Friday, 18 September 2015

ATZ day one

Day one then! Ling Mei needs some locations to go to to stitch together an encounter. So I have decided that she starts of at her dojo where she hears the public announcement regarding the disorder and a call by heads of state for citizens to return to their homes! Ling Mei decides to head home and check on her bff, the short and fiery Debbie and look in her landlord, after that she will get some supplies and then head out to the school where her bud Juliana is temping at before she leaves for uni. Finally she'll head back home to hunker down. Four locations, one encounter - bring on the zeds!

I'm gonna write this as a story rather than the turn by turns batreps as I have done with the WFB reps I've written.  This suits my style much better as I can't seem to get the accuracy and fluency of the batreps I have read (vampifan and the like).

It begins....
Ling Mei stretched lazily, easing her corded leg muscles after such a strenuous swords routine.  Master Wu had left moments before with a troubled brow upon hearing the state of emergency broadcast over the ancient speakers in the corner of the dojo.  His parting words to Ling Mei, hung in the air like a dark cloud - "be safe my student, it has began."

Ling Mei pondered the words as she began her cool down exercises, letting her body work it's way through the routine as her mind bent to the task.  She trusted her master like no other and if he was worried then she should be too.  Looking around the dojo for what could be the last time her gaze fell upon Master Wu's long bow in pride of place at the front of the room, "handy" she thought.  Strapping her twin swords to her hips, she swept up the bow and her gym bag and trotted out into the mid morning sun.

Jogging past the train station and looking down the long High Street, she could see her house in the distance.  A small group of people, two young women and a man ran directly toward her. All looked petrified and seemed intent on running her into the ground.  Using her uncanny speed and grace she ghosted around the citizens and headed for home.
At which point three more men burst from the entrance to her building in blind panic.  The men pushed and shoved and tripped over themselves to get clear of the doorway and barrelled into Ling Mei. Without thought she stepped into the grasp of the first man and used his momentum to flip him over her hip, crashing him into the floor with a dull thud.  Her left foot trailed behind her and planted solidly into the ground as she kicked with her right into the second man's groin with unerring accuracy, dropping him to the floor in an instant.  The third man, whose eyes were watering in sympathy for his colleague swung his fists in a flurry of blows and Ling Mei could only parry them for a second or two until she could regain her balance and the two opponents were well matched until Ling Mei could land a round house kick that toppled him to the ground.  

With the men unconscious or otherwise incapacitated Ling Mei opened the door to her building and started calling out for Debbie and Nash but it appeared no one was home.  "Damn it" she thought. Going into her small kitchen she saw the note on the counter from Debbie explaining that she had popped out to check on her mum and promising to return later that day....