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I'm going to hand you straight over to Chris "Naps" Thorne who has kindly penned this post and hopefully quite a few more...

30th APRIL 1945 

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So before we start on the fun stuff I would just like to say a huge thanks to Da Gobbo for allowing me to document this new project of mine. Hopefully it will turn out a worthy addition to the Grotto. A true gentleman and a scholar is Da Gobbo. 

I first picked up a copy of the Bolt Action rules when it was released. I hated them. But after a couple of games I changed my opinion of them and for a couple of years I've been toying with the idea of getting something painted. 

I have a fascination and interest with the last year of the war and in particular the final horrific months on the eastern front. So I decided I would paint up a late war German formation but I didn't want to do something generic. I wanted to do some research, have a variety and mix of units and get this is accurate as possible. 

Last year I read a book on Swedish volunteers in the Waffen-SS serving in the 11th SS Panzer-Grenadier Division "Nordland". Nordland ended the war fighting in the ruins of Berlin along with various other formations. With a bit more research I found a date and a location where I could pinpoint a variety of units operating in close proximity of each other. 

So this Bolt Action platoon (I will call it a Kampfgruppe) is taken from the reinforced Platoon army list and it will represent the units desperately fighting in the vicinity of the Potsdamer Platz and Reichs Chancellory on the 29th and 30th April 1945. It will include elements of Nordland, Panzer Division Muncheberg, Kriegsmarine, Volkssturm and Hitler Youth. In game terms I think it will come in about 2500 points. 

What I hope to do is paint a unit/vehicle, describe its history, personalities (briefly as this a gaming blog) and combine with some real photos for comparison. Hopefully it will be something slightly different and of interest and I would love to hear people's thoughts and feedback. So that's enough from me for now. I have a large box of minis to sort out, four types of camouflage clothing to work out how to paint.....catch you soon and happy gaming!!!!!

thanks Chris, lots more to come on this project I'm sure and I for one am really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

hope you enjoy


  1. Love your passion for the history and commend you for doing something themed and more obscure than the norm. Look forward to seeing your results Chris, and Thank's to Andy for sharing this

  2. This is the type of project that appeals to me - focusing on a particular facet of history to combine modelling, wargaming and the educational aspects. I’ve not played Bolt Action (yet), but I can sure appreciate the appeal of this type of endeavour. I’ll be following with interest, although as it's hosted by Da Gobbo’s Grotto that's pretty much guaranteed anyway! Thanks to you both for this.

  3. This looks like being a very interesting departure from the norm. WW2 has always fascinated me. I'm very much looking forward to reading lots more on this project. Oh, and welcome onboard, Chris.

  4. What a good project. This is just my cup of tea. Not a unit I would have picked but just as interesting as any I could have selected. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Sounds like a very interesting project, looking forward to further updates.

  6. An interesting choice of unit and action area, looking forward to more of this.

  7. That's a very specific time and place. If detailed research into this is possible [are there many books/photos/memoirs from that particular part of the war?] then the project will be interesting.

  8. Hi guys. Firstly thanks for the comments above.......seriously motivated now. To answer a couple of questions above. Amazingly even at this stage the Germans were keeping accurate records and unit histories/documentation much of which has survived. It wasn't really until the breakout attempts that morale and discipline collapsed. Most of the photographic evidence is post the fighting taken by the Russians. I've called it Potsdamer Platz mainly because the centrepiece of the "army" is well photographed and documented there. The Reichs Chancellery and Reichstag are only half a mile away so that's close enough for the rest. Once again thanks guys and thanks to Da Gobbo......

  9. I'll follow this with interest.

  10. You may get me away from my bushido and maybe some of my bolt action will make am appearance on my painting table.....

  11. Sounds like an interesting projects :)

  12. Welcome "Naps", and good luck with what sounds like a corking project :-)

  13. This just highlights the diversity of our wonderful hobby. I've never played Bolt Action or been tempted into 'normal' WWII gaming, but when you have someone with an obvious passion for a particular period or genre, it's always a pleasure to read what they share.
    And it gives us a nice respite from Andy forever banging on about Bushido...or Turtles...or Bushido turtles...oooh, I LIKE that idea - They are ninja after all. I wonder how difficult it would be to do some custom TMNT cards for Bushido...although I bet someone's already done it.

    1. Haha more banging on about Bushido and TMNT to come so suck it up buttercup! Custom cards sound amazing though, what a great combo!