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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting....

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There are loads of reasons to love the game Bushido by GCT Studios, regular readers of my blog will have seen me practically salivating over the gorgeous miniatures, enthusing over the “fluff” surrounding the setting of the game – the fictional Jwar Isles and the unique blend of oriental fantasy that permeates into all levels of Bushido. 

gorgeous miniatures
 These are all great things and they really make this game come alive for me but let's face it there are other games that have terrific models and yet others that have volumes of background “fluff” that bring the world alive for the tabletop wargaming – Malifaux and Warhammer to name but two. So what is it that draws me to the game time and time again (and probably bores the socks off of most of you good folks). Is it the vast number of scenarios that reward good tactics rather than just who can figure out the most ‘killy’ list? Is it the balance that runs through the game and the factions? that means you can buy the models you love the look/background of and still find a use for them on the tabletop. After all we all know of models that look amazing but rarely get a run out on the boards due to points costs or poor synergy with the rest of the warband don't we? These are all good reasons and on their own and add up to make a great game, but for me the main reason for loving this game is the combat system.

no I mean seriously look at these models

Aye I know, I've literally just said that the game rewards good tactics rather than uber warrior lists but bear with me as I reason this one out for you. In most games the tactic is purely in the manoeuvring of the opposing armies and making sure your shock troops wash away his weaker missile armed troops or getting your God-like hero to wade into the ranks of poorly equipped Goblins and rag on them for a bit until they are destroyed or run away. But once you're in melee then it's just chuck a few dice, consult a table, remove some models.  The odds are already worked out, there generally is very little interaction or room to change those odds, to alter the outcome or bluff your opponent. This is fine for mass battles and hundreds of figures but for smaller games this isn't enough for me and this is where Bushido comes into its own, this is where the game has grabbed my attention and ensured that I come back for more time and again.

“So what's so special about the combat system?” I hear you say.

Well  built into the mechanic in several ways is the tactical side of the game again - bluff and uncertainty, the game encourages you to think whether you want to gamble or fight conservatively. What do you need your fighter to do? Is (s)he gonna beat the tar out of your opponent or do they just need to hold them up for an activation or two, while other more important things are going on? Are they wearing them down slowly or going for a smackdown? Do they need to push your opponent out of a certain area of control or knock them to the floor? Yes certain models are better at some of these things or one of these things, some can even do all of these things but it is this level of interaction that brings me back to the Bushido game. These nuances that give the player more control, gives detail but still flows easily and doesn't distract the player from imagining the swirl of battle and the spectacle of eastern martial arts.
no i really mean it, they are sooooo good!!
Ok without printing the entire game verbatim (you can download them free if you want to) the sequence for a Bushido melee is roughly this…..

  • ·        Attacker declares a melee action and moves into base to base (btb) contact with the defender.
  • ·        Players must declare any Ki feats (that are allowed in melee) or Ki boosts (using Ki to increase the amount of dice rolled in melee) with the defender declaring first. This gives the attacker a slim advantage in counteracting any boosts.
  • ·        Players calculate their available dice pool. Each character has a MS which indicates how many dice they can roll in melee from 0-4 usually.  This is adjusted by things such as exhaustion, outnumbering, surprise and being prone.  With ki boosts and special attacks (SA) and special defences (SD) this can be reduced to 0 (any value below 0 adds dice to the opponents pool) or could add  as much as 8.
  • ·        Players choose any special attacks or defences. This is done in secret and you can buy the cards with the SA/D printed or make your own, or simply write down which attack/defence you use. It must be one or the other you cannot have a SA and a SD. Some SA/D reduce available dice, this depends on the individual characters and is shown on their character cards as Throw Attack (1) which would reduce available dice by 1 or Push Defence (0) which would not effect the number of dice available. There is also a Bluff card just to add to the tension.
  • ·        Players divide their available dice into attack or defence dice. Again this is done in secret using different coloured dice. There are official faction dice but these are nice to haves and in effect you can use any d6s you chose as long as they are distinguishable as all dice are thrown at the same time.
  • ·        Both players roll all the dice at the same time. The time for bluffing has ended, it's time to let the chips fall as they will.
  • ·        Resolve the attackers dice first including any SA/D. Then the defenders. This could end up with the melee ending due to the defender either being killed or made prone, immobilised or the combatants separated before the defender gets to hit back.
  • ·        Both combatants have their condition worsened by one step. Rested --> tired --> exhausted

This may seem like a lot of steps and in fact I’ve simplified them a little, there are success levels and wounds to score, traits like dodge, feint, parry, toughness and armour all affect these to a certain degree or other, BUT the whole thing flows really well after a few goes, in fact after a few goes it takes no time at all and the hardest part is remembering to use your traits correctly.  Remember also that you only have half a dozen figures per side so it's not overly draining in anyway.
just in case you were in any doubt, just look at how lush these are....
Here are some examples of how it works…..

