Thursday, 10 December 2015

Impounded part 1

Bobby-Joe Simpson, Junior to the rest of the Simpson clan moved quietly forward following the curve of the rail line.  Nervously he tinkered with the crude iron sights of his trusty .22 bolt action while trying to look absolutely everywhere all at once. In the trailer he had been ballsy about trying for the car, sick of the arguing between his parents, he had goaded them into a raid on the police impound lot to liberate it.  Out here on the street with the infected citizens of Jungville attacking anything remotely alive, that gung-ho attitude had begun to falter to be slowly replaced by trepidation.

The sight of his burly, hard as nails, ex USMC father confidently striding alongside him with a big wolfish grin across his face reassured him somewhat and he relaxed a little.  Stalking on the balls of her feet as she glided along like a beautiful panther, with purpose, menace and without a sound, Jr's mom exuded an aura of grim determination and this helped jr even more to believe that his family could prevail over anything.  Behind his formidable parents, came his baby sisters.  Normally the bane of his young life, the twins would follow him everywhere, trying to get him to join in with the pranks they pulled on the neighbours, teachers and local police officers.  Both of them cradled massive weapons that seemed even bigger when held in their pre-teen hands. Gracey-Lyn was muttering to her sister in low tones about the SMG she was carrying, from what he could make out it sounded like she had put the wrong mags in her pinafore dress and was concerned that she would run out of ammo real quick.

random event - wrong reloads

Suddenly his dad's demeanour changed as he spotted his first zombie, one minute he was almost swaggering down the railway track, the next, in a fluid motion he had brought up the crossbow that had been dangling loosely in his hand and let fly a steel bolt. The missle sped across the yard in the blink of an eye to sprout from the forehead of a zombie, clearly a patient of Jungville General.  The two zeds accompanying him, dressed in a nurses smock were already in a stumbling run directly at them.  How had he missed seeing them! Jr saw Ma lift her bow and let loose a shaft but she did not have time for a full draw and the arrow merely stuck in the side of the zombie's neck. Before Jr could think to lift his rifle the dead-heads were amongst them and grappling with his parents.  Pa used the recurve of his xbow to force nursey zed backwards a step before dashing her brains out with the stock. Jr had just processsed this information when his Ma tripped the other ex-nurse to the floor and grabbed hold of the arrow in it's neck, thrusting it up into its brain through its chin.

Ma initially missed the shot against a charging opponant, Knocked them down in melee and then in the next turn, activated first and popped the weasel.

the whole family in action
"Holy shit!" he shouted, earning a black look from his mom. "That was insane!" Jr seemed to be having a hard time hearing over the ringing in his ears from the adrenalnie rush.  The twins were wrapping themselves around their daddy's legs, their eyes huge with fear. 

"Come on kids, we'll go around the back." Ma said trying unsuccessfully to peel Gracey-Lyn from her husbands leg.  Finally succeeding and with his parents leading the way they ducked behind the platform and headed toward the Jungville tunnel, hoping to cut across the wasteground and make their way to the rear of the impound lot. 

Jr jogged around the corner ahead of the others, his rifle across his chest ready for action.  He could hear his family behind him as he turned the end of the wall, the huge entrance to the tunnel loomed in the middle distance with the massive satellite dish of the local TV station perched on top.  Closer though was a pair of zeds, not 20 feet from him! Without thinking he lifted his rifle to his shoulder, the sharp crack of the .22 making him jump as the round sped wildly away.  That crack was drowned out by the long stutter of Gracey-Lyn's smg as she depressed the trigger in a drawn out burst.  The cacophony of sound split the air like thunder and caused the still standing zombies to turn and face the kids, fixing them in place with their dead eyes.  Jr gulped as they started to lumber toward him, hurridly he worked the bolt action of the rifle trying desperately to drop another round into the breech, when the lead zed dropped to the ground soundlessly a long arrow protruding from his face.  The other zombie similarly sprouted a bolt from it's cheek before it sank into the brain and collapsed the z to the ground next to its companion.

the two kids rip the air with gunfire only to miss wildly

this was my fault, i was trying to 'blood' the kids as there were only two zeds and i wanted them to start working their way toward survivor status - mistake!

Pa, looking furious smacked Jr upside his head as he stalked by directing them to move behind the copse ahead as more zombies came in closer to investigate the gunfire.  A snapshot from his xbow missed as he took up a position at the end of the scrub between the kids and the zeds, his Ma taking up a similar stance on the other side.  Ma drew back her bow as three of the infected shambled closer, missing her shot by a gnat's fine hairs.  The zeds picked up speed as they spied the humans behind the bushes, baring their gore soaked teeth in a skeletal rictus that froze Jr to the marrow.

The parental unit miss their shots - gulp!


  1. Good stuff - but I had just got excited about it when you finished. What a tease!

  2. Nice cliffhanger, Andy! I hope to see part 2 real soon.

  3. Ahh, the famous 'get someone experience' trap. I fall for this myself repeatedly. Hopefully the family can pull their bacon out of the fryer!

  4. Thanks chaps, yes glad it's not just me then! Not all that clever should have let the experienced adults with their silent weapons just remove might have saved them some hassle

  5. Damn you, I was just getting into that and you finished it; well I for one will be waiting in anticipation of the next episode!
    Great write up, but I would like some idea of the overall game-board (not a criticism, merely personal preferene!).

    1. sorry Joe, will see if i can find a shot of the whole board for you as i have moved it around ready for the next episode, definitely something to remember for next time. just finishing the write up for the next part of the encounter

    2. the first pic on my post "Ready to go" has a pic of the board, sorry man best i can do. will deffo do it next time