Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Simpson day 1 part 3 (and normal, happy, smiley service resumed)

With a piercing shriek, the woman that had dashed past Bonnie-May fell to the ground, a zombie riding her to the floor, it's teeth already snapping at her face and neck.  Bonnie-May, her breath coming in ragged gasps, tried to lift the huge gun with both hands, but it felt like it weighed a thousand pounds and she couldn't raise it past her waist.  Mere feet from her, Mary-Lou her mother fought like a lioness, clubbing an infected old lady to the ground with her bow and stepped hard across it's throat crushing the unlife out of it. With, what sounded suspiciously like a war cry to Bonnie-May's ears, her mom took an arrow from the quiver on her back and jammed it hard under the chin of the zombie feeding on the unfortunate man who had been taken first.

"Christ, way to go ma!" She cried out. The sight of her amazonian mother's fierce grin gave Bonnie-May heart and she started feeling strength returning to her limbs.  Hefting her .357 she levelled it at the zed feasting on the woman on the ground and pulled the trigger. At such close range the result was satisfyingly destructive and the hollow point tore the back of the creature's head clean off.  The two remaining humans ploughed into the rest of the zombies, swinging fists and feet at the infected hoping to get passed them. Tripping and pushing the zeds over they managed to sprint off toward the school and ducked into an alley opposite the break in the fence.

Unbelievably the unarmed citizens managed to knock down the remaining zombies that were closing in and scrambled off the table.  Fortunately the family managed to activate finally! 

Mary-Lou, her eyes shining with the adrenaline coursing through her, drew another arrow and thrust it into a zombie that had been trying to get up.  Bonnie-May followed her mom's example and putting the barrel of her revolver behind the ear of the final zed, she finished it off with a single shot, the sound muffled slightly by the scarf wrapped around the zombie's neck.  

Lifting the rim of the oversized helmet and looking around Bonnie-May realised that there were no more zombies moving nearby.  Gracey-Lyn, her twin was tucked underneath the bumper of a car just up the road, clutching her daddy's SMG like it was a comforter.  Passed her, in the middle distance, a large group of infected shambled toward them slowly, drawn by the noise of the fight.  "Momma, we've got more of those things coming."

"We need to go get your sister hon" Mary-Lou said moving toward the car whilst firing arrows at the approaching group of zombies.  Bonnie-May trailed after her mom, admiration in her eyes at the way the woman, who she had always seen as the provider of food and cuddles, was kicking zed ass!  Mary-Lou closed in on the scared Gracey-Lyn and dropped to her knees, putting on her best mom voice she tried to coax out the reluctant child.  Bonnie-May eyed the approaching group warily, hopping from foot to foot and checking the load-out of her revolver.  This was taking too long!!

once again activation problems plagued the family and they could not move or act with a load of zeds approaching.

the horde approaches
Anxiously, Bonnie-May counted up the crowd of infected, she got to ten and round out of fingers, there were still more coming.  "Ma, we need to hurry." she called in a low voice.  Mary-Lou, if she heard gave no mind as she carried on with her patient voice, talking to her sister as if they were back in the bedroom they shared and she'd just had a nightmare. It was then that she heard the sound of sirens, normally a sound that would make her check to see if the evidence of their recent mis-demeanour was hidden away, now it sounded like the triumphant call of the host of angels!

With a screech of tires, a lone cruiser skidded around the corner at high speed, the back end coming wide out as the driver wrestled the car back under control.  A burst of speed before the slamming on of the brakes and the vehicle came to a halt not far from the girls.  A pair of officers exited the vehicle and immediately drew weapons laying down fire on the zeds that were bearing down on the family.  Bonnie-May recognised Officer Sandra from previous encounters, the beautiful but stern woman double tapped the closest zombie, dropping it to the floor.  In the meantime her partner was unloading his standard issue shotgun into the crowd hitting three of them and throwing them back.  Officer Sandra looked at Bonnie-May, acknowledging her recognition with a slight nod of her head and then addressing her mom. "Ma'am, grab your kin and run.  Officer Thorne and I will hold them back."
Officers Rich Thorne and Sandra Bullett hold back the tide.
As per the rules for early on in the apocalypse the police attend shots fired, i had forgotten this rule with my first few games and only remembered it halfway through this one, oops!  The meet and greet went really well with the officers helping the family out.  Timely!

With the arrival of the law, Gracey-Lyn poked her head out from underneath the car and ran into her mother's arms. Bonnie-May, tears in her eyes and looking every bit the 12 year old girl she was grabbed hold of her mom's hand and allowed herself to be led away.

so ends the middle part of the day, despite the misleading title it is still only the second episode of the first day! The girls arrive at the train yard a little on the late side and the boys have already gone, i bet Ma will be really pleased with that......


  1. Great report, I look forward to more!

  2. Another fun report. Hopefully the family can continue to survive!

  3. I'm thoroughly enjoying your exploits of the plucky Simpson's family. Keep 'em coming!

  4. A timely intervention indeed, I was worried about them for a moment.

  5. Nice report, love the story telling you do keep up the great work :)

  6. Excellent report dude! Just an average family trying to survive, great stuff. Looking forward to more!

  7. Thanks chaps, game played and trying to find time to write it up!