some more of Dave Stone's excellent terrain pieces, this time for my urban boards for use in my zombpoc games.

Not a lot to say about them other than, they look brilliant! You can get them in plain grey resin, as I did and paint them to your individual specifications or buy them pre-painted. I wanted them to compliment my existing terrain so bought them plain. For the gas cylinders, I went on to t'internet and painted them up with a well known global brand. As for the vending machines, I had no intention of naming the brands until I'd painted them up and then they looked like they were wearing utility belts - hence the superhero branding.

I've got plans for all of them, so they will start to crop up in upcoming AARs. Anyhoo the link to Dave's site is below, have a nose and see what you think.

Hope you enjoy

Monday, 17 July 2017


Image result for announcement meme

Hi all

yup, I have a big announcement - at least I think it's fairly big!

I've been asked to put on a demo/participation game at the Plymouth Association of Wargamers (PAW) Wargames Show 2018.  Essentially this is the other side of the country from where I live but despite the 5 hour drive, I'm up for it and have accepted!

Image result for zombie memesIt's all come about from one of the organisers seeing my ATZ - English Adventure campaign and him asking me to bring a game down, with some of my scenery to PAW in february.  Personally I was really flattered that someone thought my stuff was good enough to be part of their event, so felt happy to say yes.  That said i'm nervous as hell and hoping I don't fall on my ass come February.  I'm going to put on a zombpoc game and it will be participation as I want people to get involved, so I'll have to keep it fairly simple so as to engage as man people as possible but I'm not gonna give away the details of the game I have half planned for a couple of reasons.

  1. I'm not sure how its all gonna work yet, where is it going to be set? what rules am I gonna use? am I going to adapt an existing set or design my own?
  2. I want it to be a bit of a surprise
  3. I'm scratch building the majority of the board so will have to see if I can pull off what I want to do.
Image result for zombie memesSo I've got quite a bit to do and it might eat into my painting schedule, although Zombtober should help ;-P

I really hope I see some of you down Plymouth way -  3rd and 4th of February 2018, come and support the old Gobbo and have a chat, I'd love to see you there!!


Friday, 14 July 2017

Homecoming part 3 - an ATZ English Adventure

Rob “Nudger” Taylor rushed toward sergeant Thomas, raising the unloaded crossbow above his head like a club and howling like a banshee.  ET watched him all the way in with his ASP held low, behind him the skag-head who’d killed Kate had paused for breath, circling him like a hyena.  As Taylor closed in, ET swung the heavy baton at the thug’s ankles tripping him and causing his head to hit the pavement hard, dazing the old lag and causing him to black out.  Using the momentum of his swing, ET spun on his knees to face the skank and loosed his tactical pepper spray fully into the face of the disheveled addict, causing her to fall to her knees rubbing her streaming her eyes.

Around him, d-subs began stumbling toward the brawl.  ET staggered to his feet, tears streaming down his face when he looked at the ruined form of WPC Kate Dodson.  He paused to pull PC Atwell up and grab the prone form of Brown.  Between the two police officers, they dragged the inert form of PC Brown toward the “panda” car that was across the street.  More and more d-subs shuffled toward the area, drawn to the fire that had taken root in the Wilson’s house and the smell of fresh blood.

Gobbo hobbled around the back of the houses and through the gap in Mrs Nightingale’s fence, heading toward the rear entrance of the middle terrace belonging to Babs and Frank Willis – a elderly retired couple.  Turning the handle, Andy crept into the kitchen hefting his trusty oxygen cylinder.  The first thing he saw was the bloodied bodies of the Willis’s sprawled across the tiled floor, the second was the three addicts that made up the remainder of Nudger’s gang looming over the bodies armed to the teeth. 

the top row of dice are the thugs reps! the bottom row is the number of success they got on the "insight" roll. Gobbo rolled two successes.
Time stood still as the occupants of the kitchen stared at each other in shock for long seconds.  Andy reacted first, taking long strides across the room swinging his cylinder hard at the first thug – a woman armed with a shotgun, figuring it best to take her and her formidable weapon out of the fight.  With a thunk the strengthened steel cylinder crunched into her chin, lifting her off her feet to fly backward into the kitchen counter.  The other two addicts stared at the enraged EMT in horror as he used the momentum of his charge to crash into the second gang member – a dishevelled male in his 30’s. Once again, the o2 tank smashed into the face of his opponent, splintering teeth and spraying blood across the once spotless tiles.  The last of Nudger’s aquaintances – a older male, lifted a crossbow and loosed a bolt at Gobbo. 

