about da Gobbo

"I've been away from the life of a tabletop wargamer and fantasy roleplay enthusiast for about 5 years now after nearly 15 years of constant warfare and strife, commanding nearly all the fantasy armies from the GW range at one point (except the greenskins themselves rather ironically).  In that time I have played nearly every single game system that GW ever released from BloodBowl to Chainsaw Warrior to Dark Future right up to Warhammer 40k, WFRP and the very first game I ever played (and which hooked me straight away!) Warhammer Fantasy Battle - still my favourite...

Well that break is over now and once again my poor beautiful and long suffering wife has to wear the traditional mourning garb of the Warhammer Widow (notably a scowl...)"

Well it's been a while since I wrote the above statement, I guess much has changed over the last few years.  GW has taken a bit of a back seat as the company has moved in one direction and my gaming needs have gone another. I still love the games, although I don't play them often but thanks to blogging my gaming horizons have been expanded to other areas.  This blog explores my ever expanding interest in other genres and formats.

Just as an aside, this blog is totally independent of any gaming company and represents my own interests and views on the hobby as a whole. It is not an official or authorised product of af any current or past gaming company.