Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Violet day 15 part 2

Gesturing with the huge assault rifle she was carrying, Violet indicated to Lorna to follow her.  Quickly and without warning she raised the gun to her shoulder and let out a long burst followed by soft cursing in Russian, the zombies that she had fired on just carried on shuffling toward the pair.  The small group of survivors - Rhianne, Frank and Lyla carried on down the East road taking potshots at stragglers that occasional staggered out of the woods toward the sound of gunfire.

"We need to clear these bastards out" Violet said, half to herself and half to Lorna. "We need to rest."

  • Turn 21 
  • V and Lorna (L) head toward the farm house V misses all her shots… 

  • Turn 22 
  • The other group head down the east road picking off a single zed in the woods 
  • The zeds head toward V 

  • Turn 23 
  • 4 zeds manage to charge into combat with Violet who passes her BP test and receives the charge. She passes her received charge and draws her katana (I figure this will be better for her than maybe knocking a zed out with her AR) the first round of combat she draws, and the second but the third she wins by two and kills 2 zeds, she easily wins the fourth round and kills the remaining two zeds – phew!  
  • There are still 3 more zeds nearby but just fell short of the charge 
  • V shoots one of them and Lorna cowers behind her a little. 
  • The other group head down the road with Lyla picking off a straggler but generating a zed right by V and Lorna…. 

  • Turn 24 
  • V passes BP (still can't believe she isn't a survivor yet! She is yet to see the feast having escaped off of the board before Maggie bit it last time..) and charges the 2 zeds standing with Lorna accompanying her, in a frenzy she cuts them to pieces 6:3 successes… 
  • Frank shoots his pistol at the zed in the woods and misses generating a zed he the legs it off the board, Rhianne drops the zed behind V and L and Lyla with no targets in range runs off with them. 
  • The zed I. The woods heads towards our heroes. 

  • Turn 25 
  • At this point there are only 2 zeds on the board and a PEF. 
  • V decides to shoot at the zed on the road killing it with no more generated. She decides to head toward the barn first to investigate and she discovers Carolee a rep 5 survivor. V wins the meet and greet and Carolee exchanges pleasantries with V and fills her in on the apocalypse that's happening around the world 

  • Turn 26 
  • V heads out of the barn and shoots the zed that has wandered close by knocking it down, she stands outside the house. (She could have made it in but had already shot this turn so I didn't fancy her chances) one zed is generated behind the barn. 

  • Turn 27 
  • The zed behind the barn wanders closer to the girls 

  • Turn 28 
  • Random event – a zed hiding in the barn charges out and into V who fails BP and ducks back behind the house as does L. 

  • Turn 29 
  • The girls activate and V chooses to recover from duck back 2d6 shooting the nearest zed in the process. not surprisingly Lorna passes 0d6 and runs away, as she is right by the edge of the board she disappears straight away. 

  • Turn 30 
  • V gets charged by the last zed standing (I rolled a 4 so the knocked down zed from about 4 turns back is still lying down…) she passes her BP and passes her charge into melee test 1d6 so draws her katana. 3:0 successes means she puts the zed down for good! 
The razor sharp blade parted the dead head from the zombies shoulders causing it to slump to the ground, it's manic attempts to bite and consume V finally coming to an end. V wiped the black blood off of the ancient sword and replaced it back in the scabbard strapped to her back.  Hefting her AK again she pondered the words of Carolee, the enigmatic survivor who had been holing up in the barn.  According to her, the plague was widespread across the country with the media calling it a global pandemic. No wonder that Lorna had lost her shit back there and run away, but where could she run to.....

  • Turn 31  
  • The zed in the woods stands up 
  • Turn 32 
  • V shoots him and kills him (again!) but generates a zed on the south road. 

  • Turn 33 and 34  
  • V doesn't activate and the zed advances closer and then charges her, she fails BP and ducks back behind the hedges bordering the farm. 

  • Turn 35 
  • V recovers from duck back and shoots and kills the zed but the noise attracts another zed behind the farm house. 
  • Turn 36 
  • The zed moves closer and V shoots at it knocking it down, the noise generates another zed on the south road. 

  • Turn 37 
  • V recovers from duck back and pops the weasel on the kid zombie 
  • Turn 38 
  • The zed on the road gets closer 
  • Turn 39 
  • V shoots the zed and now there is only a PEF in the far northern corner of the board which hasn't moved in a long time. 
  • Turn 40 
  • V enters the farm house and finds food. 

  • Turn 41 
  • V steps into the back room and meets a rep 5 survivor with a shotgun. The meet and greet goes poorly and he draws down on her, on insight he gets 1 success to V’s 3 and she shoots him with her AR hitting him 3 times one of which puts him out of fight!  

  • Turn 42 
  • V strips the survivor and finds a crossbow in the room as well as his shotgun. 
  • Turn 43  
  • V has her safe house but she needs to reveal the last PEF to win the encounter. She exits the farm house just as the PEF finally starts moving toward her. 
  • Turn 44 (I'll say 44, it isn't but there a lot of turns where V has to walk nearly the length of the board with the PEF cowering in the corner only for it to activate and move closer when V is within spitting distance!!! 

  • V spots the PEF and it is revealed to be Larry, a rep 3 citizen. The meet and greet doesn't go well and V fails to recruit him and they just exchange pleasantries 

This ends the encounter and V becomes a survivor having finally “seen the Feast” the encounter was a success and she attempts to rep up but fails. 

Heading back to the farm house, she'll pick up her car later, she goes to get some rest and digest what Carolee has told her… Lorna slinks back to the house after dark. 
blimey, one finally survives!!
this bat rep has been sitting as a draft for a number of weeks now as Bushido has all but consumed my blog so I thought I would post it now to break up the monotony with some down and dirty zombie action.  Next post will be something different altogether so until then.....

hope you enjoy


  1. Another great batrep, Andy. The one thing I enjoyed the most about it was seeing Violet finally become a Survivor. YAY! No more Brown Pants tests! And up pops Carolee. I have never managed to draw her card in all the games of ATZ I have played!

    1. I know Bryan, twice Carolee has graced me with her presence! Glad V has put brown pants behind her.

  2. Yet another great episode Andy!
    Fantastic to see Viole(n)t get her survivor stripes. Great looking table too dude! At least Lorna decided to stick around, like you said where was she going to run to.

    1. Thanks Bob, at rep 2 Lorna has a long way to go before she becomes useful I think

  3. A fabulous conclusion and good to know that there will be more Violet at some point.

  4. She's still thumbing her nose at the dead heads sir :-)

  5. That was a fun batrep, Violet has been quite entertaining! It's great that she has made it to survivor. I see you are suffering from citizens appearing versus survivors too. It gets tiring having to deal with brown pants checks all the time... Keep up the great work, great stuff!

    1. Yes BP tests are tiresome, all the survivors I encounter seem to want to shoot V!

  6. Shock, Horror, Violet has a companion that survived her company.
    Great batr-rep, very entertaining though I thoughtshe'd had it against the rep 5 guy with the shotgun!

    1. Haha yes Joe, she managed to keep one! Yeah heart in mouth time when he decided to draw down....