Gobbo takes out the first....

then the second, while the third takes cover and starts shooting!
Nudger, his head spinning from the blow he’d taken spotted the retreating forms of the coppers and rolled to his hands and knees, before getting to his feet.  Staggering after them, he fumbled with the string of his crossbow finally loading the ‘bow. Reaching the end of the road, he saw the policemen loading their unconscious colleague into the back of their motor before jumping in themselves and gunning the engine.  With a loud crunch, the car was thrown into gear and shot backwards in a thick cloud of burning rubber, as the coppers sped away from the area.  Nudger stood stock still as he tried to think of his next move, his drug-addled brain struggling to formulate a plan.  A nearby groan pulled him out of his pondering as an infected closed in on him, forcing him to step back and lift the ‘bow. Pulling the trigger, he smirked in satisfaction as the heavy bolt thudded into the middle of the d-sub’s chest and causing it to fall backwards.  

the coppers make their escape

and Nudger tries to fight off the d-subs
That smirk turned to a grimace as more and more of the infected shambled toward him, surprisingly quickly for their awkward gait.  Nudger reversed the heavy bow and used the stock like a club, waving it to keep the zombies at bay.  However, the creatures were not deterred by his pitiful defences and used their increasing numbers to swarm him. First one, then a second grabbed hold of his arms and pinned him while a third latched onto his hand with it’s jaws and bit off three fingers.  With a howl, the middle-aged thug pulled back his torn appendage and tried to get away but he was held fast and more zombies were crowding in.  A searing pain in his abdomen drew his attention to an infected d-sub “digging” into his stomach with clawed hands and ripping his bowel out.  Pain flared everywhere as teeth pulled at skin and tore off muscles before a heavy blackness descended on him, the last thing he saw was the pitiful remnants of his street gang being torn apart by dozens of the foul creatures.

Nudger gets surrounded

The police scarper in a cloud of smoke

more and more d-subs are drawn into the area
Nudger gets surrounded

and gets munched.......

Andy spun around as the heavy missile crashed into the kitchen cabinet, lodging into the wooden frame.  Grabbing the bow of the now deceased ganger, he snapped off a quick arrow at the third and final member of Nudger’s gang of street toughs.  In his haste he missed, but the snap shot did distract the thug who fumbled with the string of the xbow, nearly dropping a bolt on the floor.  Using the distraction, Andy piled forward and swung the bow catching the ganger in the face and causing him to stumble backward.  Andy kept up the momentum, following the move with a series of snap kicks and blows with the bow keeping the thug on the back foot until he stumbled to the carpet of the Willis’s front room.  Wading in, Andy used the heavy steel of his O2 cylinder to bash the street tough into oblivion.

the zombies chow down on the remnants of Nudger's gang

Looking around the elderly couple’s wrecked house, Andy gathered the various weapons from the unconscious or dead gang members.  He didn’t feel remorse just yet, he’d taken human lives and that was utterly repugnant to him but he didn’t have the luxury of emotions at that time. He had to get across the road and get to his family, with the image of them held firmly in mind he strapped the xbow to his back and crossed that with the bow, stashing the quivers where he could.  Hefting the shotgun, he found a box of cartridges in the pocket of the female’s jacket and headed toward the back door a plan in mind.  Peeking around the door frame and seeing the back yard free of infected, he crept toward Mrs Nightingale’s ruined house.  The shotgun, well maintained despite its previous owner felt heavy in his hands as he broke the barrel and loaded bird-shot into the breech. Sending a brief prayer to a God he didn’t believe in, Andy reached the corner and discharged the weapon into the air. Spinning around he hobbled as fast as his sprained ankle would allow, heading for the Willis’s property.

