Saturday, 23 November 2019

Gnash - Gnaw

Hi all

more Blood Bowl goodness coming your way, this time from the dark places beneath the empires of men and dwarfs - the Skaven!  While the Double U's (my human team) were the first team to get painted following my rediscovery of BB and I really enjoy playing them, I couldn't resist digging out my Skaven team - the Gnash-Gnaw!

Skaven society is highly stratified and bound up in complex rituals, but on the Blood Bowl pitch, all barriers drop away as every player gives their all for their teams complete and utter victory. The game has become very popular in all fields of Skaven life - the Skaven loving any opportunity for mindless violence. In fact, it has become very difficult to persuade them that there is any other purpose to the game once they are on the field, or even when they are just spectating in the stands! Some of the great all-time Player Death and Crowd Death records have occurred in games in which the Skaven have been on the pitch.

Skaven are one of the fastest teams in the game, capable of moving the ball from one end zone to the other with ease. They are generally thought of as a finesse team because of their Gutter Runners’ but their Blitzers’ and Rat Ogre give the team a real punch as well. They are a very versatile team capable of switching their tactics at any point in the game to get the win, and while they will lose players most games they can still function very effectively on the pitch when reduced to a handful of players. Unlike bashy teams Skaven can fall back on plan B or C if plan A is not going to plan, so no matter how bad things seem to be getting a win is almost always within reach. 
What makes Skaven so special is their Gutter Runners; 4 players with Ma 9, Dodge and Ag4 means any mistake or bad luck from your opponent can be exploited with a ruthless efficiency and their main strength and tactic is to just go for the ball and ‘Shoot the Gap’. 

So onto my team the Gnash - Gnaw. This team of malcontent verminous villains hail from Hell Pit in the far north and have just started to make a name for themselves.  Led on the field by the Thrower - Krik, these ruinous rats are racking up the TDs.

The majority of this team are 2nd Ed miniatures that I have owned since 2nd ed BB was released back in the day, this is their third reinvention and I'm loving them! Sadly as the Catcher role is no longer on the Skaven roster, I've had to retire my pair of catchers but in the main, these gorgeous minis date back 20+ years!

more about the team when I introduce them next time...
hope you enjoy


  1. Oh wow! Great to see the boys come out of retirement.

  2. Very nice Andy and great to see you still using these classic models, was a skaven player myself in the last release with the Warpstoned Warriors

    1. I love these minis mate, always have done. so its nice to get them back on the table

  3. Great stuff Andy! "Double U's" 🤣 what a brilliant name for a team!

    1. and this team is the Gee Gees.... uh uh uh uh staying alive, staying alive...


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