Saturday, 12 September 2015

Terrain boards

So not so much a blog post as some pictures of the urban gaming boards I have scratch built recently. I've been heavily into Bolt Action lately so decided to build some modular boards 2'x2' that can be moved about to create different layouts. I've done 4 so far, a rail station, factory section and a middle class section. The fourth is a mountain base, complete with radar station (not shown as it is being painted at the moment!) currently working on a canal section... All the buildings are from sarissa and are cracking builds. The new section will be working class terraces from 4ground. The boards are expensive to build, mainly because of the buildings but I'm sure you'll agree look great!  I've also played my first games of All Things Zombies Final Fade Out on them and they worked really well.  I'm going to start a campaign and base it in mainland Europe as a bit of a change of pace for zombie apocalypse games so as to fit my terrain boards, it may look a bit strange with my minis but I'm gonna find some continental figs to fit me thinks!


  1. Those are some nice looking boards. I like the close feel of the streets, should make for good close fighting for war games and zombie games!

    Love the detail work on the sections. They each have a nice distinct feel to them. Well done!

    1. Thank you. Just played my first ATZ game on them, was really cinematic! Will post some shots and my first attempt at an ATZ bat rep. I'm just in the process of building a canal tile with terraced housing.