Wednesday, 16 March 2016

AAR - Simpson Family day 15, part 2

Billy-Ray looked around at the cosy living room of the town house, the family had searched high and low but it would seem that the gangers had taken every last scrap of food.  He shifted the large squad automatic weapon across his shoulders, he would prefer to use his 'bow today as the noise from the gunfire was attracting too much attention from the dead heads.  Scratching idly under the large metal plate that covered his meaty chest, he beckoned to his lioness of a wife and pointed to the back door - it was time to go!
  • Turn 21 
  • Family don't activate 
  • The zeds come in contact with the front door and start to batter it down, with no effect. 
  • Rep 3 PEF heads toward family behind the terrace houses. Rep 4 PEF toward the family by the hospital 

  • Turn 22 
  • Nobody activates 
  • Turn 23 
  • Family do not activate 
  • Zeds don't manage to batter down the door…..!?! its only a front door what the f..
  • Turn 24 
  • The family activate and the PEF by the terraces is spotted revealing 2 X zeds 
  • ML shoots and misses the first, BR KDs the second. Jr shoots and KDs the first 

Gracie-Lyn gripped the sub machine gun tighter, what had started as a fun game was turning out to be a living nightmare.  She was petrified, every noise made her start and twirl around in fear. In stark contrast her twin was blossoming in the apocalypse, Bonnie-May's mischievous face was lit up as she competently reloaded the massive revolver she had used on the guard back in the townhouse.  Ahead her ma and pa were scouting out the alleyway behind the bleak terrace, they had already dropped a couple of zeds at the mouth of the alley and were cautiously probing forward. A low moan behind them made her spin on the spot, desperately bringing up her machine gun.  Dead hands reached over the fence that the kids had been sheltering behind, pulling at the planks and grasping for the flesh of the living.  Gracie screamed as the fence gave way and a zombie crashed through in a flurry of splinters and gnashing teeth, searing pain shot through her arm as the zombie clamped down on her. Through gritted teeth she managed to lift the smg and press the barrel against its chest, pulling the trigger hard and shattering the zeds chest and neck with a spray of bullets....
  • Turn 25 
  • Doubles, random event that is not applicable. 
  • Turn 26 
  • Family don't activate 
  • Zeds hearing Jr's shot head toward the family 

  • Turn 27 
  • zeds are in charge range of the children and reach over the fence at them. 
  • BM and Jr both kill their zed in the first round. 
  • GL loses the first round is reduced to rep 2, draws the next two rounds and finally wins the last 
  • The family activate, GL fails ‘are you ok Harry’ test and is now infected 
  • BR charges the 2 zeds in front easily killing both 5:3 successes 
  • The rest of the family run behind with GL bleeding from a bite mark to her arm. 
  • (Having forgot to roll for police turning up after shots fired, I now do reasoning that all the mayhem has slowed response……d’oh!) 
  • Officer Rhonda Turner (rep 4) and Officer Domingo Perez (rep 3) enter from behind the hospital in their cruiser. 
the kids kill their zeds after GL gets bitten

the cops arrive finally

  • Turn 28 
  • Crucially the family do not activate. 
  • The cops gun the engine of the cruiser and head toward the family but they are a long way away! By moving they fall into line of sight of the last PEF and reveal nothing at all! 
  • The zombies move ever closer to the family 
  • Noise of the cruiser generates 3 zeds 

  • Turn 29 
  • The zeds go first and 5 get into contact with the family each getting 1 zed each 
  • The family each easily deal with their zombie 
  • The cops move forward before the zeds because they are in the car but the noise generates a further 5 zeds 
  • The family finally move and the kids scoot round the side of the wrecked house, before the adults join them they shoot a zed (well ML does anyway!) 

  • Turn 30 
  • The cops although rolling after the family for activation go first because they are in a moving car, having driven as far as they can before getting blocked off they have to wait until after the family activate before being able to get out! 
  • The family dash down Lower High Street and end up just outside of terrace house (5) 
  • The cops disembark and blast away at the closest undead. Perez shoots 1 with his shotgun and kills it, Turner puts down the other two. The noise generates 6 more! Including one just behind the family…. 

