Friday, 18 September 2015

All Things Zombie!

I played my first real game of All Things Zombie - final fade out (ATZFFO) today. I had a little go at it with my family a couple of days ago just to get a feel of the rules and got the melee rules wrong.  Re-reading the rules I think I have them a bit more coherently in my head now.

So it was time to play the Day One scenario. Of course before that I have to meet the star of my apocalypse!  I have a few survivor minis so decided to roll up the random attribute and think about which mini it fitted best. I rolled up and got "agile" no worries I have a great model in mind, I added "fast" and Ling Mei - the ex gymnast, Kung fu student was born.  I love this mini from Hasslefree, she comes with twin swords so that's what she's kitted out with, counting as a two handed weapon when used together (my own rule!) and I added a samurai bow (compound bow) although I haven't got a model one yet until I can either craft one or dig one out my bits box... With some power bars, mineral water, first aid kit from her gym and cash; she comes with one food, one meds and one luxury.  She has left her SUV at home (the parking is prohibitive at the gym) which is half filled and has a Big Ass Pistol (BAP) at home as well.  I wanted her to start as rep 4, I know I can make her rep 5 but I didn't want to super power her too early.

She also needs a Scooby gang so I rolled up some random grunts and picked survivor minis to match.  First of all was rep 4 Debbie (don't call me Debs!) Wills, an ambidextrous, twin BAP wielding Selene wannabe with the runt attribute, she is Ling Mei's bff and flatmate. Next is her buddy, rep 3 Juliana Jones a fun loving teen, packing a shotgun, pistol and a whip (counts as improvised) she sees the apocalypse as a great big adventure. Finally we have rep 3 Nash "Elvis" Hambleton, a faded lounge singer and Ling Mei's landlord, he comes packing a BAP and his steel guitar (improvised weapon)

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