Friday, 26 August 2016

bonus post - a massive congrats

hi all

this additional post serves two purposes.  

Firstly congratulations to Lee Hadley of "Big Lee's Miniature Adventures" a blog I have enjoyed over the last few years since starting my own blog and have followed on Google Plus for a little while (i appear to have dropped off his list recently which is weird...).  he has reached a staggering 2 million, that's 2 MILLION page views on his blog!  He has over a thousand people following his blog, now compare those figures to my humble offering.

Big Lee                                      Da Gobbo                    

2,000,000 +                              32,000 +    page views

1034                                          33             followers

Staggering as I say, the blog is well worth the read, i'm sure most of you know that already though.  As is almost customary Big Lee is celebrating this milestone with a giveaway.  This is a free entry to followers of his blog to a random draw for some awesome prizes.  If his blog is pimped out on another (ie here) you get another 5 entries.  So this is his pimping! not that I shouldn't be shouting off the rooftops about his blog anyway as it really is very, very good.

That was the first reason, the second is to put a little fire in my belly and try to emulate the success of Big Lee. Now I didn't start this blog so I can gain a following or get page views or so I can become a blogging legend.  I haven't added the advert option on Blogger which puts adverts on the pages in order to generate revenue (although maybe it might happen at some point).  This blog was put up to motivate me to improve my wargaming, painting, modelling.  It was put up to provide a platform to discuss the games in general and to provide some entertainment in the form of batreps.  But if I can build on the blog than I can reach more people and generate that discussion and strive even harder to be better, to do more then all to the good...

Phew, that was a bit much wasn't it? Anyway congrats Lee, you deserve it.  to celebrate I'm going to have a little wander through your archived posts at some of my favourites...


  1. Aw shucks, your making me blush! Thanks for the pimp (bonus entries logged) I'm glad you enjoy my random ramblings!!

  2. I should have just copied and pasted the comment I made on Clint's blog about Lee's achievement, but good luck trying to emulate him dGG.

    1. You're not wrong Joe, some achievements right there and well deserved. I'm sure he doesn't remember me but I spoke to him and Ray and Clint at a local show, all of them accomplished bloggers and all thoroughly lovely gents