Friday, 23 June 2017

Homecoming - ATZ - an English Adventure part 5

Hi all

Time for the next installment of the ATZ - an English Adventure that I have created, you can find the earlier episodes here:

phew - looking at it I might need to create a page for all of these links!  Anyway to the next installment....

Andy "da Gobbo" Wosa has escaped the local hospital after rescuing his crew mate's partner who had been confined to an isolation suite.  Taking one of the abandoned ambulances from the loading bay he is heading home to find his family and get out of town.

What Gobbo didn't know, due to damaged communications, was that an explosion has ripped through the house at the end of his road (in sector 4) destroying the house and damaging the house next door. As a result a car was flipped over blocking the crossroads. The emergency services, already over stretched can only send a police patrol to evacuate the road and secure the area. Having worked overnight and at the end of their endurance, the police are short tempered, stressed and on edge, especially in light of some odd radio chatter about citizens out of control and attacking anyone and everyone.  Gobbo desperate to get to his family, needs to get passed the road blockage and find out what has happened to them.  The noise of the explosion has attracted some unwanted attention...

Andy pulls up just shy of the crossroads and starts in sector 8, he needs to get to his house which is the mid-terrace in sector 3, where he will learn the fate of his family.  The police will challenge Gobbo although due to the fact he's in uniform and due to the excellent working relationship the police and ambulance service have he can add +1 to his Rep when taking his "meet and greet".  There will be three PEFs that will be pre-loaded to reflect the sketchy neighbourhood that Gobbo's pittance NHS salary affords him i.e low income families and elderly folk.

roll a 2d6

(2-5)   d3 gang members - all rep 3 armed with improvised weapons (1 in six chance of a xbow)
(6-10) d2+1 zombies
(11)    d2 citizens (elderly - rep 2, slow, unarmed)
(12)    d2+1 citizens (improvised weapon)

They are in:

the top house in sector 1 - rep 6
the bottom house in sector 6 - rep 6
the back yard of the house in sector 6 - rep 6

yes all of the PEFs rolled 6s for rep!!

There are 5 zombies on the board when Andy comes on.

The coppers are 3 x rep 3 with a standard equipment layout and 1x sarge rep 4 again with a standard equipment layout.

Searching the buildings will use my custom search tables, if Andy searches his own house he must roll against his Rep - 2x successes he will find his family holed up in the front room. 1x success he must roll against his savvy - (2x successes he will find a hastily scribbled note, telling him that his family bugged out before the zeds hit, he will also find his replica "gladius" which counts as a machete, 1x success he just finds the note, 0x success and he finds nothing). If he has 0x successes against his Rep he will find the torn apart bodies of his family.......gulp.

The encounter will occur during the afternoon (using the time progression rules in the main rule-book) and is considered urban.  I'm just using one of my urban boards which is 24x24" so move is reduced by 2" and range is reduced by 2"

It is still DAY ONE

hope you enjoy

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

taking out the trash!

Hi all

When I was at Broadside the other week, I came across a stall with some really interesting resin pieces.  The trader - Debris of War, deals mainly online and obviously some trade shows, presumably in the south as he is based about 3 miles from my house!!

Anyway, you will be seeing some of his marvelous resin bases soon enough when I unleash my new Bushido faction on you all, but for now I painted up some of the modern pieces that I bought to decorate my Zompoc games including the next chapter of Gobbo's English ATZ adventure (coming soon).

Really simple to paint but full of character I took the urban debris set which comes with 5x wheelie bins, a sofa and 2x armchairs and loads of bin liners filled with rubbish!

on my zombpoc board

we all have know one of those families who has the sofa outside the house and a garden full of rubbish!
that's all for today though
hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

demonic portal

Hi all

Continuing on with the making of terrain for our upcoming D&D campaign and to supplement my collection I have built a demonic portal! This piece or something similar has been sitting in my brain for some time, inspired by Dave Stone's awesome "dragon emerging from well" pieces and other cracking terrain online.  It had got to the point where I was getting antsy about NOT building it and I couldn't concentrate on uni work etc so I busted out the blue foam and the video camera and spent  40 minutes or so, excluding drying time in between and knocked out this....

As has been the theme for this project, I recorded the build rather than take pics so if you want to see how it goes together then check out the link below.  

hope you enjoy

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Broadside 2017

Hi all

a quick post shoved in at the end of a busy day!  Today I've had a rare day off, squeezed in between working yesterday and uni tomorrow, i was desperate to get something gaming in, so I headed off to Broadside - a local show hosted by the Milton One Hundred Wargaming Club.  This was the second show I have gone to by these guys and I wasn't disappointed by either.  I'm not going to do a blow by blow of the day as it's not very exciting to read about and I haven't got the patience or energy left to do it.  needless to say the "bring and buy" stalls were very busy and where I spent my meager savings (certainly compared to Salute! which wiped me out pretty much).

