Friday, 5 February 2016

The mystery of the zombie virus - the AAR (finale)

the complexity of a multi-layered building, luckily it just fits on the table!!
"Nice one Daph!" exclaimed Fred as the pretty, former debutante cracked her Louisville Slugger off the skull of the zombie directly in front of her.  Still dressed to kill, Fred thought as he admired the way she changed grip on the bat and swung it into the temple of the other z that had faced off against her. Just like a pro-ball player aiming for a last home run, he thought,shaking his head in wonder at the change in the petite once privileged only daughter of wealthy parents.  Not a drop of blood seemed to touch her as she waded into the melee, it seemed even after the death of the known world she was still determined to maintain standards...

  • Turn 21     z - 3 sg - 5 
  • gets charged by 2 zs and another by his feet stands up, he kills 2 and kd's last 
  • SD is charged by 2 zs, he kills first and draws with last 
  • D kills 2 zs that charged her 
  • F kills the one facing him 

  • Turn 22    z - 4 sg - 5 
  • V gets charged and cuts her z down (generates 2 in the corridor much to the chagrin of the chaps) 
  • SD kills his last z   
  • S kills his last z 
  • F easily cuts down the last z in the corridor 

  • Turn 23    z - 3 sg - 2 
  • S gets charged and the z gets knocked down
  • SD gets charged and kills his z 
  • V charges last 2 zs standing in corridor  

  • V kills them both but generates 3 zs in the west wing toilets behind S&SD (she's really not helping!)
  • D&F enter stores
  • D finally  reloads, 1 z is generated in the corner  

  • Turn 24    z - 3 sg - 4 
  • V enters A&E finds a zed and charges it, knocking it down (3 zs generate in east wing toilet) 
  • D&F ignore z and go upstairs

  • S pops weasel 
  • SD walks up to reception desk 
  • Z's move closer  

  • Turn 25     z - 4 sg - 4 
  • Random event  the reception desk phone starts ringing (it was randomly rolled near scooby so why not! generates 1 z) 

RING RING RING. The strident tones of the desk phone made Scooby-Doo nearly jump out of his skin.  His eyes practically rolled in their sockets as he tried to look in all directions to see if the noise had attracted unwarranted attention from the undead.  Scampering over to the reception desk, he bowled the receiver out of it's cradle with his nose in attempt to shut the cacophony up.

As the phone fell to the floor behind the desk he could see two shadows hiding under it.  With a low growl that rumbled in his massive chest he shifted his goggles to IR and could make out the shapes of two terrified, scantily clad young women, their fast gulping breaths confirming that the females were indeed alive.

"Good doggy, be a good doggy, please be a good doggy" pleaded the first girl, a lithe blonde, holding a long slender blade with no real conviction.  The second girl, a dark haired beauty of Asian descent stood up from behind the desk and reached out a shaky hand toward Scooby, the other similarly clutching a long knife, with another blade stuffed into her belt "It's ok pooch" she said with a stutter, obviously terrified. "we don't mean to hurt you"

Scooby snorted back a guffaw, these two couldn't hurt a fly was his guessing, still the helplessness of the two women ignited a feeling of protectiveness in him and he edged forward, losing the growl and replacing it with a more friendly (he hoped) sound.

"Ah Violet, see he's friendly" said the dark haired female as she crouched down by Scoob to give him a hug.  In a moment both girls were clinging to him as if he was their anchor in the sea of chaos around them. "we should stick with him Pi-Lee" added the blonde.

Scooby endured the hugging for a moment more before shrugging them off and stepping toward the main doors and safety.......

violet and pi-lee
  • Turn 26    z - 5 sg - 2 
  • V kills the z by her feet 
  • SD answers phone and finds 2 (randomly rolled) rep2 females armed with knives and have the attribute poser 
  • SD talks the talk and they agree to join him, we now have Violet (VIand Pi-Lee (P)  
  • S moves over toward waiting room 
  • D&F move up to ground floor 

  • Turn 27    z - 3 sg - 3 
  • Random event  d&f start to argue  

  • Turn 28    z - 5 sg - 4 
  • D&F continue arguing but don't draw anymore z's 
  • V goes into the resuscitation suite and discovers a clue when she rolls against her savvy she passes 2d6 which counts as 2 clues and they have enough! 
  • SD guards the approach to the main doors
  • S guards corridor 

  • Turn 29   z - 3 sg - 6 
  • 2 zs charge SD &VI 
  • SD kills his z, but VI gets put out of fight as she is counted as unarmed (charge reaction) 
  • Other z's move forward. 