Andy discharges the shotgun, in hindsight of course he could have at least taken a shot at a zombie for the same effect....

and attracts the entire horde....

Gobbo hobbles to the front door and waits for the right moment to sprint across the street
Making his way through the house, Andy realised just how exhausted he was.  He had been up for over 36 hours now, first dealing with the effects of the “Mother of all Storms” and then the long fight that had got him to this point against the infected or “d-subs” as the coppers had taken to calling them and now the killing of human beings, actual human beings! Albeit ones that had shot at him and tried to kill him first… Andy brushed away the tears that threatened to come, forcing the rising emotions back down as he thought of his family and how they needed him, how he needed them! Standing behind the closed front door to the house he tried to judge the perfect time for his “dash” across the street.  When he thought the d-subs had probably moved far enough he flung open the door and took his first step outside....

just as he's about to go, a black dog runs up the street pulling four zeds in its barky wake!!
As his foot touched the path, a loud barking caused his heart to leap into his throat.  A large black dog, possibly belonging to the Millers from over the way, ran up the road - howling and barking madly.  Following closely behind WERE the Millers, or what was left of them! The whole family – infected, chased after their cherished pet as it scampered away.  Gobbo winced as the noise resounded around the close packed buildings, the sound of a living creature would draw the zombies to it and undo his clever distraction.   Andy was about to step back into the house and try his ruse again, when he spotted a twitch of the curtains in the house opposite – his house!

Clamping his teeth against the pain, Andy hobbled as fast as his busted ankle could take – he had to get across the road, he had to get to his house and get to his family. “Fuuuuckkk!!” he screamed as the pain intensified and slowed his flight to a crawl.  Only yards away, zombies were spilling back around the corner drawn by the sounds of living, breathing creatures. The pain was excruciating, his ankle felt like it was made of jagged glass as hundreds of splinters of pain pierced his ruptured joint every time he put it to the floor.  Tears ran freely down his face as the familiar front door loomed in front of him, only feet away when he felt the hand of the closest infected pulling him back…

and pulls all the zed's attention back to the front of the buildings

who then spot Gobbo as he races (with a sprained ankle) to his front door

hordes of infected scramble toward the living desperate to feast...
Screaming his frustration, Andy spun on his torn ankle – fresh pain flaring hellishly from the insult to his already damaged ligaments.  The blood-spattered oxygen cylinder once again coming to his aid and crushing the temporal lobe of the ragged creature. “Fuck off!!” he bellowed madly in the face of the next closest zombie, pummeling the d-sub with the blunt end of the steel tube, the loud crack of broken bone accompanied by the worrying hiss of compressed gas leaking from the badly abused piece of medical equipment. With a grunt he threw the fractured cylinder at the nearest zed, hefting the shotgun he’d liberated from Nudger’s junkie buddy, prepared to sell his life dearly.

Andy fights off the closest d-subs
Suddenly, the door behind him was flung open causing Andy to fall into his hallway with a thump.  The door slammed shut and Andy watched as his son, Stephen threw his burly bulk against the door bracing it against the press of infected bodies pushing up against the gate to the Wosa kingdom.   Andy crawled on hands and knees to slump with his back against the heavy wooden door, further barricading it and glanced around the neat little house.  As the zombies banged against the front door, intent on gaining entry and snacking on the Wosa men, Andy openly bawled huge tears of joy as his beautiful wife and his awesome daughter – Lisa and Astrid, crowded into the narrow hallway and hugged the battered EMT.  His stoic son, back against the solid wood of the door held on to his shoulders as if to share his strength with is exhausted father.

The Wosa family watch the street fill up with the dead...

Andy falls into the hallway and braces the door with Stephen's assistance

desperate for the flesh of the living, the d-subs batter at their front door
As ever, it was Lisa who bought Andy to his senses.  “Right, up you get Gobbo, off your fat arse and let’s get out of here!” Pulling him to his feet, she relieved him of the xbow and threw it to Astrid who checked the bolt was firmly in place before making her way through the house toward the back garden.  Snatching the bow from him, Lisa followed her daughter knocking an arrow onto the string as she went.  

