Monday, 1 February 2016

The mystery of the zombie virus - the AAR (part 2)

The apocalypse had certainly worked on Scooby Doo's brain, always a smart..ish dog (although he would be the first to admit that he was a bit cowardly...a bit....) since the fall he felt that his mind was beginning to process thoughts; organise and articulate them in a way he had never experienced. It was all a little disconcerting and he longed for the bygone days when he and Shaggy would just rock up to whatever mystery the guys were trying to solve and eat themselves silly.

But now Scooby was fuming, his tail had been trodden on by these nasty creatures - more than once! he was hungry, even the giant chicken costumed zed started to look more and more appetising. But these dead humans tasted foul. "Hehe" he chuckled to himself - foul, chicken, chicken, fowl - "hehehehe" he started to feel more like his old self, the kindly, jovial dog before the apocalypse. Then the awful smell of rotting flesh assaulted his sensitive nose again and another set of rancid fingernails scraped down the side of the body armour he was wearing. He was thankful that Shaggy and the others had thought to take the battle harness they had found on a poor police K9 unit and fitted it to him (with some adjustment) it had certainly saved his hide on more than one occasion.  With a snap of his sharp teeth he grabbed hold of the leg of the zombie who had just stood up and pulled him to the ground again.  With a howl that would have shamed a wolf and sent a shiver down the spine of any living man, the enraged Great Dane tore into the zeds....

  • Turn 11     z - 1 sg - 6 
  • Z's close in
  • z charges F who still using his katana – but he can only knock it down 
  • SD kd's his z who stood up. 
  • S kills his 

  • Turn 12   z - 3 sg - 2 
  • V gets charged by 2 zs  she kills first and kd's second 
  • S gets charged by 2 zs  same as V
  • SD gets charged by 3 zs  kills them all 
  • S reloads his BA pistol and moves into Hosp with SD and gets joined by V on the way through 
  • pops weasel 
  • F fights z in melee – kills last z 
  • For the first time in game they are not in combat….. 
for those who see D with S and SD and not V. I actually put the wrong minis together by accident, took the photo before i realised my mistake and forgot to retake the photo - apologies dGG

  • Turn 13    z - 1 sg - 2 
  • In true Scooby gang style D & F split up from the rest and go for the stairs and head for basement 

  • V, S & SD head off toward the chapel to start a sweep for clues. In the chapel there are 3 zs instead. The PCs surprise the z's and charge into melee. All three kill their z's .
  • 4 z's generated by the noise of V's chainsaw. 
  • The z’s from outside enter the building via the main doors 

  • Turn 14    z - 3 sg - 2 
  • the 4 z’s generated by noise move toward V,S &SD as do the outside z’s due to chainsaw noise. 
  • SD starts looking for food for 2 turns (greed) 
  • S & V exit chapel (roll on corridor chart 4 more z’s generated!) 
  • S walks around corner and see z’s, shoots pistol and kd's the kid z (the shots generate 2 more z’s) 
  • V kills the knocked down z 
  • D&F move into basement and out into the boiler room, the boiler is out of commission (rolled on the boiler room table) but they do find a tool belt – a luxury item. 
While D&F are alone in the spooky basement.....
this is what V&S are facing!!

  • Turn 15     z- 3 sg -2 
  • Z's go first and 4 z's charge V and 4 charge S
  • V kills all her opponents
  • S manages to kill 2 and kd the others (the noise from V's saw generates 3 more zs)
  • V and S both crush s’ downed z's  
  • SD still looting 
  • D&F move into the corridor to head for the morgue (1 z in corridor) Fred shoots the z dead!

V surrounded by the blood of the fallen!!
Velma hefted the idling chainsaw and tried to shake the clotting blood and rancid flesh off the teeth of the lethal tool, across from her Shaggy was giving her a worried look and shaking his head and it was only then did she realise she was laughing. "Screw him!" she thought with another chuckle and gestured with her 'saw at the approaching dead-heads that were shuffling down the eerie corridor of Jungville General. If he wanted to worry, it should be about the brain scarfers not her!  With that thought she gunned the motor of the saw and began carving her way through the dead flesh that had begun surrounding her....

