Friday, 1 April 2016

Violet Day 8 part 2

The door to the house hung heavy on its hinges, almost like the building itself had aged with the horror that had been perpetrated within its walls.  With her katana drawn and leading the way, Violet leapt nimbly across the door jamb and swept her gaze across the front room. To her surprise two young women were now standing in the room, one of them who looked no older than 18 with a wild mane of hair and dressed for fun in bright candy pink was busy answering an equally gaudy pink cell phone, but that did not stop her leveling a serious looking pistol at Violet.  The other woman, looked a few years older and dressed more casually also pointed a far from casual shotgun at Violet as she burst in.  Lowering the point of her sword, and lifting a placating hand up she made calming gestures and tried to look less confrontational.....

  • Turn 26 
  • V rushes to stop the ringing of the phone  and encounters 2 X civilians she hadn't previously encountered, rep 4 Maggie (M) with a shotgun and rage and rep 3 Kitty (K) with a pistol and logical. Despite being outnumbered she scores more successes and manages to persuade the girls to help her. 
Violet bursts in

Maggie and Kitty

Maggie and Kitty again
  • Turn 27 
  • Double 6 and no one moves 
  • Turn 28 
  • The group move out and head to house number 2 
  • V goes into the front room and picks up the keys she saw there earlier. 
  • M and K head upstairs to explore finding nothing  

  • Turn 29 
  • The group head outside and walk toward the far houses. 

  • Turn 30 (ish there are a few turns where no one activates and where the girls move up to the door of house 4) 
  • The girls enter house 4 and encounter a zombie. Maggie shreds it with her shotgun, the muffled sounds do not generate any zeds outside 

  • Turn 31  
  • K picks up the food and the group decide that they need one more unit of food now they are together. Heading into the back room they find some meds and another zed. K fires her pistol and runs out of ammo, M blows the z away…. Despite the shots being muted for being inside (house rule) I roll 2x6’s and generate 2x zeds 

  • Turn 32 
  • The zeds get closer 

  • Turn 33 
  • They are at the front door and start to batter it in and it opens with a bang 
  • The zeds charge in, M is the only one who reacts to her charged in melee roll and can fire. The other two will count as unarmed in the first round of melee if it happens. M aims for both the first on the first zed and the subsequent two shots at the second….the first one hits and kills the zed and the second misses. The zed attacks a random pc and chooses M and it scores 3:2 against M and she goes down to rep 3, in the 2nd round she scores 3:1 and kills it. She rolls for her “Harry” test and I roll a 5 added to her rep of 4 and she passes….just (2 more zeds are generated by her gun fire) 
  • The girls go up a level to the next floor with K reloading her pistol on the way. They encounter 2x zeds and K finds a sleeping bag (luxury) 
  • M only manages to knock down her zed but V passes her BP test and charges into melee killing hers easily. K pops the weasel on M’s zed. 
  • The gunfire attracts 1 X zed 

  • Turn 34  
  • The girls regroup on the ground floor 
  • Turn 35 
  • No one goes 
  • Turn 36 
  • Leaving house 4 they run outside with K shooting at and knocking down the zed at the edge of the terrace.  
  • In the front room they find nothing 

  • Turn 37 
  • The zed K shot stands up and the other two move closer. 
  • Turn 38 
  • The zeds move to the front door 

  • Turn 39 
  • They charge and attack the group 
  • V and K pass BP and receive the charge with Both of them counting as unarmed for the first round. 2x zeds charge K and 1 charges V. M fails BP and ducks into nearest cover which is the back room, which has 3x zeds in it! She fails her BP and ducks back into the front room and hides behind the girls (bit of a house rule here as wasn't sure what the situation calls for, ruled that she was more likely to go back to her mates to cower behind…..) 
  • kills her zed with her bare hands. K is in a lot more trouble facing 2 X zeds and unarmed, she fails the 1st round, now rep 2 she draws the 2ndwins the 3rd killing a zed and wins the 4th clearing the room. Rolling on her “Harry” test she fails and will turn into a zed when three sets of doubles are rolled for activation (she is rep 3). 