Officer Domingo Perez looked across at his confident partner blasting away at the infected citizens with her scatter gun, Rhonda Turner was a 5 year veteran and despite her model looks, possessed a core of pure steel. Perez although older, was very much the junior partner and had been riding with Rhonda since he graduated from the "Cop-shop" - Jungville's police academy.  They had seen some crazy things in their time, drunks, domestics and even a homicide but the last couple of weeks had taken the cake!  The infected resembled the dead and had an unsatiable hunger for the flesh of the uninfected.  The lieutenant, back at the precinct had reiterated over and over again  in his briefings not to let the infected anywhere near them and to use deadly force each and every time. 
  • Turn 31 
  • Cops go first and shoot 1 zed dead and another kd. 
  • The zeds go next with the kd zed getting up and everyone moving closer. The zed in the wrecked house bursts out and charges BR but he shoots her dead (again!) 
  • The family move into terrace house 5 only to find 2x zeds winning zombie surprise the adults tear into melee, BR ripping them apart.  

  • Turn 32 
  • The cops do not activate and 4 X zeds charge them, both cops manage to let off a shot each but miss. 
  • Perez takes care of his 2 X zeds but it takes him a while and he becomes infected. Turner gets wounded in the first exchange but kills them after a protracted fight and she also gets infected….. 
  • The family move into the back room to find a zombie who gets taken out by BR in melee. Still found nothing. 

  • Turn 33 
  • The family go first and BR Goes upstairs to look for loot. Instead finds Carolee (from the encounter card deck, rep 5 with BAP and katana) against the odds BR manages not to piss her off and beats her on the meet and greet by 3:2! She agrees not to shoot him and will help the family find food in the area but will not join them (higher rep) 
  • The cops activate next and shoot at the big mob by the wrecked house. They only manage to knock a single one down and generate 9 zeds in return!!! 
  • The zeds all move closer with 2 able to charge at Turner, she misses her one shot at them and they melee, Turner destroys them easily.  

  • Turn 34 
  • The cops are now surrounded and start shooting in different directions. Perez shoots one in front and kills a zed in the back yard and KDs the one next to him. They generate 8! 
  • BR goes into the back bedroom and finds a luxury item and 4 zeds whole melee him. He gets a whopping 5:1 successes and kills them all in the first turn! Beast!! 
  • Carolee goes into attic and finds two zeds. Using her katana two handed she dives into melee and scores 6:1 again wiping out the zeds  

  • Turn 35 
  • Only the family activate and they all gather down stairs, ML stalks around Carolee assessing the threat to her family and her husband! 
  • Turn 36 
  • The cops go first and start shooting again. Turner kills one in front, and runs out of ammo and Perez KDs one by the open sewer also running out of ammo. They generate 7……(I really could do without their help…. 
  • The zeds close in on the cops. One charges Turner and she kills it 
  • The family burst out of the back door and start fighting. 
  • BR charges the lone zombie in the garden next door easily killing it. ML shoots at the closest zed on the street and narrowly misses. BM shoots her BAP at the pair of zeds by the police cruiser and misses both (generates 2 zeds) Jr takes a potshot at a trio of zeds and misses (generates 1). GL fires her SMG and kills one of the trio (Generates 1) Carolee fires and misses with her BAP (generates 1) 

  • Turn 37 
  • Cops go first, realising their position is untenable they run toward the edge of the table that has the least zeds desperately reloading on the way. 
  • Zeds go next and 4 manage to get in contact with the officers. Turner manages to kill hers but Perez gets taken out by the pair of dead heads. (Feast for 4 turns) 
  • A zed charges ML, she fails her charge reaction and counts as unarmed for first round of combat even so she wins by 1 (only because she gets one success for being human vs zed….) 
  • The family go next and jumping over the side fence the duck into the mid terrace house finding food.  