  • Turn 30    z - 6 sg - 4 
  • V exits resus and joins S in corridor 
  • SD exits building with P 
  • F charges and kills z who put VI out of fight
  • D charges and kills remaining z 

  • Turn 31     z - 1 sg - 4 
  • With 1st activation the gang exit building via main doors…..

Velma, drawn to the flickering monitor of the resuscitation computer, quickly scanned the room for dead-heads.  Reaching for the keyboard, the chainsaw forgotten for a change, Velma accessed that logical part of her brain once more. Tentatively tapping a few keys, then faster, more confidently and faster still until her fingers blurred across the board.  Occasional mutters of "I see" or "uh huh, logical" could be heard punctuated by the crash of combat out in the halls.

After a few minutes, she cried "by Jinkies, I have it!" Looking around to make sure no-one was around to hear her embarrassing regression back to the old, naive Velma, she grabbed the hard drive out of the computer and picking up her saw, she headed back for the others.  

Out in the hallway she was just in time to see Scooby-Doo rip out the throat of a zed as a pretty blonde girl was bundled to the floor by another zombie, while an Asian woman looked on in horror. Scoob let out a gut-wrenching howl of loss seeing the blonde fall that shook even V's battle hardened soul.  At that moment Fred and Daphne came around the corner and the big man drove the razor sharp blade of his katana through the back of the girl's assailant's head.  Velma watched as a somber Scooby-Doo gently take the clearly shaken female's hand in his jaws and walk her toward the exit.  Fred reached down and hefted the blonde over his broad shoulders before following the Great Dane.

"Come on Shaggy" the red head called out "I've just found what we needed" she added, showing him the hard drive before jogging for the main doors and out of the oppressive shadows of Jungville General.

That's all folks, I hope you enjoyed the inaugural AAR for my hospital project.  Please feel free to add comments both positive and negative.  I have a few of both for this game but i'd like to hear what you thought first.

Andy AKA dGG


  1. Great batrep again and I have to say that you hospital is just fantastic.... want to build my own ;)

    1. Thanks HW the hospital was loads of fun to build and I saved a ton of cash by scratch building most of it!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and it has been lovely to see the dynamics of the different levels come into play.

    1. Thank you, was fun to have that multi-dimensional aspect

  3. There was much that impressed me about your batrep, Andy, but I must mention how much I love your gaming set up in the first photo. The hospital fits in seamlessly with the rest. I'd love to join you for a game or ten over that board.
    As for the Scoobies, what a bunch of bad-ass zombie killers they turned out to be, with Velma being scarily lethal. It was good to see her almost reverting to normal at the end. All in all, a fantastic début for them and your hospital.

    1. Thank you Bryan, they were v badass, perhaps a bit too much! There were some moments when the zed tide was getting overwhelming but they managed to turn it, although Scooby being saved by his armour in the first engagement of the whole batrep was a bit bum squeaky!!

      You are v welcome to come game in the grotto anytime man, I'm in the most southeastern corner of the country, any further away from you and I'd be in France but still the offer stands! You could do a tour - Clint, Ray and a few other followers of your blog are down this way......

  4. Excellent conclusion to the hospital's first appearance! The scooby gang made out pretty well, they were quite the zombie slayers. The hospital looks grand, and you did an excellent job on it, like the rest of your table. Great job!

    1. Maybe a little too good at the zombie slaying! They chewed through quite a few of the dead heads and came out the other side......

      Thank you N667

  5. Fitting conclusion, with no pesky kids to ruin it. The gang performed well but the star of the show has to be the hospital itself.

    1. You're right Joe, they did well, but next time maybe get the clues to lead to a big Scooby-Doo finale and reveal!!

      Thanks for stopping by mate :-)

  6. A very impressive (if scarily bloody!) report. I do like the hospital; the gang killed their way through everything and came out with the data they needed as well!

    1. the hospital was fun, i was hoping to explore the upper areas too, but that will have to come with my next scenario idea.....