  • Turn 40 
  • The 3 zeds in the back room activate and charge the girls. V fails her BP and runs out onto the stairs and ducks back.  
  • Although M ducked back last turn she can try to react to the charge and she gets a shot off before 2 zeds crash into her, however the shot goes wide. K fails her reaction and again counts as unarmed for the first round fighting her one zed. 
  • M loses the first round but wins the next 2, she also passes her “Harry” test again! Immunity or what?!? 
  • loses her first round but wins eventually, she's already infected but I roll again as I have added a house rule that further infection in different melees can result in more infection and reduce the number of doubles required before turning. She fails and will turn after 2 sets of doubles now instead. 
  • The girls now activate and V grabs the food from the back room. 

Violet could see the blood running from the bite mark on Kitty's cheek and feared for her new found friend, not knowing how the "zombie" population were being created she could only speculate, but Hollywood was quite adamant that blood was a big factor and she would have to keep an eye on her.  The quieter one, Maggie had shrugged off a lot of the infected attacks with the aid of her shotgun and heavy work-boots, she was clearly worried about her friend and kept throwing concerned glances at Kitty.  With the house cleared and all the supplies they could carry, Violet decided it was time to head on out of here.  Twirling the keys she had "liberated" earlier, she indicated to her new friends the car that would speed them away.  Peeking out the front door and seeing the street clear, she slipped out of the house. 
  • Turn 41 and beyond 
  • There are no zeds on the table and the girls decide to head back to the black car which V has keys for. 
  • I have to roll each time as K is infected. 
  • Turn (let's call it) 42 
  • Double 3s! K breaks into a sweat and gets awful stomach cramps that double her over. In the distance house 2 suddenly bursts into flames attracting 10 X zombies! 

unfortunately the house is between the girls and their car
  • Turn 43 (possibly) 
  • The construction worker zombie moves towards the flames but the other nine zeds spot the girls and head towards them

  • Turn 44 
  • The girls head for the car, M shoots at 3 zeds killing one and kd another. K shoots and kills the construction zed. V shoots the AR she liberated from soldier boy but hits nothing….. 4x zeds are generated by the noise. 

  • Turn 45 
  • The zeds close in…. 
  • Turn 46 
  • The girls try to skirt around some zeds and leave the road, heading for the car, M shoots and kills a zed close to her, K misses completely and V can only kd a zed. 
  • The zeds charge forward. 2 go for V who fails her BP test and ducks back behind the walls of the bridge. 1 goes for K who does exactly the same. 

  • Turn 47 
  • The zeds activate first and four charge at V and K, V drops KDs one with her AR but K doesn’t react and counts as unarmed for the first round. 
  • V scores 3:1 successes and kills her two zeds 
  • K loses the first round, draws the second and wins the third killing her zed eventually. House rule “Harry” test, she fails it again and K turns next time she activates (doubles have already been rolled once and she has been injured by a zed twice sincewith three failed “Harry” tests and her rep of 3, I rule she’ll turn the next turn she activates) 
  • M reacts to being charged by 4 zeds by shooting one and knocking it down. 
  • M rolls 4 dice and the zeds roll 5 and it goes poorly 1:3, 2nd round is a draw, 3rd goes 3:2 and she kills a zed, 4th round is a draw, the 5th she wins by 3:0 and kills the remaining two zeds. “Harry” test is failed though (not so immune after all….) and she will be turned after 4x doubles. 
  • The girls activate next and K turns into a zed, V moves away as far as her poorly ankle will let her and tries to put K out of her misery, but she misses all three shots 
  • M shoots at the last standing zed and kills it, but generates two more. 

