Wednesday, 9 January 2019


hi all

Happy New Year to you!

following on from my post last time showcasing the beautiful miniatures in the game "Rising Sun", I've completed another piece. 

This week I present Yurei, the Yokai probably most recognisable from films like "The Ring"

Yūrei (幽霊) are figures in Japanese folklore, analogous to Western legends of ghosts. The name consists of two kanji, (), meaning "faint" or "dim" and (rei), meaning "soul" or "spirit". Alternative names include 亡霊 (Bōrei), meaning ruined or departed spirit, 死霊 (Shiryō) meaning dead spirit, or the more encompassing 妖怪 (Yōkai) or お化け (Obake).
Like their Chinese and Western counterparts, they are thought to be spirits kept from a peaceful afterlife.

This Yurei is actually dozens of creatures coalesced into one manifestation.  I kept with muted white/greys and pale flesh colours with purple worm like tentacles protruding from their mouths.

*Edited post* here is a comparison picture or two.  The Bushido ninja is a 32mm mini (sorry I didn't have a 28mm to hand).

just a quick one this week
hope you enjoy


  1. Fantastic painting Andy, really like the sculpt where it is made up with multiple spirits and a single main one at the top

  2. That is one very creepy figure, which I mean as a compliment.

  3. That's a wonderfully disturbing piece.

  4. Simply stunning artwork on this one Andy mate - top notch!!
    Please, please, pretty please can you tell me how this mini scales with 28mm? Since the sculpt is "stacked" the way it is, it's hard to tell, but Oh Boy do I want (nay NEED!) one of these!!!

    1. cheers mate.

      I've edited the post so that you can see a 32mm mini in between the River Dragon and Yurei. Hope this helps.

    2. Many thanks buddy, that's just the job - and it's time to practice my ebay-fu :-)

  5. That's a pretty terrifying figure to be sure! Looks great :)

  6. That is a very eerie look you've managed to acheive and is just a little distrubing to view.
    I must say it's not how I originally imagined Japanese Yurei (I have had some experiencewith their mythology), but it will be how I imagine them now. (*shivers)