Friday, 25 September 2015

Day one aftermath

so ends day one! 
Ling Mei had a crash course on apocalypse survival, the horror, tense confrontations with madmen and a terrified populace.  Thankfully she got through it in one piece, although she did have to use her star power to avoid being perforated by the sarge! Taking a through and through in the arm instead of in the chest!  Even though she skewered him for her trouble I like to think that she would not be cold enough not to shed a tear at the taking of a young life (double negatives! not sure i got that  She performed well and hit the survivor milestones - killing zeds, tackling an armed person and seeing the feast so she gets elevated to survivor status.  Unfortunately she missed all of her friends as the scenario conditions meant I was early for Debbie and late for Juliana! So no travelling companions but a good run for her.  However not enough unfortunately for a rep increase so she stays rep 4. Her gang also get nothing as they didn't participate although it does mean there is no keeping it together for them before the next encounter.

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