  • Turn 48 
  • Double 3s 
  • M feels feverish and starts to get pain in her arms and legs. With a massive spasm she turns her ankle (random event) 
  • Turn 49 
  • V dashes to the car and it starts straight away! Seeing the effects of the zombie bites on K and seeing M with bites on her arm, being the pragmatic woman she is, V puts the car into drive and speeds off leaving M standing. 
  • M shoots at a zed that's getting too close. 
  • Between the car and the gun 2 X zeds are generated 

  • Turn 50 
  • V disappears off the board (as the car goes first) generating a further 5 zeds 
  • The zeds stand up or get closer to M 
  • Turn 51 
  • M makes a run for it on her bad ankle shooting and killing the closest zed. The noise awakens 2 more zeds and the rise in between her and the board edge…. 
  • The zeds move closer 

  • Turn 52 
  • M doesn't activate, she does pass her BP but doesn't pass her charge into melee when 5 zeds run at her. 
  • She counts as unarmed for the first round 3 dice V's 7 (rep 4 – 1d for unarmed V's rep 3 + 4 other zeds. 
  • M draws the first round and gets another dice back to roll 4 v 7 
  • She gets 2:5 and loses a dice again  
  • 4:1 and she's only rolling 2d now 
  • 3:2 down to 1d as she gets more and more injured… 
  • Amazingly she wins 2:1 (1 auto success for fighting zombie) and kills a zed 
  • Sadly though she loses 4:2 and succumbs to her wounds…… 

Violet looked in the rear view mirror and watched poor Maggie disappear under a swarm of the infected. She felt incredibly guilty at leaving her newly found associate there, but Violet's practical nature, inherited from her father, over-rode the sentimental side of her personality and she pressed her foot to the floor, coaching more speed from the sedan. 

So that was how the contagion was spread, bites and scratches from the "zombies" that somehow changed the victim's physiology allowing them to shrug off mortal wounds, except direct head injuries, it also seemed to increase their appetite, particularly for human flesh.  Poor Kitty had succumbed first and was one of the crowd now snacking down on her former friend Maggie. It was a pity that the girls had fallen as they had been carrying a lot of the supplies......oh yeah and they had provided some company albeit briefly.....


  1. Wow, what an epic battle! How many people did V recruit only to see fall to the zombies? Amazing how that went. That must have been a long game, hopefully you're able to keep going soon...

    1. Was a really fun game, V is a great little recruiter, not so hot on retention though....

  2. My goodness, what a way to start my day! Gripping stuff Sir.

  3. Hmm, let's hope this pattern doesn't repeat itself. It would be really bad if V. became known for making friends only to abandon them shortly afterwards...

    1. She is a touch cold Hugh, I'd like to say practical but...

  4. That did not turn out as I thought it would, and was all the better for it. Recruiting Kitty and Maggie was a stroke of good fortune but for them both to be subsequently infected was tragic indeed. I think Violet needs a big hug now! A wonderful batrep, Andy.

    1. I had high hopes for them gals but alas... Yes V needs a big hug Bryan but I'd watch out for that katana ;-)

  5. Great BatRep dude!
    Viole(n)t appears to be unlucky with her companions. Better them than her though hey!
    The table is looking top notch too Andy

    1. Bob, Viole(n)t indeed, the girl is a cold stone survivor, I'm not sure she wouldn't have made a better ganger? Thanks dude

    2. Nah, not a Ganger. You need a bad ass swordswoman in your team. Just look at Michonne!

    3. Haha Bryan you're right! I hadn't even thought I was (subconsciously) modelling this badass on that badass!! Lol

  6. I'm guessing Violet hasn't earned the nickname lucky (at least as far as her companions are concerned).
    Another great bat-rep, which was quite exciting and tense and Viloet, despite everything survived.

    1. Not yet Joe, a bit like Jessica Fletcher (of Murder She Wrote fame) everybody in her vicinity dies.....

  7. Well I thought that was really going to be a case of 'Girl Power' for a while there Andy. At least Violet lived to fight another day... I think, as everyone else seemed to die!!! :-)

    1. Yep there was the makings of a Brit pop girl band there but alas.....

  8. Great part 2 dude. Loving the pics too. Looking forward to the next one.

    1. Cheers dude, not too long to wait for the next instalment