Stephen nodded at his old man, “Let’s do this!” the youngster yelled over the cacophony of the gathering zombies. Thrusting Andy’s pride and joy replica gladius into his hands, Stephen hefted his baseball bat in his own and sprinted after the girls.  Andy drew a deep breath and leaving the infected to batter down his front door he ran after his family….

from L-R, Astrid Wosa, Andy "Gobbo" Wosa, Lisa Wosa, Stephen Wosa

hope you enjoy


Curious eyes followed the family as they ran down the rubbish strewn alleyway that backed onto the property.  In the fading light of the day, those eyes could just make out the tired EMT as he stumbled after his kin toward the ambulance he had abandoned earlier that evening.  Behind those eyes, a brain whirled with a mix of emotions and random thoughts as it processed the day’s events. Finally with a small nod, those eyes turned away and focused on the narrow streets that made up the sprawling estate that Gobbo lived near, narrow streets that led back to the hiding place the owner of those eyes had discovered when the shit had hit the fan and the world, at least this corner of it had come to an end!  

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Year of the Snake!

hi all

Ok it's not actually the year of the snake, its the rooster to be precise but....

It's time to introduce my newest faction for Bushido - Clan Ito.  This is the official blurb from the GCT Studios -

The Ito have long been the laughing stock of the ruling clans. Never quite able to understand that it is their own flaws which hold their greater ambitions back. Being untrustworthy is synonymous with the Ito in the Jwar Isles; their support of the Shiho’s rise to power followed by their treacherous role in the Dragon Wars against the very same clan, highlights their fickle nature. Now though the Ito on the island of Izu have gone through a transformation, their alliance with an age old and powerful Kami has imbued them with a new found strength. If it was the Kami that caused the snake like changes or whether it has simply exaggerated the Ito’s natural affinity is unknown. What is sure is that the Ito finally have the power to rise against the other clans and avenge the mockery and mistreatment they have suffered. Will this venomous clan prove to be one dose of poison too much for the Jwar Isles?

So we have a human clan that have spent too long in the jungles of Izu, found a snake like deity/kami to worship and have returned with a shed load of snakey goodness, why oh why has it taken me this long to get stuck into this faction.  Well the simple truth is I bought them for Rich last year, but as he has made no move to paint them and GCT keep releasing the coolest models I cracked and splurged at Salute! this year. Over the next few weeks you will be seeing some of the amazing Hebi I've bought to supplement my faction but I'm gonna start, quite aptly with the "starter set".

Sadly I didn't get these quick enough to participate in the "Starter Set Wars" knockout comp between Damon and I but it will feature in the next time round.  One last thing before I delve in to the set, at Broadside I saw the most amazing resin bases made by a chap who has set up a local company - Debris of War.  Now, for my Bushido models I have made all of the bases and really enjoyed the process but this time I couldn't resist.  I know they aren't jungle bases but even the snake clan live indoors, so I've purchased the Japanese wooden flooring bases as they were just so pretty. Anyway to the set then....

We'll start with a scion of Clan Ito - Itsunagi Ito, here is his blurb...

Ito Itsunagi is the eldest of the heirs to the Ito clan. His training has been second to none and his skill at arms is quite astounding. A brutal and coldblooded killer, his only downfall is his arrogance, mocking opponents with his lack of armour.

One of my favourite models of the faction Itsunagi is simply a killer in melee.  His speed is phenomenal, with "Cobra Strike" ki feat he can attack first and reroll a low dice with his "Martial Prowess". "Do Kote" and "Umbrella Block" makes him hard to hit in return.  His 4 dice in melee give you loads of options whether to go on the offensive or tie up an opponent by going defensive, especially as he has "Indomitable" meaning he doesn't easily get outnumbered.  This guy ticks loads of boxes - unfortunately that means he comes with the price tag to match at 13 rice (ouch).  Still he certainly stands out and offers a lot of toys for a warband to play with.  

