Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Simpson day 1 part 2

we pick up the story after part 1 where Mary-Lou had picked up her pre-teen twin girls from school, she now had to go meet the boys at the train yard. 

Looking out the main doors of Jungville High School toward her car, Mary Lou Simpson saw a large crowd gathering.  The figures, hard to make out from where she was, seemed to shuffle in random directions before bumping into each other and heading off in another. A low groaning and moaning  sound collectively coming from that direction reinforced the idea that they were more likely to be zombies that concerned parents picking up their children! Turning toward her twin girls standing behind her she beckoned them closer. 

"Reckon we can't be getting back to the car girls, we need to hike it outta here!" She whispered to them.

"No problem Ma" Gracey-Lyn drawled, "we can always go out the break in the fence that we 'happened' upon the other day...." 

"It's out back momma, we er 'found it' er when we erm were helping the janitor with the yard...." Bonnie-May finished with a wry smile that Mary-Lou often worried about when she saw it.

"Stick close to me then girls, we need to do this real quiet like so no unloading those guns unless I tells ya, ya hear?" With their nods of agreement, she edged them out of the doors and around the side of the building. Like shadows they silently drifted toward the gap in the high fence surrounding the school. Ahead a shuffling figure broke away from the gymnasium and began moving toward them. Mary-Lou, with a gulp lifted her son's bow and fitted an arrow to the string, in a swift motion drawing back and releasing the shaft at the zombie, which embedded itself in the forehead of the former athletics coach.  Behind her the twins high-fived with glee at their mom's kick ass attitude!

escaping from high school (looks more like a prison!)
Ghosting forward again, they reached the downed section of fence and stepped into the street.  Mary-Lou gave up a small prayer of thanks for making it this far when all hell broke loose behind the family.  A pair of dogs began yipping and growling as they ran merrily across the playground of the school, straight at her girls, worse the noise they were making had attracted a small group of zombies and was bringing the grey walkers their way!

damn dogs!
random event time, normally it would be one dog but i only had a pair of them based at the time for my Ancient Britons army.  Not only were the dogs calling the zeds following them but also attracting the attention of some other zeds that had been heading away from our heroes....all in all 7 zeds were closing in!

with a snarl, Mary-Lou fired an arrow at the group putting one down.  "now girls, lets give 'em some hell!"

Gracey-Lyn braced her daddy's SMG hard against her hip and pulled the trigger.  The barrel bucked up and away from the target and with a grimace she tried to control the flow of bullets that spat out of the weapon.  One of the zombies caught the burst full in the head and upper chest and was thrown backward like a ragdoll.  Bonnie-May, inspired by her sister levelled the big ass revolver she had liberated from the office contraband cupboard and squeezed the trigger; massive holes appeared in the face of the nearest zombie.

"hoorah! sweet girls, that'll show them sick fools whose boss!" Mary-Lou hooted.

somehow neither of the girls failed citizen brown pants and all 3 hit a target and dropped one! cool!

Her shout of triumph soon faded though when she realised that the other infected were not fazed by the demise of their fellow zombies and were still heading her way.  Worse the noise of all that gunfire had attracted a further four zeds from up the street.

"Well sh*t!" she exclaimed and reached for another arrow. Just as she was going to release the shaft a shout came from around the corner, spoiling her aim and causing the arrow to launch high into the air.  Whipping her head around she saw 4 people dashing up to her, chased by a zombie.  Indecision warred within her and she couldn't decide which way to go

The family couldn't activate for love nor money for the next 3 turns!

Catching sight of the family and the zombies pursuing them, the 3 men and 1 woman slowed down and stopped.  Unfortunately this gave the zombie that was behind them a chance to catch up and reaching out a dead hand it pulled one of the men back and off his feet before sinking its teeth into his neck.  This grotesque attack finally convinced Gracey-Lyn that this wasn't a fine game after all and with a scream she ran off up the road before cowering behind a parked sedan.

actually Gracey should have run off the board but her special rule means that she can only be 4" from an adult before freezing to the spot.

Bonnie-May shouted after her sister in a hoarse whisper, her body unable to run off with her twin. Palms sweaty she gripped the .357 tighter, but could not find the strength to lift it to fire......

things are looking grim!


  1. That's a tough looking school! What will happen to the girls... loving how this in unfolding.

  2. Very nice episode dude! Getting home's gonna be tough on foot. Getting out of school is proving hard enough.

  3. Oops; here's hoping this isn't their last stand.

  4. Things are looking bleak for them indeed. As bleak as that school looks....lol

  5. Funny, that school looks normal... :) Hopefully the family can pull it together, great batrep!

    1. Thanks N667, my school was an old Victorian building so was a bit grim, but didn't have barbed wire on the fences :)

  6. A very exciting read. I can't wait for part 3.

    1. Bryan, so glad to see you are back online buddy. I hope you're well?

    2. I'm now fully recovered, Andy.

    3. Glad to hear it dude, had a lecture the other day about the gastro intestinal system and couldn't help but think of you, stay well bud