Tuesday, 24 November 2015

a bit of a moan

sorry chaps, normally i'm a really upbeat person (bollocks! i hear Rich saying...) but today I have to have a bit of a moan.  I was going to release the next part of the simpson family day 1, unfortunately this happened

bad news man!
This was my delivery of 6 x 4Ground terrace buildings supplied by Wayland Games.  £120 (a lot of money to be shelled out by my retired in laws!) of shiny toys arrived in this box that was stuffed into an old, leaky kennel at the back of my property and left there for 7 hours while it rained and rained and rained. Inside the box 3 out of the 6 packets had a visibly smashed component, maybe the other 3 don't have any broken bits, who knows?!? As these are meant to be a xmas gift from my mother in law to me i haven't opened the packets yet.....

This happened after waiting for a mammoth amount of time for the delivery and being fobbed off each week after my weekly email enquiry as to it's whereabouts to their customer services dept... needless to say an email is winging its way to them again and to the delivery company.

not happy to say the least
Bah Humbug :(

normal shiny, happy service will resume tomorrow


  1. You have every right to be pissed off, Andy. I would too. It must be so annoying for you getting bad customer service. In my own dealings with 4Ground I've had excellent service.

    1. Me too Bryan and normally I have through Wayland Games too, sadly not this time! Mostly it's UK Mail I'm annoyed with as they looked like they have treated my parcel like a football!

  2. That's heart-breaking and even more so as it's a gift. I hope something comes of the stinging email.

    1. my email to them-

      well I finally received my order after quite a long wait by your normal standards and I wish I hadn't! I received an email today from UK Mail stating they were going to deliver my parcel between 10:24 and 11:24, I got that email 2 hours before the delivery time and 2 hours after I started my 06:00 - 18:00 hrs shift! When I did get home the parcel was stuffed in an old dog kennel (which leaks) at the back of my property and left in the rain for at least 7 hours. A hand written note was left in my letterbox with all of the previous delivery recipient's names, addresses and telephone numbers on the other side. I hope their parcels were delivered safely as mine was not! I have attached a photo of the box as it was delivered. The contents inside have got broken components in them. Out of the 6 packets in the box, 3 of them contain broken components that i can see (i haven't opened the packets to check as these are meant to be christmas presents) after all this wait and enduring the nagging from my mother in law who has waited for their delivery so she can re-gift me them (don't ask!) i now have broken bits in the packet, in the main the majority of the sheets, that i can see look relatively intact but still there are broken bits....

      we shall see what comes of it. I just want the broken pieces replaced, i'm not after more....well an apology wouldn't go amiss. I am a bit worried that more of the pieces may be broken.

  3. Ouch gutted for you mate. I hope they get this resolved for you!

  4. That sucks big-time, I cn only wonder what condition the contents are in.
    Good luck with the email, though I wouldn't be holding my breath for a favourable reply.

  5. Shoddy service, really taking the piss!

  6. *update*
    Wayland Games have asked for better photos, ok it's a start, not good but a start. UK Mail have replied saying they need Wayland Games to come to them and have promptly closed the enquiry number their response below....

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting UK Mail.

    We are pleased to confirm that your case has now been closed.

    with nothing at all done that is their response! grrr!

  7. *further update* Wayland Games stepping up to the plate and offering credit or return and replace. Good customer service and what I expect from these guys, as prev stated never had a bad experience with these guys before. UK Mail, still no contact - useless!