Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Jwar Tales - Kitsune (part 4)

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The Kitsune scanned the small room, a writing desk covered in parchment provided the perfect place to plant more evidence of Ito duplicity.  From the pouch, which seemed to hold far more than it's physical size would indicate, she withdrew a scrap of paper that resembled a hastily drawn map of the Takashi compound and dropped it under the desk.

FF flips the objective and gets a green, when you flip an objective you take a card, this time I was able to see the escape route which is normally hidden from the ninjas until after the mission is completed.  I decided despite to not reveal the exit point as it would spoil it for me as I'm playing solo

Footsteps coming from beyond the open door, indicated that the guard had resumed his pacing. Reaching for her Ki, the Kitsune quickly changed shape and drew her swords.  On silent feet she leapt across the threshold, the twin blades whirling in precise patterns and leaving the guard in a crumpled heap.  Quickly, the female yokai pulled at the robes of the corpse and propped him up against the table.  The guard's body would only add to the subterfuge especially when she added a little viper venom to the wounds.

Kyuubi stalked around the edge of the lantern light of the courtyard, confident that the blinded guards would not be able to see him.  His keen ears caught the subtle sound of an overweight sentry breathing a little heavily, his sensitive nose bought him traces of sweat and unwashed robes all coming from the main hallway that ran the length of the main house.  Drawing a handful of shuriken, he swept around the corner, flinging them with unerring accuracy at the surprised guard and dropping him to the floor.

a wider view. with no guards near the ninjas, they simply reinforced from the barracks!

In the background, Kyuubi could hear more guards emerging from the barracks.  Something had disturbed them! maybe one of the bodies had been found?  No that couldn't be it, the alarm would have sounded! More likely guards hadn't reported in and the gunso's were assuming that they were asleep somewhere in the compound...

Glancing down at the body of the guard he had just killed, the yokai realised that that might change if the soldier emerging from the barracks now discovered his comrade.  Drawing his katana, the fox-like assassin sprang forward, his paws barely making a sound as he sprinted the few paces to the entryway and swung the heavy blade at head height in a seemingly blind swipe.  The volatile vulpine's superlative senses determining the position of the guard even if he couldn't see him.  The sword tore through the scalp of the unfortunate man and killed him instantly with a solid thud.

The Kitsune, once again in fox form, darted silently into the dojo, dropping her "evidence" into a corner by a weapons rack and then heading back toward the master's dais.  So far the raid was going to plan, the Ito would be implicated and the treaty killed off before it began...

"Intruder!" Takaki Manobu managed to gasp.  He had strolled around the corner from the eastern guard post and stumbled on Usai, a gochi (corporal) from green watch being beheaded by a demon. Gulping a quick breath, he tried again - "Intruder!" this time his voice was a bit stronger and carried a bit further, causing the demon to spin around and face him.  

Multiple footsteps rang from all directions as others heard the cry, giving Takaki the courage to square up and present the point of his spear at the abomination. "Halt, beast!" he yelped bravely.  The yokai's hand reached beneath his cloak as if to go for another weapon, it's katana currently embedded in the head of Usai and therefore useless to it at that moment.  Takaki slapped the broad blade of the yari against it's arm, causing it to drop a handful of throwing stars.

K wants to use his shuriken to kill multiple targets but the guard player plays a card and he can't use the stars
Kyuubi, withdrew his stinging hand from his cloak and grabbed the hilt of his katana, ripping it from the head of the guard on the floor.  The sound of many guards heading his way, discouraged him from pressing the attack on the human who'd slapped at him.  Shrugging his shoulders, he spun on his heels causing his cloak to billow out and confuse the Takashi spearman. Bunching his powerful leg muscles, he leapt away from the startled sentry and sprinted down the hallway, ducking into the shadows and disappearing from sight.

The Kitsune could hear the commotion as her sibling tangled with the guards.  She winced when she heard the male's growl of frustration as he sought to escape.  Fortunately for her it had proved the perfect diversion, drawing a sentry away from the treasury and allowing her to approach the strong room. With a little Ki boosted dexterity, she picked the lock of the plank door that barred her way and slunk into the dark room.

