Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wagons roll....

I've completed the baggage wagon and if I do say so myself it looks great.  Ever since WFB 3 was released many moons ago I've always wanted to create a baggage train for one of the armies and never got around to it.  Now there will be a few more scenarios involving the all important part of campaigning of how to lug all your gold about!! Talking of which i have made up some treasure counters to add some objectives in some of the upcoming games and some more terrain as well including a rock feature.  All of these latest projects have been using existing resources and therefore haven't cost me a penny, excellent.  Which is good because I need to save my Warhammer tokens for my next army collection....

Now that I have gathered 2000 points of High Elves I think its time to look to another army (although I will finish painting this one first, only 40 models to go..) Over the last week or so I have been rereading Malus Darkblade (brilliant book by Dan Abnett, local author only lives about 50 miles from me) if you don't know it, why not!?! It's an excellent book filled with the delightfully evil Druchii.  So my next army is going to be the twisted kin of my mighty High Elves.  I love the idea of a Highborn retinue, a band of trusted retainers mounted on powerful nauglir, backed up by a troop of raiders with wickedly razor sharp spears and fearsome repeater crossbows.  The GW models are a little gimpy but i'm sure I can figure something out.  The old citadel models were cool so maybe I'll see if some of those are knocking about.

First things first though, concentrate on painting all my high elves cos don't get me wrong although i'm looking forward to collecting my druchii warband I still love me some pointy eared do-gooders!!!

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