  • Turn 16    z - 3 sg - 1 
  • 3 zs charge V, 2xzs charge S 
  • V kills all hers and s kills 1, kd's the other 
  • SD comes out of chapel and chews the face off the z at S’ feet 
  • V walks into the office and charges the z lurking in there (c'saw generates another 3 zs in corridor as per the special noise rules - noise generates zombies in the nearest corridor, 12" away if possible) 
  • S shoots into crowd and kd's one z but generates 2 more 

  • D&F enter the morgue and find post mortem records for patient zero (1 clue) 

  • Turn 17   z - 3 sg - 3 
  • Random event the z nearest V gets up only to be knocked down by V (c'saw generates 3 z's for the boys to deal with in the corridor....) 

  • Turn 18    z - 3 sg - 3 
  • Random event the z nearest SD gets up only to be knocked back down 

  • Turn 19    z - 1 sg - 3 
  • V kills the persistent z
  • SD kill his persistent  z!
  • S shoots a z and kd's it (generates another z) 
  • D&F leave morgue and cross corridor (2 zs generated by entering corridor) and enters laundry and finds 1 z by the washers
  • D shoots but runs out of ammo 
  • F shoots and kills z 
  • Between them they generate 2 more z's in corridor 
  • Z's move closer in corridor opposite S 
lets get ready to rumble!!

  • Turn 20     z - 4 sg - 2 
  • 6 zs charge SD & S, who receive charge with 3 z's each
  • S draws with first, kills the other two
  • SD kills first, kd's second and kills third 
  • SD kills kd z 
  • kd's last z 
  • V exits office, sees the boys handling business and enters canteen just to find 1 z 
  • D&F exit laundry into corridor (generates 1 z) and charges into z's
  • F kills his but D just knocks hers down

"I'm getting real tired Scoob" snorted Shaggy as he hewed down another of the walking dead with his enormous axe.  "There doesn't seem to be any end to these creatures" he said as he tripped another. "I'm also worried about 'You Know Who'..." he added in a hushed whisper.

Scooby-Doo looked up from savaging the head of a fallen zombie and tilted his head to one side, the strange blood red sheen from the IR googles that covered the canine's eyes freaked Shaggy out a little and he stuttered to a halt while trying not to slip in the spilled gore.  From the corner of his eye he saw Velma come out of the room sign posted as the office and despite seeing the masses of zombies up the corridor, nonchalantly wandering off into the canteen. With a disgustingly loud growl, his stomach reminded him that he hadn't eaten today and he briefly toyed with the idea of following Velma into the room.  The groans from the mass of zombie flesh coming down the corridor pulled that thought up short and with a sigh he loosened his grip on the handle of his axe......


  1. Velma's just a killing machine! I must say, that all of the gang are doing far better than I thought they would. I do hope that their good luck doesn't dessert them.

  2. She is!

    3 dice for a chainsaw is good....

  3. Carbage, absolute carnage, but it's kinda what I expected from our heroes, except for them splitting up - but then again that's typical of them.

    1. Wouldn't be the Scooby gang if they didn't appropriately split up now would it. ;-)

    2. should have read "inappropriately" d'Oh!

  4. Yikes, I wouldn't want to be a cleaner in that hospital!

    There seem to be a larger-than-average number of zombies who get back up after supposedly being "killed", or is that just my imagination?

    1. you would certainly need something a bit sturdier than a mop, that's for sure Hugh!

      I had an awful lot of random events going on in this game and it seemed to be the same ones! It's jolly unsporting for a zombie to reanimate after being put down.....

  5. I hope the dice keep falling well for the gang! It's been a good story so far, hopefully the gang can get back together and get out of the Hospital when they are done!

    Love the building details by the way, it looks great in play!

    1. Thanks man, I keep saying it (because it's true!) but the building really did make it atmospheric **smug mode initiated**

  6. Excellent carnage dude! The Scooby gang acting like the real heroes they are, never split the party?!
    All good horror involves a chainsaw!
    Nice tiled kill markers too dude!

    1. The chainsaw is awesome but is definitely causing the boys in the hallway some bother...

      Thanks dude I did some for outside too :-)

  7. Great batrep and stunning looking Hospital!

    1. Thank you hobbyworker, final part tomorrow :-)