Kenko – a monk from the Temple of Ro Kan enters into melee with Jin from the Prefecture of Ryu.  The Temple player just wants to put some hurt on the Prefecture (not very monk like, tsk tsk) so he is going for maximum damage, the Prefecture player wants to protect Jin from the pummelling to come.  Neither side really knows the intention of the other…..

Example 1a

Jin, thanks to the long reach of her Yari (spear) has First Strike trait and automatically becomes the attacker with Kenko, despite initiating melee becoming the defender. He therefore has to declare Ki feats or boosts first. Determined to beat on Jin he boosts his already good Dice pool of 4 to 5 using his Ki.  Jin who has no Ki available has to rely on her modest Dice pool of 3.

Kenko next chooses (in secret) any special attacks or defences and chooses Combo Attack, which will allow him to strike Jin multiple times if he has a high enough success level. However for Kenko Combo Attack costs him a dice reducing his available pool back to 4 (from 5 because of his Ki boost). Jin chooses (in secret) Push Attack which will allow her to keep Kenko at arms length using her Yari to its best advantage. Push Attack for Jin is rated (0) and doesn't reduce her available dice, which stays at 3.

Now comes the tricky part for the players! Does Jin go all out attack (roll all three of her available dice in attack) and hope she scores high enough to drive Kenko away before he can do damage or does she hedge her bets and put a couple of dice into attack and a single dice in defence just in case he foils her Push Attack. Kenko needs to decide how many of his 4 dice he gives over to attack and get that Combo Attack and how many in defence to foil any attacks Jin can muster – arrgh choices, choices!!

Kenko decides to put 3 dice into his attack and a single dice in defence. Jin decides to put all 3 dice into attack and trust to her armour if Kenko gets through.

Rolling dice together –
Kenko gets a 5,3, 2 in attack which gives him a total of 7 (the highest dice score plus 1 for every dice roll that wasn't a 1 (which is a failure)) and a 5 in defence
Jin gets a 4,2,1 in attack for a total of 5 and a 0 in defence (she didn't allocate defence dice so gets a zero score).

Jin is the attacker due to her First Strike so her dice are resolved first. Her attack score was 5 vs Kenko’s defence of 5 therefore she is successful in her attack (albeit with a success level of 0, which counts as successful only negative numbers aren't a success). She reveals that she used Push Attack and Kenko is pushed back 1” from melee and therefore is unable to resolve his own attack, which would have been at success level 7 which would have been very bad for Jin indeed.

Example 1b

Same situation, same goals.

Kenko goes 3 dice in attack and 1 in defence, Jin this time allocates 2 in attack and 1 in defence.

As before Kenko rolls 5,3,2 in attack for total 7 and a 5 in defence
However  Jin rolls a 4,1 (not getting the 2 like the previous example as she only rolled two dice) for a total attack of 4 (1 always being a failure), she also rolls a 2 in defence.

Jin is the attacker thanks to First Strike, her 4  cannot beat Kenko’s 5 in defence (4-5=-1) so she is unsuccessful in her attack and her Push Attack doesn't come into effect.  It’s now time to resolve Kenko’s attack, he scored a total of 7 and Jin rolled a miserable 2 in defence leaving a success level of 5 (7-2=5) and Jin is facing a total battering as Kenko reveals his Combo Attack with a nasty grin……

Same situation, same desired goals by each player, but by changing the dice from attack to defence the melee goes a completely different way.

Example 2

Hagane Takashi is comfortably beating up a peasant Rice Farmer of Ro Kan, in fact she is just about to administer the Coup d' grace when a large shadow engulfs the fighting humans.  

Aiko's Guardian comes steaming in from across the meadow in a full charge.

