Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kurnus's Pride rolls into the Grotto....

Yesterday the peaceful solitude of the Grotto was interrupted by the sound of massive paws pounding a frenzied beat, an almost inaudible swish of greased axles and the whisper of displaced air as an enormous Lion Chariot of Chrace - "Kurnus's Pride" coasted in.  Boy oh boy is it an awesome piece of work.  I just had to have one when in the Army book for High Elves I spied the artwork of a gigantic lion tearing into a Cold One.  Although I don't know any Dark Elf commanders I'm positive that my lil kitty cats will be brilliant mousers against the pathetic rat things that comprise the massive Skaven horde that will be arrayed against my glorious Asuryan and tear big lumps out of the puny apes of Rich's Empire troops too! 

The model is excellent and it's stat line is fairly impressive for the relatively low points cost, a total must have and the final componant for my 2000 point army, but I get ahead of myself guess I'll have to blog about how da Gobbo has got to this point!  I just couldn't help myself had to blurt out how cool it is to have a new chariot (I love chariots, even designed a game once that was all about chariot racing, play tested it and it was good too......)

Anyhoo better get back to the backstory build up....

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