Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Like a Phoenix...

It seems fitting that the rebirth of my fanatacism for gaming goes hand in hand with the choice of my first new army in quite some time - the mighty High Elves, loyal elite warriors of the Phoenix King!  You just gotta love the pointy eared ones, totally iconic of the fantasy genre Elves are an almost mandatory requirement for the Warhammer enthusiast and as soon as I saw the new Island of Blood figures I was hooked in!  Just like an addict I was jonesing for  holding the sprues in my hands and getting the painting started - I was back baby!

My first ever army way, way back in the day was an alliance of Wood Elves and Dwarfs that I bought from a mate of mine and going back to the Elves (albeit their rather more sophisticated cousins) seemed perfectly natural.  I also love the idea of an elite army, precise in it's execution of whatever task you set before it.  Need a long range army that destroys it's enemies from afar? Step forward units of Archers, Sea Guard, Eagle Claws and devastating Mages.  Want to get up close and personal? Try out the awesome Sword Masters, White Lions, excellent cavalry and magnificent Dragons.  Another great thing about the army for someone who is just getting back into the hobby is that because it is an elite army it is also a relatively small one!  No unit after unit of miniatures to paint (my last army was an immense Skaven horde!) So you can be good to go in a relatively short space of time if you prefer to play with painted figures, which I do.  That said I just wanted to get stuck straight back in so I bought a big can of spray undercoat and the whole army from the IOB box got glued and sprayed in a single weekend and I was ready to face my mate Rich's Skaven scum!

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