Friday, 12 February 2016

TMNT - the Foot Clan

Hi all

I recently found some amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turlte models from a company in Russia called My Way. The figures are excellent  and I've already posted about them. Well my good gaming buddy Rich, who's work I showcased in my last post has photographed them for me so you can see them as they should be rather than my poor attempts on an iPad with bad lights. Thanks Rich, they really look great! (imho)

the original creations

the latest live action film





But these figures aren't for show, otherwise I would have put them on their decorative base (which is just as good!) I wanted to game with them so I've been looking at various gaming systems to play and am currently vacillating between 7TV2 and the TMNT original rpg by Palladium which you can buy on a pdf. But surely they would need an adversary I hear you say.....step forward the Foot Clan!

the foot as they originally appeared

from the animated films

The Foot with their distinctive cowl

These bad boys are from Crossover miniatures and distributed in the UK by the excellent Minibits.  I have had nothing but the very best customer service from Leon at Minibits and now buy all my bases and custom mdf trays from him, I can highly recommend him and these cracking sculpts. They do come in two different head variants with the other being traditional ninja cowls, but I wanted the iconic Foot Clan bug eyed cowl.  I painted them mostly black, but in the comics (certainly the later comics) they started to sport purple trim, so in order to break up the monotone I did the same.

a mix of traditional weapons and modern firearms

Now if you are wondering about the rest of the TMNT world, don't worry I've got it covered! When I get them built up and painted I'll show you some figs that will get you reaching for your wallets.....

i'm going to start a tally of painted minis vs incoming figs or figs that i've bought this year since the 1st Jan (at some point when im massively bored i might count the lead pile!) so after each post showing painted figs you will see this kind of thing or at least i will until i get bored or forget....

16:8 (-8)
figs bought:painted (difference)


  1. What a great post, Andy. I have just about finished painting my four My Way turtles and hope to show them soon. They really are lovely figures.
    I am very impressed with your Foot Clan Ninjas. I hadn't seen these before and now that I have I'm very tempted to buy them and copy your paint schemes. What a great find!

    1. Bryan, I'm really looking forward to your take on the turtles as they are great models. The foot clan I thought would tickle your fancy and I knew you would want to be putting your wallet into service once more..... :-)

  2. Groan... What are you doing Andy!?! My Turtles have only recently arrived and now you tempt me with some more wonderful Teenage Ninja madness in the shape of the Foot clan!?! Are you on commission for "Crossover Miniatures" or something ;-)

    1. Haha I wish I was on commission, these ninjas would and should be selling like hot cakes! Even better they are being sold in the UK by Minibits whose customer service is faultless imho.

      Like Bryan's take on the turtles I'm eager to see your painted versions too Simon, so hope to see them on Fantorical shortly.....oh and beware I have two more TMNT posts for you and Bryan (and anyone else who is interested ;-) ). Good luck resisting the next bunch of minis I know I couldn't.....

    2. Uh, oh! My wallet is quivering already!

    3. No apologies about the assault your wallet is about to receive Bryan, it'll be worth it! ;-)

  3. Very cool dude! Excellent work and finds. One of my gamers is constantly going on about using TMNT in Zombicide, I think these would fit the bill nicely.

    1. Thanks dude, yes they would plus a lot of other games too!

  4. The Turtles look human-like, so very slim and slender but they've painted up very well and the ninja are, well, ninja!

    1. They clearly had lots of the mutagen and advanced the anthropomorphic effect further........