Hagane's in big, BIG trouble, she has a MS 4 reduced to 3 because of outnumbering, then reduced by another die again because she is surprised (attack from outside of her Line of Sight) leaving her with 2. As the defender she needs to declare Ki boosts or feats.  She has 4 Ki remaining so uses all of it to boost her available dice by two back up to 4.  The gorilla is unable to boost its MS so will have 3.

The next big decision for the Temple player is does he go for massive damage (charging adds +2 to damage plus the +2 that the Gorilla already causes) or does he use his charging bonus - Slam Attack to prone Hagane opening her up for even more pain in the next activation.  He chooses to attempt to Slam Hagane, this will give him an advantage later on.  He decides to go all out attack in order to make sure he gets the result he needs.  Hagane for her part needs to stop the Slam from succeeding and decides to go all out defence and use Side Step Defence (1) to get away from what is now a very disadvantaged fight and losing a die in the process.

Rolling together they get the following :-

Guardian - 6,6,3 for a total attack of 10! (sixes rolled after the first add +2 rather than just +1, Brutal adds +1 to your highest dice roll and the other dice adds a further plus 1, 6+2+1+1=10)

Hagane - 4,2,1 for a total defence of 5 (4+2=5, the 1 being an auto failure does not add to the total)

The Guardian pulls of a Success Level 5 attack (10-5=5) bet the Temple wishes he had just gone for a straight up attack as it probably would have killed her.  As it is he scores half damage and slams Hagane d3 inches away and causes her to become prone.  Unfortunately the Temple player didn't angle his attack properly and the Slam impacts into the Rice Farmer cowering behind and he goes down in a heap as well.....oops!

Example 3

Hotaru of Ro Kan is set upon by Hiro Takashi while she is already in melee with Tenchi both of the Prefecture of Ryu.  Hotaru has already fought in one melee with the highly skilled warrior priest Tenchi and now in combat with a hugely competent samurai as well things look bleak for the Ro Kan player.

Hiro is the attacker with Hotaru being the defender. Hotaru has a MS 3 and as the defender has to declare any Ki feats or boosts first. She decides to plough her remaining Ki into a boost to raise it to 4, however she is outnumbered because of Tenchi and has to remove a dice because of that, back down to 3 then.   Hiro is confident in his ability to destroy the young monk and boosts his MS to 5 with his Ki. Neither side declares a Ki feat.

 Hotaru, desperate to get out of this melee with two armoured warriors chooses her special attack/defence with care and goes with Side Step Defence (0) which doesn't remove any precious dice from her pool, keeping her with 3.  Hiro chooses to go for glory and declares Powerful Attack (1) which does remove a dice from his pool reducing him to 4.

In secret they split their dice up with Hiro allocating 3 to attack and 1 to defence, just in case the fiery monk sticks a boot in…. Hotaru allocates all of her dice into defence knowing if she is successful she can move 1” away from Hiro and out of the potentially nasty combat.

Rolling the dice together they get……. Ah well you get the idea…..hahaha

The point I'm trying to make (and probably just causing confusion) is that these examples are not foregone conclusions and the choices you make whether it be allocation of dice to attack or defence, which SA or SD you want to use, if any.  If for example you pitted a Goblin Warlord armed to the teeth and armoured to the best the greenskin smiths can manufacture put him into combat with the most lowly of Dragons then the outcome is a foregone conclusion - mathematically but the other day I put a Racoon shaped Yokai up against a Dragon and they fought for the length of the game!

 Oh and did I mention that I love the miniatures?

hope you enjoy


  1. Very interesting. I've always liked Samurai (it's on my "might do sometime list", so probably not going to happen). From memory, Ronin also has a mechanism for the secret allocation of melee dice into attack or defence?

    1. Ronin was on my radar Hugh until I discovered Bushido, I feel that the tactical and flexible side to the combat system lends itself to Eastern/Oriental martial arts - elegant, flowing rather just a brutal hack 'n slash - if that makes sense?

  2. Like many games, the more you play the more nuances in the rules emerge. Once all the players involved have a good grasp of the rules it sounds like it'll make for a good 'cat and mouse' game.
    There is a great epth to this game and your posts about it do make me want to play it!

    1. You're right Joe, most games are of sufficient depth to require repetitive play to reveal the nuances within the game, even if the game mechanic itself is quite simple. Bushido as a skirmish game allows you to concentrate on a relative few models and discover/develop these nuances to enrich the game. I hope to do more of this type of post and look at the mechanics a bit more if it appeals to folks and as my studies allow.

  3. Really nice insight into the mechanics of the game, and there are some gorgeous mini's to boot, but as it stands I really REALLY, don't want to get into another game, but you guys just won't leave it alone will you!!

    Sorry..thanks anyway , lovely stuff, and I can see why you love this so much.

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Sorry Roger, as I said to Zabadak above, I hope to do more of these types of posts in the future - looking into the game in more depth and splattered with pics of the gorgeous miniatures available.......oops.....

  4. This was a really great tutorial showing how melee combat works. I would definitely love to see more of these types of articles by you. Your love for the game shines throughout all of your posts. I can see how the tactics chosen by attacker and defender can have a big influence on the outcome. The ability to bluff well is cool, but how well does this relate to solo play. You can't very well bluff yourself, can you? And with solo play you get to chose what both sides do. How do you balance this to get a fair fight?

    1. solo play is difficult Bryan tbh, those parts of the game that give it it's guile and subtlety are less playable. That said it's possible to play the game solo as long as you choose your dice and cards in line with what you want the player to achieve, if you were to use the example 1 above what is Kenko's and Jin's objectives? Kenko's is to cause max damage therefore he is more likely to pick more attacking dice than defence and a Special Attack rather than defence and Jin's is to keep Kenko away from her and avoid harm so either she uses her Yari's length to keep him away, in which case she chooses Push Attack and maxes her attack dice or she tries to parry his blows or absorb them with her armour in which case she would choose more defence dice, either way she can keep Kenko from damaging her. If you keep those things in mind and play the game straight and without bias to one side or the other than solo play is possible if not as intricate as two player. I have played Bushido solo in order to get a better understanding of various rules and mechanisms and found it to be very enjoyable, however for Solo games I play ATZ lol......

  5. Very interesting Andy, and thank you for taking the time to explain to us so many details about the rules. I should start by saying that this article (seriously, for the first time) got me wondering about it... wondering whether I might just possibly pick it up as another project to play and collect. The small table (2 feet square) is a big bonus for me, and similarly, the small number of miniatures needed to play a decent game is another big factor plus to consider... “all very attractive so far I thought to myself” and after reading your article, I found myself going onto you tube and watching (and listening) to a number of tutorials, reviews and battle reports: actually, I spent a good three hours earlier today, just doing this (blast you... I should have been painting). Again the results looked favourable and I found myself becoming rather taken by the notion of it all.

    .. but then I hit a stumbling block, a ruddy great big one. I own all the games I want in my collection, enough to grow old with and enjoy for the rest of my days.... I still have Rail Raiders and SDE Legends kick starters to look forward to, heading my way (when they get their a***s in gear and ship it all out to us poor waiting customers). I have to think carefully about adding any more to my already groaning cupboards full of stuff. This is almost a game or two too far: however, not to worry, no matter... this (along with my soon to own kick-starters) might have been my last big hurrah, with the intention to MAKE room for these last few projects in my already busy hobby schedule. The games I play with others and the games I play at the club(s) are totally different from the games I collect and play for myself... solo (of which don’t mind splitting myself a bit thinner and owning a few more). And Bushido is one of those games I most definitely would be wanting to play alone, by myself... ala solitaire mode (I absolutely adore playing solo, especially long protracted campaigns). But that’s the snag: Bushido simply doesn’t convert well to this style of play: not well enough to invest into it with any realistic conviction. This was a killer of the tentative interest for me. I m-i-g-h-t actually have gone for it. But after quite a bit of serious research into it, I find I just can`t do it :(
    Your article was really inspiring, and as I say, made me look into it with a serious inkling to go a little further down that road (I had already sorted out in my head, what my first two factions would be, I figured I would buy the rules book as its soooo attractive, and its lots of colour art, and in Ireland, at 1 euro per colour page, it would cost me more to print the thing that simply to buy it outright). I had ideas for making my own terrain and boards and.... well, I got quite carried away for a while. But the game plain and simply wouldn’t work for me. It’s a shame but that’s just the way it falls for me c est la vie *sniffs sadly*.

    I absolutely love the look and the feel and the tone of this game. The miniatures alone are wow... but I`m a gamer more than a painter. Painting is just something I do with all due expediency to get the pieces to the table. Not saying I can’t paint; I`m just saying that painting isn’t the means and end all of the hobby for me.... playing is. I LOVE the idea of fielding these marvellous models on the table, but if the rules wouldn’t do what I need them to, sadly it would be a bad decision for me to delve deeper into collecting Bushido.

    Those dice though, wow are they from the game company? I am utterly in LOVE with the green and the blue ones, and would be interested in pursuing getting my hands on a set of each.

    Brilliant article Andy, and for a while it almost ... oh GOD so nearly tempted me hehe.

    1. So very nearly reeled you in Steve, the hook was baited, there was a tentative nibble but alas another one gets away......

      No worries dude, I understand fully what you're saying. It's a game that really requires two players to truly experience the best it has to offer, not to say you can't play solo as I stated above in my reply to Bryan but it takes away an element of the game that gives it some of its unique flavour. The models are gorgeous but I said in the main article a lot of games have gorgeous models. For me it is the whole together that draws me back in time and time again.

      The dice are for the game, the black and green are the Temple of RoKan set and the blue and black are Prefecture of Ryu, all the factions have their own set with the faction symbol on the six facing. Although not essential to have I think they look nice, so I bought a set for each faction, you could just as easily use a number of red and blue or white etc

  6. you can buy the dice (for the factions) on their own as sets??

    1. Yes mate, at the GCT website.

  7. Looking forward to my birthday present Nash. It's mine my own my precious !!

    1. Lol, easy tiger! Firestorm games are taking their own sweet fluffing time. Soon you'll be inducted into the Bushido cult/gang/group......

  8. Oooooh ta for that. I dunno, I just really love those dice.... not like I don't have enough though right hahaha.

    1. That's what I said Steve but I can't help it, I love buying dice I have hundreds. I'll probably buy the Jung Pirate facto dice when I get that set and the Cult of Yurei dice when I get's an addiction.....sigh

  9. hahahahahaa, you and me both bud. Dice are a highly personal thing aren't they, the feel of them the look of them, the sound they make when they clatter onto the table (or down the dice tower), the symmetry of the things, the way they look in a batrep next to the miniatures when you go to take the photos (always leaving just a few of the dice in the frame - to show them off of course): yep it sometimes just has to be done.

    *starts looking at the link again... `hmmm yes, the blue and the green set I think*

    *chuckles to self*

    1. yeeesss! you get it mate.... not fussed on dice towers, i like having them in hand as it were. The purple are very nice too...

  10. Oh help!!! I want them ALLLLLL.... and some of those little lantern scenario objectives `cos they look cute and I could use those in my chibi/anime games. *gulp* not cheap though, two sets of dice and a set of objective tokens (omg only three in a set) would set me back £30:00 wow *gulp gulp*

    hmmmm in the sung words of Fagin: "I think I`d better think it out again"

    1. i know, its not a cheap thing at all...... :-(

      i normally go through Wayland Games or one of the others who routinely discount them, it might offset your horrendous shipping charges too

  11. Thanks for that link Andy, I just checked it out. Yeah about a third cheaper all round... BUT, a single set of dice (just as a sample order with them to try out) they want £10:90 postage I mean WHAT!!!!!!!! lolol. Soooo a set of five ice would end up costing me £7:60 plus £11 + VAT = £££££££ hahaaha. Funny thing is, to Europe the price doesn't remain the same, it goes up each time I add an item... in this case a second set of dice. I didn't even look at the objective tokens at this stage.... I just allowed my sanity to return by thinking nice calming thoughts of "there, there... you`ll be in cork soon and then you can buy some nice lovely new dice individually for 50 cent each (about 40p), of full sets of ten for a fiver" hehe.

    I begin to see something now. This game looks lovely and it is amazing, but my God, its a money trap. Not a game or new project idly to pick up... Bushido a major frickin` investment to buy into, isn't it.

    1. If you allow it to be most games are - gorgeous minis draw you in, shiny rule book with loads of colour photos, bespoke tokens, new terrain and objectives, bespoke dice gleaming in the morning sun. All so tempting all so glorious...

      But tbh all you have to buy really is a starter set for £30 each, if you want official minis that is. In all honesty if you wanted to you could play the whole game for free, well pence anyway. Let me break it down for you....... Actually no, this would make a great blog post.... I'll put a pin in this conversation if I may Steve and we can revisit it on here at a later date, let me get my head together and get back to you....