Paint wise, I moved away from the official paint job as always and offered up a slightly different theme for my warband.  Firstly I used theme colours that run through all of the minis in the set and they will feature through all of the faction.  The first being that I'm not going to go with the traditional green snake skin look.  All of my sneaky snakes will be deadly vipers, which can mean only one colour - RED!!!  I also wanted all of my minis to have been effected by the worship of the kami Orachi, which means all of them will have at least yellow serpent eyes.  Green will be the main clothing colour definitely, offset by yellow.  Any snake skin will be in the red as stated and the main samurai and shisai will have res serpent scales somewhere on their body - in Itsunagi's case his back and shoulders.  Lastly the bases will have a different "Line of Sight" markings which I'm really pleased with and is the only snake skin not in red, I did it in python browns as they are more neutral colours. Finally I gave the lips of the bases a coat of gloss varnish as it gives it that shiny look that makes snakes look slimy even when they aren't.


I thought I would try patterning on his kimono and snake skin down his torso

and snake skin down his spine and over his shoulders

i also added a green tinge to his blades to represent poison
Next we have the Hebimiman - Akimoto, here's what GCT say about him...

How the transformation will take hold no one can be sure, Akimoto is taking on the very image of Orochi. In the heat of the battle his allies claim he transforms further, this claim is supported by the opponents that flee in terror in the face of his onslaught. 

This dude sums up the set for me - half man/half snake, Akimoto is a great looking model despite the weird left arm position.  Armed with Tanbo or short sticks he looks like he's playing the drums, in fact my buddy Matt from "Sarcophagi" has converted him to playing a drum which looks fantastic.  Akimoto is a "Fear" causing dude making it difficult for enemies to charge him or causing them to lose activations and dropping dice in melee.  Which is a good thing as he has only limited combat potential.  Still he can gang up on an opponent with another more melee suited friend and really change the game.  Not only that but with his "Blood of Orachi" trait he can poison the weapons of friendly models at the beginning of each turn!

Painting for him then had to be red viper skin, just had to be! in fact he was the first model I painted in the faction and was the reason I chose the paint scheme.

base colours


Next we have Sakura, a Shisai or priestess of the cult of Orachi....

A priestess of Orochi, she has dedicated her life to the snake kami and has been favoured by beginning the transformation. With the merest of looks Sakura can corrupt a man, turning the blood running through his veins into poison.

Sakura offers up some much needed support for the clan, with her "Blood of Orochi" she adds to Akimoto's poison pool.  It's her ki feats where she shines though with "Pyschic Venom" poisoning enemies at distance and "Protect the Mother" poisoning them in melee - Love it!  she is weak in melee so best to use her in the back of the field protected by one of the last two of the band....

Painting wise, she follows the theme colours and has started to develop scales so she was subject to the red viper treatment.  She also is covered in little vipers so they also were painted red.


you can just make out the red scales down her spine and across her back and buttocks
The last two models are Chiyo and the Temple Bushi, both fairly standard "grunts" in that they are low cost basic characters.  Chiyo is slightly upgraded model with "Leap" and "Jump Up" increasing her cost by one rice.  the Temple Bushi can be upgraded with the introduction of the card pack and it's worth taking, but in the standard starter set his best role is to bodyguard Sakura.  Chiyo is useful enough in taking objectives and can run with Itsunagi or Akimoto taking out low level minis.

Chiyo has distinguished herself further from her fellow Temple Bushi, she quickly mastered the art of the Asp Strike and her spirit and determination to return to the fray when knocked down has been noted by her superiors.

The Temple Bushi are chosen from the ranks of the Ito’s ashigaru for skill and prowess shown on the battlefield. Only the best are selected to guard the temple of Orochi and it is considered a great honour to be chosen.

Painting, I have kept with the standard themes.  Each of them has a snake skin wrap around their torso and pattern on their kimono, just to provide a little relief to the block colours and give the miniature some personality. 



So that's the start of a very interesting and beautiful looking faction, next up will be the very gorgeous looking "Hebi" miniatures and you'll soon see why I 'm so excited by this faction!

hope you enjoy