Lootwise - there were no planned purchases as this was a bit of an impromptu visit as i had the time, so they are a bit eclectic but I don't regret any.  The giant greek archer -  I will use in some terrain building projects that are sitting in the back of my head and cost just 20p. Under that is a Rogue Trader Ogryn that I've always really liked and fits with a passing idea of doing some Old Hammer projects next year.  With that in mind I also bought 6 classic Eldar which I used to own and lost many moons ago.  I also got some Kroot Hounds for a Tau force that has been hovering at the edges of my painting table.  Lastly I bought some resin pieces from, what turned out to be a trader who lives in the next town over, running his business online - Debris of War.  From him I got some cracking bits, some urban debris including abandoned armchairs and a sofa, wheelie bins and rubbish bags - perfect for decking out some 7TV ideas and zombpoc games!  But by far my fave purchase was the resin bases he has made up - perfect for Bushido and soon to be the bases for my newest faction that I hope to start after i finish uni.

Highlights for me included chatting to Ray Roussel, Big Lee and Clint - three bloggers of some renown and thoroughly pleasant fellows, playing some fun and light demo games inc Infinity and a Jurassic Park style game and lastly I won the prize draw - a shanty towns set by Battle Systems! as an admirer of the terrain they produce, I'm thrilled to have won the prize.

my prize!
Lastly here are some pics of the tables for the eye candy lovers.  I thought the quality of the tables was excellent particularly for a local show.  I really liked the "not" Star Trek board made up of cheap Poundland "not" Lego toys and Tribbles! Winner of the best board was Big Lee and his magnificent African war board.

hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Hi all

managed to paint a miniature this week in between assignments.  When I made a recent purchase of some rather lovely miniatures for my daughter,s D&D campaign, I received an unexpected surprise in the form of a freebie.

Image result for drow elves
Sculpted by Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures fame and billed as "Barbaric Liralith, a dark elf chick with her pet spider", she has been painted up in pale flesh tones, brilliantly I'll add by Inge Jensen and Jay Berezowsky on the website and she looks fantastic.  However I decided to go a different way, I decided to rebrand her as Lilliath and paint her up as a Drow Elf! 

Drow Elves are the dark cousins of the surface elves in the "Forgotten Realms" body of work currently supported by the "Wizards of the Coast" who purchased the D&D franchise as well as many others.  Drow represent the dark, sinister side of the faerie race of elves and live deep under the surface of Toril in the lightless tunnels of the "Underdark".  Worshipping the Spider Queen - Lloth, they have a reverence for the 8 legged beasts and live under a fierce matriachal society where the females are often stronger, certainly more powerful and definitely more evil than the males.

Using the drow then as my muse, I painted her up in deep blue/black skin tones which aren't really evident in my photos.  I also painted her eyes red to reflect her being underground with her infravision, but for some reason I grassed the base?!? i guess some habits are hard to break.....

hope you enjoy

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Starter Set wars round 2

Hi all

Image result for bushido

just a very quick post today as I'm in the last throws of my uni degree, which is taking up more and more of my time.  Damon and I played another round of our Starter Set Wars for Bushido.  Some of you may remember that a few months ago we decided to set up a knock out tournament between ourselves only using the 36point starter sets for each faction.  We began with Savage Wave vs The Cult of Yurei (Savage wins), Temple of Ro-Kan vs Prefecture of Ryu (Temple wins) KKZ vs Silvermoon Trade Syndicate (KKZ wins) and Tengu Descension vs Jung Pirates (Tengu wins).

Second round is Savage Wave vs Temple of Ro-Kan and the recording of that match is below.

Image result for terminator 2next game will be KKZ vs Tengu coming after I finish uni in July.  With uni in mind my posts will probably drop off to maybe one a week, if that, until at least the middle of July as I gear up to the last of my exams etc. This also means I can't comment on all of the wonderful blogs I read as much as I would like so if I miss a post or two I do apologise in advance. Never fear I will be back.....

hope you enjoy

Monday, 29 May 2017

Annabella von Krikveld

Once again Gretchen plunged her hands into the scalding hot water, hardly feeling the heat through the thick skin of the callouses. Grabbing the coarse brush from the crude wooden bucket, she scrubbed at the concrete stairs that connected the servants quarters to the main house. Each brushstroke was accompanied by a curse as she worked the soapy water over the bare steps, those curses intensifying each time a liveried servant tramped across her clean floors.