Kyuubi leapt once again, this time straight upwards, his strong claws digging in the soft planks of the ceiling.  With incredible strength he clung to the rafters and inched his way away from the guard who had discovered him.  Underneath him reinforcements darted here and there but did not have the presence of mind to simply look up.  The guards below him babbled at each other in their primitive human tongue, something about waking the lord or lady, but none of them could decide if they should, worried that their tales of demon wolves would be taking seriously, but they DID have a dead guard to explain.   Instead they settled on reporting back to the gunso and letting them "take the yelling".

the guards play a card and place a guard right by K but fail to detect him, man they need the alert level up!
The Kitsune focused on her ki and transformed into her humanoid form, striding toward the impressive looking chest in the middle of the room.  With barely a glance at the wooden strong box, she swept passed it and stood before a plain, non-descript case roughly the size of her palm.  Despite looking completely unimpressive it had obviously been reverently placed on a low table and unlike other treasures in the vault, had been dusted and handled with great care.  The Kitsune was curious about the contents of the box, she could sense the ki pouring from the object inside, but Kyuubi had warned her not to open it and simply bring it to him. That had been his price and he would be furious with her if she disobeyed him in this matter... but still her mischievous vulpine curiosity warred with her need to keep her sibling onside. For long seconds she stood holding the plain box before shrugging and dropping it into her pouch.

The sound of guards waking in the barracks next door reminded the Kitsune of the business at hand and, drawing her kusarigama, she stalked from the strong room and into the hallway.  She needed to neutralise the guards quickly, before they got organised.  The chaos that Kyuubi and herself were creating was perfect for the plan, but it needed to be controlled and channelled.  

Two more swift strides and she was in the barracks, sleepy guards were struggling into clothing and reaching for weapons, when she leapt among them.  With a swing of the chain, she let fly with the weighted end, wrapping the metal links around a guards ankle and tripping him to the floor with a thump. A sharp pull on the weapon, released the chain allowing her to spin gracefully to build momentum and send the scythe-like blade into the chest of another soldier.  The vicious blade sliced through the man's sternum with ease, piercing his heart and he dropped to the floor without a sound.  

The tripped guard barely had time to get to his feet when, with a yelp that caused the Kitsune to wince, he was tangled once again by the chain of the exotic weapon. Another swipe of the blade and he lay still, this time for good.

KH's special weapon allows her to attack multiple opponents and so she uses all her force dice in a spectacular attack!
Takaki Manobu stood stock still, gripping his yari with sweaty hands.  Sasaki had gone off to inform the gunso about the situation and left him to keep watch for the demon.  Frankly they did not believe him, despite the body of the gocho that lay in a pool of blood nearby, blaming the murder on thieves.  As if thieves would break into the Takashi household! there would be nowhere in the Isles they could run to!  Takaki snorted his disbelief at the idea of thieves, he knew what he had seen, it had been a demon and no doubt. Nervously, he glanced up and down the length of the hall, the beast was out there somewhere.

Kyuubi watched the guard directly below him, every few seconds the human would remember to look about and then he would go back to sweating and muttering to himself.  Crucially however, he always failed to look up.  Slowly, the yokai unhooked the strong claws of his feet from the soft wood of the rafters and unfolded his body until he was able to drop lightly to the floor just behind the nervous sentry...

So I will leave it here for the time being, the overall shot shows you were our (anti)heroes are in relation to each other
hope you enjoy


  1. Those kitsune are seemingly unstoppable but clearly in their element. Oddly enough, I kinda hope they succeed in their mission, despite me not trusting them one iota.

    1. they certainly aren't trustworthy Bryan! but they are definitely in their element, full of sneaky tricks, these kitsunes are natural shinobi.

  2. Fantastic instalment Andy, like the way that the full alarm hasn't been sounded, due to the guards not wanting to get their lords wrath

    1. exactly, that gets explained in the next instalment but lowly guards would be terrified of incurring the fury of their masters, far better to get one of the NCOs to take it.

  3. It all seems too eASY, but it must have been a very tense game.

    1. It’s defi not easy at all mate. The ninjas are up against it as the guards close in, in a kind of loose net. More and more guards come in and of better quality as the alert level rises. The game play is so tense as each mistake by the ninjas create noise and comes back at them by raising the alert level and giving the guards more action points

  4. I'm really enjoying the way the game is being played out, very good storytelling as well.
    I tend to agree with Joe, it is coming across as fairly easy, they must be considerably better than the individual guards and so probably it's only going to be later in the story/game that there will be sufficient guards to provide a match.
    Looking forward to the next thrilling installment.

    1. That is the case John, the quality of the guards get better, there are more and more unless the ninjas keep the numbers down, which in itself is a risky action as it could potentially make noise...

  5. Great stuff Andy! Looking forward to reading the next installment ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Another great instalment Andy, sorry for the late reply still trying to catch up here!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Better late than never Roger! Glad you enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜‰