Sunday, 22 November 2015

x-ray, canteen and atrium, more WIP

With a rare weekend off and my back less sh*tty than recently, I've been absolutely on fire and really pushed on with the project, so I thought I would put out another post (two in one weekend!)  Last time I finished the office, today I finished off the canteen and entrance hall and also started and finished an x-ray room (up until yesterday it was going to be a library!)

The canteen furniture was made up of foam-board and foam sheets for the counter, oven and sink unit in pretty much the same way I've made up everything else so far.  The sink had the paper backing removed on one side of the foam-board and plastic glue used to melt the recession and then a foam sheet topped it off to give it some detail. The tap was made up of mdf scraps as per the sinks in the W/Cs.  The tables were made up of round mdf scraps and a push pin base and chairs made up the same way as the office chairs just painted white to resemble simple plastic canteen furniture.  A scraps money-till and pile of trays finish the detail.  Later on I might make a sneeze guard and serving tureens to finish the counter, but for now it will do.
the sink unit, since the photo ive added water to the basin

the oven unit

tables and chairs

all but the trays put together
The atrium was going to be a large space with little to get in the way, although later on there will be removable scatter furniture.  It just consisted of a reception area, with scratch built pcs and phones and a pot plant to finish. The counter was decorated with coffee stirrers to reflect wood panelling.  The counter top was going to be marbled but my paint job was not up to task! since gluing it in place and the detailing added I've had a brainwave on how to paint it like marble but alas it's too late....
the atrium and my failed marble top...

looking good
 The x-ray room is now one of my favourites and I'm glad my wife suggested the change, i'll make a nerd out of her yet!  The x-ray machine is my fave build yet and I'm really pleased with it, mdf scraps to the rescue and some wires scavenged from an old pc base unit.  I'm also really pleased with the way the projection unit for the x-rays came out as well and I really enjoyed painting the x-rays too.
the contents of the x-ray room

particularly loved building the x-ray machine
the completed room

good shot of the projection unit

only 3 rooms to go - A&E, resus and waiting room

Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am :)


  1. You really are on fire at the moment, Andy. Impressive scratch-building skills!

    1. Thank you Bryan, real life gets in the way tomorrow with a long run of shifts and an exam soon so really wanted to get a lot done this weekend!

  2. Amazing progress! Your details are top rate! Listen to your wife, the x-ray room is a great touch. If she has more ideas like that, they are gold! Love this build.

    1. She's helped with little ideas that are just making things pop. It's only taken 20years to get her to this point....

  3. Just amazing! Blown away at the ingenuity.

  4. Great use of scrap for ... well, just about everything.
    It's very inspirational following this build.

    1. Honestly Joe it's saving me a fortune! Costing out the pre-made cast metal PCs alone was nearly £20, phones, desks, chairs all costing pounds not pence. All this stuff I've had lying about, I only wish I hadn't ordered the hospital beds before I started the project.....

    2. I know all too well the cost of the 'extras', far beyond any budget I have too.
      As an aside, I've been keeping the tops from tubes of paint (not unlike those from toothpaste, they make excellent plant holders too.

  5. Excellent work dude! Going to be referring back to this for some of my interiors, when I eventually get around to more terrain.

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