She was sick to death of the drudgery of her life, every day the same. She would get up at sunrise to prepare breakfast for the master of the house and his family, great piles of succulent fruits, meats and bread only to see them leave most of it to be thrown away while their tenants starved in the cramped hovels that dotted the tiny fiefdom. She would then have to scrub the floors of the Manor House, starting in the main house and working her way through each floor, room by room, the endless monotony only broken by the serving of meals to the ungrateful aristocrats that languished on overstuffed furniture while complaining of “the lazy ineptitude of the peasant class”. Even that though was preferable to the unwelcome attention of the master’s son – Wilhelm. A belly that stretched the rich fabric of his fine clothes and a complexion that better suited a plague victim, combined with a body odour that defied the most expensive perfumes his father’s purse could purchase,  Wilhelm disgusted her on all levels. Worse though was his lascivious pursuit of Gretchen, a natural beauty with long, thick black hair that despite her low station she was always quite fastidious about keeping clean, combined with flawless olive skin that was only marred by the callouses caused by hard labour. Wilhelm would continually fondle her while she was working, to the amusement and indulgence of his doting parents. Indentured to the family because of her own father’s debt, she had no choice but to endure the humiliation on pain of death for her foolish but ultimately kindly pa.

The tinkling of a bell rang through the servants quarters summoning her to Wilhelm’s chambers as if her dark thoughts had caused the heir to call for her.  Why couldn't the odious youth be more like Stefan? She wondered, making her way as slowly as humanly possible. The enigmatic Count Stefan Von Kreikveld had arrived at the manor last night, just after supper. With his smouldering dark eyes and heart stoppingly handsome face he had caused quite a stir amongst the females of the house. Combined with his obvious intelligence and marked wit he had seduced the nobles in moments, they practically fell over each other to offer him a room for the night. He had even been polite to the servants, thanking them for the warm towels and washing water, tipping a wink to Gretchen as she poured some tea for him and causing her pulse to quicken in response. Pleasant thoughts of the erudite noble kept her steps light and before she knew it she was standing before Wilhelm’s chambers, where her heart sank with the awful finality of her lot in life. With a deep sigh she turned the handle.

“What can I get you milord” she began in a sullen, almost belligerent tone. “Will you be wanting more food….” She trailed off as she took in the scene before her. The bedroom was strewn with broken furniture as if an apocalyptic battle had taken place, glass vases and bottles lay shattered on the flagstones, a wooden chair smashed into kindling among the remains of a bedside table. The huge bed that dominated the room had its covers torn back to reveal Wilhelm’s bloodied corpse lying in the middle, his throat a crimson ruin. Gretchen stepped back toward the door her hand raised to her mouth to stop the scream that threatened to escape, shaking her head in denial at the scene.  Out of the corner of her eye she could see a blanket covered mound  by the wardrobe that appeared to be quivering. Before she could move another step Stefan emerged from a door opposite that led to a side chamber and strode purposefully toward her. Her legs went weak with relief at the sight of the powerful noble, hopeful that he would save her from the monster that had murdered her master. It was then she saw the thin trickle of blood that ran from the corner of his perfect mouth, with a sigh the room went dark as she fainted dead away...

Gretchen’s heard his voice first, gently whispering in her ear calling her name… no not her name, it was something else but it was too soft for her to make out the word properly. Mentally she took stock of her situation, she felt fine, great even with no pain at all – he hadn't hurt her then! Gently she opened her eyes as she felt him gently shaking her shoulders, his handsome face not six inches from her own with a concerned look marring his striking features. She rubbed her eyes to try to rid them of a strange film that seemed to turn her vision a shade of red, but it didn't help and she dropped her hands again.

“Welcome back, my darling” Stefan whispered seductively in his melodious voice.

Her throat was dry and a great thirst raged in her, causing her voice to crack as she tried to ask him the first of many questions. With a cough she tried again but her throat was just too dry and no words were forthcoming. The Count, seeing her discomfort rose from the bed on which she laid and moved toward the blanket covered mound she had spotted earlier, whipping it away and revealing the master and mistress of the house, bound by sturdy cords and gagged.  Seeing them helpless stirred her thirst even more and she felt a strange excitement building in her breast as Stefan reached out a hand to hold hers and assist her from the bed.

“Come my love, feast with me and join the dark aristocracy of the night. You are Gretchen no more, you are now Countess Annabella Von Krikveld and this world is yours….”

hope you enjoy