  • Turn 38 
  • Zeds go first and Turner gets charged by 8 zeds with 13 waiting their turn to bite on in……unsurprisingly she goes down under a wave of undead. (Feast for 5) 
  • The family dart out of the mid house and run toward the opposite one getting inside only to find 2 X zeds in the house. Carolee takes them both down with her katana while the family find another food unit. 

  • Turn 39 
  • Only the family activate and they go upstairs to look for more loot and find more food! Yippe! Only one more to go and fuel and the family can leave…. 
  • Turn 40 
  • The family go first and exit via the back door of the mid terrace house 
  • The zeds that were behind them come through the first house and exit into Lower High st, temporarily losing their prey. 
  • The other zeds continue to feast on the cops.

Officer Turner saw Perez go down under a wave of the infected, his empty shotgun falling from his hands.  Tears rolled down her cheeks as she pictured the face of Domingo's pretty wife creased with the grief of losing her fun loving husband.  Fumbling with the unloaded scatter gun, her side arm completely forgotten in the face of the tsunami of zombies, all of her legendary calm disappeared as dozens of the citizens of her city reached out their clawed hands, trying to grab hold of Turner's living flesh.  A couple of the infected started to rip Perez's torso to pieces and began feasting on his steaming vitals, seeing this, Turner stumbled and dropped to one knee. Finally remembering her standard issue Glock she slipped her hand to the holster at her hip and drew the weapon just as one of the infected gripped her neck in its teeth and ripped a jagged tear in her carotid artery spraying the baying crowd with her warm life blood.....


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran, poor Perez indeed rather than help the Simpsons the cops just attracted more and more zeds....

  2. Excellent continuation of a superb batrep. Tough luck for the two cops. But the real kicker was young Gracie Lynn getting bitten and infected. The family is going to have to make some tough decisions about her and their options don't look good.

    As an aside, your campaign is set in America, isn't it? It's just that in a few of your photos I spotted a familiar looking blue British police call box. A certain famous time traveller isn't lurking nearby, is he?

    1. Yeah a bad day for the family as the young'un done got herself bit! Nothing good is going to come from that....

      Yes, set in the US, I guess it's easier with their fascination with firearms and easy access to them. I will set a group and outbreak in Europe, most likely England but will need to heavily modify the rules/tables. You would love it if a certain time traveller lurked around wouldn't you Bryan ;-) the blue call box was a impetuous decision I made when I built my boards and is glued in, so features in many

    2. Quote:- " You would love it if a certain time traveller lurked around wouldn't you Bryan?"
      Yes, I would! Hee, hee! Hey, perhaps he could be your deus ex machina that heals Gracie Lynn. That's not a serious suggestion, by the way!

    3. If only I'd thought of that!! Lol

  3. That's quite a roller-coaster of a bat-rep; it odes sound like a very fst action even thiugh it probably took you a long time to play and record let alone write-up.
    Very enjoyable read but sad that the Simpsons luck didn't quite hold out.

    1. It certainly is a roller coaster, one that has one last part to play out (published on Friday!) yes mate it took a while to sort out but was fast and furious, without pause while playing it as it was nail biting stuff Joe....

  4. Wow another bruising report, great stuff.

  5. Gutted about Gracie Lynn for you dude. Looking forward to the last part. Great pics and story telling as always

    1. As you know man, I've had some shocking luck on the ATZ boards at the mo. Things can only get better.... Or can they?? ;-)

  6. Wow, great report! The situation deteriorated pretty quickly, so nice of the law to be helpful. At least they managed to get eaten and tie up some of the horde for dinner!

    Are you playing with the chance of a cure? I believe it is listed as a possible loot - the end may not be certain for Gracie.

    1. Thanks N667, yeah things went to hell in a handcart pretty quickly. The cops just kept on generating zeds with shotgun blasts.

      3rd and final part tomorrow so stayed tuned for the answer to your question

  7. Amazing. If only I could play on this.

    1. Ha it was your excellent Bushido boards that inspired this table! Thanks Yeti.

      By the way I've just put together some Bushido terrain pieces so will show them soon. Next stop putting together and painting my Temple faction.... :-)