      I really love the discussion these posts and yours over on the Gamer's Cupboard generate.

  12. Absolutely mate, I think I knew where you`re going with this one anyway.... so will wait for more *grins*

    I totally agree. Thats one of the things I always noticed on blogs in the past. I was like “no, I cant believe this” gamers are spending (some of them) literally half their hobby time on line and yet... could never seem to get it together to be bothered to write more than one line... if at all (usually not at all is the norm lol), “wow” I thought to myself, “do gamers r-e-a-l-l-y have nothing to say to one another... nothing to share... no thoughts?” and I was determined to be different than that. Okay was a bit like a dead gig (I so play and sing btw) sort of, end of tune: “Dum-dum-diddy-diddy- daaaaaaa” and........ silence!!! This is what I met when I`d launch into long spiel on other people`s blogs (even from the site owners who would be writing the articles that interested me hahha) and I`d receive nothing, possibly.... just m-a-y-b-e a one line reply. Then I met you guys. You all TALK, and it’s great fun, we share, we laugh, we discuss.... THIS surely, is how the hobby is meant to be, how it thrives?

    Agreed totally, about any hobby subject being expensive if you let it. But that’s why I almost always go for complete `collection in a box` deals, like my Warlord Games “Horns of the Buffalo, and “Liberty or Death” and Bolt Action Complete Starter Sets like “Pegasus Bridge”. You get about %80 to %85 of all you need (or will ever need in that subject) in one go. Initially a bit pricy, but long term, you save a heck of a lot of money. Same with kick starters I`ve discovered. I don’t inherently like or approve of them, but they DO, and have, saved me heaps of money in the past. Take my Super Dungeon Explore for example. If I`d have just pledged for it in the beginning, it would have cost me a cool $150 for EVERYTHING. But I ended up spending a good 600 quid in the end to pick up all the bits I could simply have got as free stretch goals if I`d have been prudent enough at the start. With kick starters, it all just comes down to knowing yourself, knowing yourself well enough to know whether or not buying into something is good value or not... ARE you committed to the thing you are proposing to buy, WILL you stick with it and like it as much in a year from hence, as you do now? WILL you want to collect it all? If yes to all these answers, then go for it, it will save you a veritable mint in pennies.

    I have not made the same mistake twice, and have pledged for Super Dungeon Explore`s new “Legends” kickstarter, oh boy yes. I know that game is not everyone`s cup of tea, but I mentioned it just to illustrate.

    I want to talk about what you said about Bushido can be played on the cheap, but I know where you are going with that, so will refrain from pouring forth, as it were hehe ^^

  13. I wanted this, and I know Tarot wanted this, and now I see Stevie was thinking of getting this. But the same thing stopped me just like it did with the others.. price. Yes it would be so easy to do it cheaply by using facsimile figures and so on, but for e, it is the Bushido models that makes this game. Each of them is a work of art. As a main subject I can truly see the merit, the value in collecting for it in its entirely, but it would need to be a focussed main collection. I tell you what though. If I were a new player looking to get into gaming and wanting to focus on just one subject (to get the most out of the hobby); Bushido would be a top contender I would very seriously consider. I do so love this type of game. Another would be (Chinese) The Water Margin, which would be my preferred eastern mythology.

    1. I do know what you mean Hil, on average the minis cost £8 which is quite an investment in the game, but warbands run from between 4 and 8 minis so it's not too bad.

    2. Not sure about the water margin as I know next to nothing about it. But there are certainly lots of pieces of Oriental Mythology fused/mashed together.

  14. Water Margin was a series that ran for... ever on TV when we were kids. Bryan and I have very fold moemories of it. So much so that I bought it all on dvd a while back. Here`s the first episode for you to watch.. you can find the rest easily :))

    English subtitles

    The English dubbed is best (that's the series I have) but I couldn't find it on line for you, though I`m sure it exists somewhere.

  15. For shame, the lot of you! Did I not write a specfic article/post regarding how to play Bushdio on a budget? Was it not entitled "Budgeto!"? Was it rather jolly good? Can it be found by following this link?

    Sometimes, I don't know why I bother...

    1. huh, mate I read it and enjoyed it dude I promise I did! but I have the memory of a

      i guess I saved myself even more way I could top this!

    2. apologies mate, lot on my mind at the mo....