Saturday, 12 December 2015

Impounded part 2

Groaning loudly as they tried to get at the humans, the zeds closed in on the family sheltering behind the copse of scrubby bushes in the lee of mount Jung. Two of the zombs headed toward Billy-Ray, the towering exUSMC father of Bobby-Joe (or Jr to the rest of the family). With a feral glint in his eye Jr's pa hefted his X bow and slammed it hard into the solar plexus of the first zed throwing it backwards several feet before it came crashing to the ground, it's neck twisted at an unnatural angle due to the impact.  The momentum of the strike carried Billy-Ray further forward and barrelling into the second zombie and it fell over in a heap before he ended it with a hard thrust of the Buck knife he had pulled. Ma lashed out at the infected that was trying to close in on the twins, tripping the creature with the curve of her bow and stamping hard on the face of the zombie over and over until it stopped moving.  His formidable parents gathered up the twins and started to retreat down the road covering the street with their bows.
the parents deal with the undead
In the distance Jr could hear the sounds of a siren as a police cruiser tried to close in on the sound of gunfire, however it did not seem to be getting any nearer until the sound stopped suddenly and did not restart again.

*Detective Vincent Morolo cursed as Officer Dale slammed on the brakes of the cruiser.  The big car skidded to a halt as the vulcanised rubber finally caught, narrowly missing the rear end of a military pick up sitting in the middle of the junction. Morolo cursed again when his forehead bounced off the dash of the vehicle causing his shades to slip of his nose and hang askew. "Watch where you're going Dale, you ass!"  He added, before getting out of the cruiser. 
the police turn up but have to abandon the car
Drawing his service weapon he scanned the area, seeing infected citizens crawling out of the goddamned woodwork at the sound of the big Diesel engine. Looking back in the vehicle he was in time to see Dale grab the scatter gun from its rack, working the slide of the pump gun and loading a shell into the breach.  "Let's move on out Dale, the shots came from over there" Morolo said gesturing at mount Jung with his beretta.  "Keep your eyes open officer!" He added as he started off.
noisy diesel engine draws some dead heads
Neither policeman noticed as a pair of zombies crawled out from behind the hedgerow of a nearby house and stumbled toward them.  The first Morolo knew of their presence was when the first zed clamped onto Dale's neck with its teeth and ripped a huge chunk of flesh away in a spray of arterial blood.  "For f*cks sake!" he srceamed as the second jumped on top of the jerking Dale's body and started digging into his stomach with it's bare hands.  A dark stain spread across the front of his suit pants as he turned and ran, leaving Dale writhing on the floor.
Dale falls to the ambush
Morolo turns tail and flees
Jr kept looking down the street hoping for the flashing lights and strident siren sounds of a police cruiser, but as the seconds ticked by the silence deepened until a visceral scream split the air.  Tears flowed unchecked down his face as he realised the help was no longer coming and that it had fallen foul of the undead.  The day seemed that bit darker, more foreboding as his young mind tried to grasp what that meant.

PEF resolved as ER rising to 4

The parents were backing down the road with the twins just behind them, Jr could see in the distance a group of zeds heading toward them and raised his rifle. Just then he heard a scream from behind him, spinning around he could see Bonnie-May pointing at a trio of zombies emerging from the tunnel mouth of mount Jungville.  As he raised his .22 to his shoulder he could see the girls running and hiding behind a nearby car (special rule - they cannot be more than 4" from parent) taking a quick snap shot and missing, he yelled out to his pa to warn them just as another zed stumbled out of the tunnel and headed toward them.

From the corner of his eye he could see his ma take out a zed with her bow before two more crashed into her and pa. Backing away from the newly emerged zeds and working the bolt action of his rifle Jr was torn as to what to do, clearly his parents had their hands full but he didn't feel like he could take on three adult zombs. "Calm down boy, take a breath" he muttered to himself, drawing in a shaky breath and then another.  Lifting the rifle, he aimed down the iron sights at the lead zombie and squeezed the trigger.  The small slug slammed back the head of the zombie as the bullet tore through it's cheek and nestled in it's brain. 

Two of the other zeds crashed into the back of his parents as they were fighting off the first pair, while a zombie wearing a construction hat headed straight toward Jr.  Sweat poured down his face as he struggled to load another round into the chamber with the zed bearing down on him.  Closer and closer it came, breaking into a shambling run before Jr felt the reassuring click as the round slid home. Just in time he lifted the end of the barrel up and pulled the trigger firing pretty much from the hip and catching the zed up under the chin and lifting it backward and away. 

the fighting gets furious
Looking over at his parents he saw his pa slash through the forehead of the zombie in front of him with his buck knife before slamming his elbow into the jaw of the zed that was trying to grab hold of him from behind.  Ma had already put down her opponent but was just fending off the snapping teeth of the dead-head that had jumped her.  Jr's dad grabbed hold of the spikey hair of the teenaged zombie lifting it up and away with one hand before nigh on decapitating it with his knife.  Casually he stomped down on the throat of the zed he had put down, finally putting it out of it's miserable existence.

"right kids, let's go" ma called, collecting the twins as she jogged down the back of the impound lot.  Jr followed on, trailed by his pa as he kept an eye on the large group of zombs gathering at the junction.  Reaching the corner, ma started cutting her way through the fence with some bolt cutters brought along for this very moment.  Pa started shooting bolts down the street trying to thin the number of the infected, Jr and Gracey-Lyn added the weight of their own firearms with very little success.  Quick as a flash ma had cut a hole and was worming her way through the gap followed closely by Bonnie-May, Gracie went next leaving Pa to cover their backs.

quickly, get in!
Groans from ahead indicated the arrival of three more infected on the outside of the fence.  Jr watched his dad roll his shoulders and draw the massive knife again in preperation, turning to Jr he flipped him a wink and dropped into his fighting crouch ready to sell his life dearly.


  1. Good stuff, Andy. The family are doing well so far with both parents really stepping up to the mark. I hope their good luck holds out but in zombie gaming that's never guaranteed.

  2. Great stuff dude! It's all going well so far..... let's hope it continues.

  3. A munched on copper but yes so far so good :)

  4. Excellent report. I thought ma n pa were in for it then!!!

  5. Great story so far! Glad that the folks have managed to get a handle on things. Hopefully Pa doesn't have to make a final stand...

  6. The family are handling nicely at the moment, but will they continue to do so ? We're here, watching and waiting...

  7. Well, dang! Those policemen didn't last long at all - I thought they might be more assistance to the family than that. Mind you, the family seem to be weathering the storm all by themselves...

  8. I was hoping they woul be more help, but that engine noise killed them off!