Friday, 18 March 2016

AAR - Simpson Family day 15, part 3

Gracie-Lyn groaned as a wave of pain swept through her feverish body.  The bite on her arm throbbed horribly as she tried to cradle the machine gun close to her chest.  Every now and again her mom would look at her with worried eyes and that scared her more than the zombies did now.  She knew deep down that things weren't good, despite her youth Gracie knew that she wasn't going to see her next birthday.  Her twin Bonnie-May was positively growing into her role as an apocalypse survivor, handling her firearm with confidence - even relish! however even she threw nervous looks over at her now and then.  Gritting her teeth against the pain, she shook the sweat from her eyes and hefted the SMG once more.

  • Turn 41 
  • Doubles rolled, Gracie-Lyn starts to sweat and get feverish. A previously dead zed gets up and joins the feast on the poor officers 
  • Turn 42 
  • No one activates 
  • Turn 43 
  • The zeds continue the feast and the zeds in the high street start to wander 

  • Turn 44 
  • Zeds activate again the feast is drawing to a close with only a single turn left for those snacking on Perez 
  • Turn 45 
  • Zeds go again, the two feasting on Perez look up and spot the family, one of the lone wandering zeds also spots them. 
  • The family run into terrace (2) finding 4 zeds, BR and Carolee are leading and take 2 each. The humans defeating them easily and finding the food they need. Just fuel to go. 
  • Turn 46 
  • Family first they dive through the house and come out in the street with not enough speed to reach terrace house number 1 leaving them exposed on the streets 
  • The feasting zeds break up and start to wander off with some spotting the family and heading towards them. 

  • Turn 47 
  • The family duck into terrace 1 finding nothing. 
  • Turn 48 
  • They then exit through the back door and head toward the hospital trying to spot a vehicle to siphon fuel from…. ML shoots and kills a zed with her bow and BR KDs the other with his xbow. 
  • The zeds also activate and the zed in front stands up the rest wander or head toward where the family were last spotted. 

  • Turn 49 
  • Zeds that can see the family head toward them with one charging BR, who for once fails his charged into melee roll and counts as being unarmed, even so he still kills the zed 
  • Turn 50  
  • All of the zeds can move and they either close in or wander. 
  • Turn 51 
  • Only the family activate and the move off between the hospital and the town houses, ML and BR both shoot their silent weapons and miss a crowd of zeds on the opposite side of the burning military vehicle. 

  • Turn 52 
  • 3x zeds together and one other can see the family and head their way the other now mega horde is trapped the other side of the burning vehicle and are just loitering. The 5x zeds now the family side of the burning spot them and head toward ML and BR  

  • Turn 53 
  • The family activate and the parents shoot at the approaching zeds with their bows in an effort not to attract anymore zeds. Both miss and they head toward the abandoned police cruiser by the hospital entrance. 
  • Turn 54 
  • The family activate and the kids find the remains of the guard patrol that were taken out by the zeds earlier they start to loot the bodies for armour and guns. The parents take potshots at the zeds and hit one killing it. 

  • Turn 55 
  • Doubles with a groan Gracie-Lyn vomits blood down the front of her dress. ML realises that she has no more arrows… 
Mary-Lou screamed as her daughter vomited bright red blood down the front of her pinafore, her empty quiver forgotten and discarded as she rushed over to her stricken child's side.  Gracie's face was pale and drawn and she looked lost as she stared with wide eyes at the sticky, red fluid pooled at her feet.  Mary-Lou scooped her into her arms, as she had done all her life when her children had scraped their knees and when junior had fallen from the apple tree fracturing his arm.  Crooning a wordless tune and rocking back and forth in an effort to comfort her baby girl.

Billy-Ray looked nervously on as the zeds began to shamble toward them, he hefted the fuel cannister and began to siphon gas out of the police cruiser....

  • Turn 56  
  • The family activate and BR searches the cruiser finding fuel. The kids pull on the armour and hand one to ML along with an AR 
  • Turn 57 
  • No one activates 
  • Turn 58 
  • The family run toward their SUV which is just around the corner. 

  • Turn 59 
  • No one activates 
  • Turn 60 
  • The family reach the SUV and pile inside, with no zed insight they can start the vehicle and try to escape…… BUT Gracie-Lyn is still infected and now in an enclosed space  
  • Turn 61 
  • I roll doubles if you can believe it and GL turns into a zed! The family race off the board as the car is moving but……….

should have checked the original fig when i painted the zombified version of Gracie-Lyn, she appears to have changed shoes when she turned.....


  1. Good grief, I was NOT expecting such a final two pictures! An excellent, grotesque alternative figure of the little angel. Must have been fun playing this report out, thanks for posting! Should be interesting to see how the family handle this..

    1. Thanks Ragsta, it was loads of fun to play although a very long game

  2. AHHH! Poor Gracie! I had hoped for better, but I was afraid her chances were slim. Poor girl.

    Hopefully the rest of the family can overcome the horror of one of their own turning and survive the car ride. This was a great set of reports, I really enjoyed the read!

    Great job on the converted Gracie Zed as well. Pretty grisly look, it fits the bill. Hopefully you won't need any more zed conversions anytime soon...

    1. Very slim chance of surviving, bless her once she was infected it was curtains I must admit I've never considered cures as loot to be found outside of the Scooby gang encounter I did recently, maybe it might find its way into a campaign with one of my other bands.

      I might play the car ride as an additional encounter and see how it goes. :-)

  3. Wow! What an ending! Even though it was obvious that Gracie Lynn was a goner it was still a shock for her to turn zombie in the getaway car. Superb cliffhanging finale!

    I'd like to know if Carolee is travelling with the family or not. She can be a real asset to any party. I've never ever been able to draw her card, unfortunately.

    1. Thanks Bryan, the way the dice fell in the end set itself up for a very cinematic ending and I loved it! Despite losing a member of my favourite band it was a fun game and has actually given me a better attitude toward losing band members

      Negative on Carolee, she only agreed to stay with the family for the duration of the game and didn't get in the SUV.

  4. Excellent end to the encounter. Loved the read. Turning in the car, is there a part four?? the outcome of what happens in the car?? The Simpsons have lost a family member..... looking forward to hearing the next encounter and your take on how the family copes.... Great stuff

    1. i might have to write up some special rules for fighting in the car! One thing's for sure I'm gonna play it out tomorrow!

  5. My word what an ending. Another brilliant report, keep them coming.

  6. A very entertaining series of posts, Andy, on some lovely looking boards. I was particularly taken with the canal in the previous post. Very nicely done.

    1. thanks Jez, i like the canal piece, i'm looking at doing another at some point but it did take a lot of time and resources so it might be a while.