Saturday, 3 October 2015

day 8 part 2

"where's JJ ?" hissed Ling Mei to the other two members of the group. All three of them looked around frantically for the missing teenager.  In the near distance zombies wandered aimlessly up and down the High st, moaning softly to themselves.  The group were moving toward the first house when inspiration hit Ling Mei "Gary's house!"  Juliana had witnessed Gary as a zombie not moments ago before Ling Mei put him down, now she may be heading towards his home not far away.  Without missing a beat she started toward the building where Gary had lived with his parents back when the world made sense.  In front of them was a lone zombie and in a fluid motion she drew an arrow from her quiver and sent it flying through the eye socket of the zed.  

as the gang approached the property they could see JJ in the garden on her hands and knees, tears rolled down her cheeks.  Nash walked over and placed a kindly hand on her shoulder, the old singer hummed an old battle hymn softly as she worked through the demons coursing through her brain.  Slowly the tears dried up and were replaced by a determined grimace, clutching her shotgun tightly she stood with her friends and nodded to Ling Mei.

Bursting through the front door of the house the group entered the living room, ahead of them a zombie hurled itself at them.  Short and wearing a floral nightdress, Gary's mother closed the gap with surprising speed causing Ling Mei to miss with her shot.  Nash recoiled in horror as the zed gnashed it's jaws inches from his face before it was hurled away by the 10mm slug that tore through its body!  Debbie fired 3 more shots centre mass and the zombie went down in a heap.  JJ stepped forward and putting the barrel of her shotgun to its temple gave some peace to Gary's kin.

Searching the house they scraped together some bandages and antiseptic in a bag and moved into the street heading for the next building.  With a shrug Nash put his shoulder to the door and forced it open as the rest of the group surged into the foyer of the property. Ling Mei dropped a zombie with her bow and Debbie opened up with her massive pistols and knocked the legs out from under another as JJ rammed the stock of her shotgun through the back of its head.  With some small measure of shame, Nash plundered some diamond earrings from the master bedroom.

As they headed out of the house a single zombie in the road ahead spotted them and started up toward them, Ling Mei drew back on her bow and another lethal arrow tore through the zeds head.  The others formed a firing line as a larger group of the undead rushed toward them.  Debbie opened the shooting with her sigsauers but remarkably could not get the vital head shot before clicking empty on one of the huge guns!  With a roar JJ's shotgun sprouted flame as she discharged both barrels knocking two zeds off of their feet, but again no head shots and the zeds started to struggle to their feet. Nash could not draw a bead on the monsters and only manage to graze the temple of one of the beasts who ignored the bullet and pressed on.  In a flash the zeds were among them, reaching out for the firing line matching the humans in numbers.  JJ with a primal scream of rage swung the shotgun like a club, sweeping the zed to the floor as the other two struggled with their opponents.  dropping her bow and drawing her swords Ling Mei stepped forward to defend her friends when she heard a shuffling behind her, barely turning in time to avoid the swipe from a zombie.  Three more of it's buddies crowded around her trying to bring her to the ground.  With a swing she took the first's head from it's shoulders and with the backswing buried the blade in the next one's forehead.  her left hand blade swept out to the side and crossed back to slash through the thin vertebrae of the third, half severing the creature's neck.  stepping back she managed to block the outstretched hands of the fourth zed and with a blizzard of blades reduced it to mincemeat.  

Across the way Juliana crushed her opponents windpipe under her boot and braced herself for the charge of another three of the creatures.  Debbie and Nash dispatched their zombies but at the sight of the next group ducked behind the bushes that lined the road leaving JJ to face them down on her own...


  1. Very nice story dude! From what I can see, your table looks superb.

    1. Thank you, I've just started building the table these last few months and the boards I've been doing have really added atmosphere to the games. I have some more planned too!

  2. I love your board, it looks really nice. Can't wait to see more, the story so far has been good, keep it coming!

  3. Thanks mate, more is in store :)