Saturday, 21 October 2017

Zombtober 2017 - Part 4

Hi all

So we are into the last couple of weeks of Zombtober and despite my own fear that I would never accomplish the very challenging target of painting every single remaining zombie in da Grotto (a staggering 94 zeds!) I have managed to keep on track.  The painting has been sub-par by my own standard but not horribly so and I'm more than happy with the results so far.

This week has been more challenging than the others though and my output has consequently suffered because of that.  This week I've had an interview with my Trust for a paramedic post, which I had to prepare for (and still to date have not heard about....).  I also attended an awards ceremony on behalf of my mum, who was being recognised for donating some of her organs after she passed away in March.  As you can imagine both of these are attention diverting and important enough for me to put my brushes down... a little bit.  

That said, like most of us in this hobby, I find painting a distraction from RL and often use it as a way of relaxing when stresses come around, so there has been some output.  So what did I manage to get done?  Well first of all I finished 8 more Mantic's TWD zeds, this time they are all women and I think are full of character.

due to my poor photography and the terrible light I get da Grotto, you probably can't see the tartan pattern on the old ladies skirt or the pop sock that she is wearing or some of the other painting details, but I did spend a little more time painting these minis than the awful WGF males.

I also managed to paint up some minis that would seemlessly slip into my zombpoc encounter.  From Dish Dash games in support of their "Zombie Ragers" kickstarter which I backed last year is a four man tactical squad, that will represent anything from special forces to police SWAT to corporate security teams.  I deliberately did not paint insignia on these guys and in fact were so easy to paint as a consequence.

The details on the figs are excellent and at 28mm they fit into nearly all my games.  I wanted to get these done as they will feature shortly in some games of mine.

Lastly, of course is an updated "Oh Shito'meter" with the 8 zeds that I managed this week.  Next week is the final Zombtober offering and with only 15 more minis to go, I'm looking good to complete my challenge.

hope you enjoy

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Zombtober 2017 - Part 3

Hi all

So onto week 3 and I've managed to slog through the last of the rather soft and poorly sculpted "Male Zombies" from Wargames Factory.  On the plus side it is the last 16 of them!

As a palate cleanser I also finished off 8 Mega Miniatures Zombies and a single WGF "Vixens" zombie - I guess they upped their game when they sculpted the female zombies.

That's it for this week, all I have left is 1 WGF vixen, 7 Mega Miniatures and 15 Mantic TWD minis and that is it! With just two more weekends to go this leaves me firmly on track to finish my challenging Zombtober project.  To finish then, just a quick update on the "Oh Shit O'meter!"

"Not" Shaun and "Not" Ed on the extreme right of the picture!

hope you enjoy

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Zombtober 2017 - Part 2

Hi all

Still plugging away with my mega painting challenge.  This week I've managed to get another load painted! I'm actually quite shocked myself, although to be fair the painting is very basic indeed.  I tried to get a few of the very plain and boring "male zombies" from Wargames Factory completed but faded out after a while - the sculpts are just so soft.  Instead I turned back to the very characterful Mega Miniatures.

first are the six "First Responders. These unfortunates were dispatched to the initial outbreak and were caught in the first wave of violence.

next we have a couple of hippies,  two old duffers and a businessman

lastly we have an assortment of zeds including four kids in sports gear

so 18 of the Mega Miniatures completed, so I went back to the WGF and slogged through 12 of them...

so that's a total of 30 painted this week, added to the 16 from week 1 and I'm nearly halfway through my challenge!

Here they are on the updated "oh Shit o'meter" pics

hope you enjoy

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Zombtober 2017 - part 1

Hi all

Apologies for the absence and sadly it will probably continue throughout October, with only Zombtober posts being put up, this is due to my limited time as I prepare to become a fully qualified paramedic.

Anyway for my first Zombtober post I have done all of the prep-work for the miniatures that I intend to paint - all 94 of them!!  this included spraying the whole lot with Army Painter "Dunklegelb", a shade of paint used on WW2 German tanks, that I had left over from my Bolt Action army.

I then "dipped" the whole lot of them in a pot of homebrew "almost black/dark brown" wash.  

followed by a heavy drybrush with GW "Rotted Flesh" over all the skin areas

I then covered the bases in another homebrew paint - "textured black" before drybrushing the base with a light grey emulsion

having prepared the minis I then split them into more manageable batches of 8 and have just about managed to paint up 16 for my first post.  I painted all of the minis with a limited palette due to the large numbers that I need to batch paint.  All I have done is the base colours followed by another dip in the homebrew wash and then some Tamiya Clear Red to finish the blood.

I apologise for the overly bright flash as I took these pics late last night on my phone and don't have enough time to reshoot them.

firstly we have 8 of the Zombies by Mega Miniatures...

and finally some of the excellent Mantic "TWD" zombies

You can track the progress of the horde by looking at the "oh Shit o'meter" below. At the moment Ted and Sean are at level 1.....

hope you enjoy

Thursday, 21 September 2017

A break in your regular viewing

Hi all

As you know I'm quite a prolific blogger, for a long time I would post 3x a week and recently I cut that down to 2x weekly due to my uni commitments.  Well I've finished uni now (unless I top up my degree) but sadly I'm still going to have to take a break for the rest of the month.  This is due to real life stuff, but it is GOOD stuff.

Over the next few weeks I'll be on a course where I enter an EMT and emerge as a registered Paramedic! Yes next week I'll be on my "Transition to Practice" course, where I'll be going through the last few assessments before taking up a post as a paramedic in an Ambulance Service Trust in the UK.  That of course, is dependent on my degree results which will be moderated a couple of weeks later.  

Obviously none of this is of any concern to anybody here, but I would like to tell people the reason why it's so quiet in da Grotto until next month.  I will be putting out a single post on the other blog I write on "Veni, Vidi, Nerdi", which I'm busy writing up and is a report on our first 'Ancients' battle but other than that, there will be no more posts until the start of Zombtober.

Yes I have signed up for Zombtober, hopefully I should be able to knuckle down to serious zombie painting after my "TTP" and boy have I got an ambitious project in mind.  I will be 'bending' the rules of Zombtober a little and I hope Pulp Citizen forgives me for it, but in the end I think it will pay dividends.  I will still be posting every Sunday (and only Sunday) as required by the rules and all of my painting will be dedicated to zombies. However, my posts will mostly be WiPs rather than finished miniatures as I will be attempting to paint this lot by the end of the month....

Yes, there is every unpainted zombie I currently have in da Grotto - a whooping 94!  This should be very challenging indeed considering I will be working full time.  My ambition will be to have the whole lot painted and based to tabletop standard by Halloween.  Just to break it down for you that is 40 Zombies from Mega Miniatures - an American Company that I believe doesn't trade anymore.

31 Wargames Factory zombies, three females and the rest the rather disappointing males...

and 23 Mantic zombies from "The Walking Dead" game of which I have a few sets (I still haven't done anything with yet....).

All of the zeds have been primed and I'm ready to go, wish me luck

see you on the flip side