Monday, 8 February 2016

Showcase - Richard Gates

Hi all

My gaming buddy Rich has just started miniature photography and has asked me to show off some of his attempts.  I'm absolutely happy too as I think he's done a pucker job, plus i'm hoping he will contribute more of his work (and photograph mine too lol) to this blog. Now as much as the speed with which he paints minis drives me crazy from a gaming point of view, i think you'll agree it's definitely worth the wait as the below photos show, he is very good!

enjoy (i know i am)


  1. Those are nice photos indeed. I've never got to grips with a white background myself - it always reflects too much light and the miniature ends up too dark.

    Or is that a pale blue background? There's a touch of blue-ness on the right of each image.

  2. C6 I'll have to hand you over to Rich for comments on how he takes the pics. Hopefully he will comment on here.

    I'm not sure if it's clear in the text but the minis are all Rich's as well as the photos, I'm only involved in the showing of them.

  3. Thank you for the comments all. I have only recently started photographing my miniatures and still haven't quite mastered the lighting set up hence the blue tinge. I think it's just a case of trial and error. I would be happy to share my set up if anyone is interested. Painting and presenting has always been my main hobby interest much to Andys frustration. By the time he has finished an army I have usually painted about three figures and moved onto my next project. One day Andy I will finish something. In the mean time I hope you enjoy more pics including some I have taken for Andy which I am sure he will share with you soon. R

    1. Thanks Rich, next post mate! I've got some more I need you to snap too....

      Ps I like the new handle "nerd4life" lol

  4. Looks great! Perhaps try a different coloured background to white though I found it tends to wash out the miniatures detail a little.

  5. Splendid job, love the little dio!