Saturday, 19 December 2015

impounded finale

Bobby-Joe Simpson watched as his father rolled his shoulders and dropped into his fighting stance, the massive buck knife held loosely in his right hand.  Low groans from the throats of many and more zombies were gathering at the fence at the back of the impound lot that his family had come to, to 'liberate' the family's SUV.  The hole in the fence that they had snipped would only allow one or two monsters through at a time, but there were an awful lot of the dead-heads gathering, with the bestial moans indicating the arrival of more and more all the time.
the horder draws closer
His mom, the beautiful but deadly Mary-Lou was standing alongside her husband, her bow raised as she shot a long arrow at one of the zeds, dropping it to the street. His sisters, the terrible twins were standing behind pa, looking out into the yard trying to locate the vehicle.  Lifting his rifle to his shoulder he took a potshot at the mass of undead flesh in front of him causing one of them to fall to the floor.  With a little fist pump he started to reload the .22 keeping an eye out for any lurkers in the shadows that were gathering.

With a cry Gracey-Lyn, started forward as she spotted the black SUV over the other side of the yard, not straying too far from her father's side but pointing the car out to her mom. A loud crack from Bonnie-Mae's .357 drew Jr's attention back to the fight behind the fence in time to see the back of a zed's head blown out.  Billy-Ray had a massive hand wrapped around the scrawny neck of an elderly zombie while driving the broad blade of his knife through the open mouth of a fat dead 'un in her nightdress. Ma and Gracey had ghosted into the yard leaving Jr trying to look everywhere at once, a movement from the lee of the outbuilding drew his attention as a zombie detached itself from the inky shadows and started toward the sound of his sister's gunfire.  Grimacing at the sight of the undead creature he aimed his trusty .22 and set the stock firmly into his shoulder, a quick squeeze of the trigger and the zed fell to the ground, it's black blood dripping from the small hole in it's forehead.
His mom's voice could be heard over the heaving mass of zombie flesh and the grunts of his pa as he slashed another zed from groin to chin.  Looking over the way, he could see his mom had stopped on her way to the car to talk to a young, athletic looking woman on the other side of the fence with a pump action shotgun casually resting on her shoulder.  The way she was seemingly ignoring a trio of dead folk that were shambling toward her spoke of her confidence.  She seemed amiable enough and her and Mary-Lou were happy to exchange some pleasantries, before the girl who introduced herself as JJ levelled the big scatter gun at the trio of zeds and started blasting away, two of the foul creatures falling. 

JJ unleashes hell on the undead
"Sorry i can't join you" she threw over her shoulder as more of the undead started to gather at the sound of the boomstick, "but i got to meet my friends and then we can bounce." Ramming more shells into the breech of the gun she quickly pumped and pointed, unleashing more fury on the dead.

boomstick baby!
with a shrug his mom pressed on toward the car, trailed by Gracey-Lyn.  Bonnie-May and his pa were thinning the numbers by the fence. Unlocking the car from the spare fob, Mary -Lou piled into the vehicle and got it started.  Hearing the sound of the big diesel engine of the SUV, pa turned to see what was happening, with the impaled body of a zed still on the blade of his buck and missed the small, child zombie that ducked passed him to pile into Jr. The first Jr knew of the attack was when the zombie jumped onto his back and started trying to chew into his neck.

sorry the photo for this bit did not come out *hangs his head in shame*

Jr screamed as he felt the teeth of the child zed catch on the straps of his backpack a bare inch from his jugular. The weight of the creature forcing him to his knees and knocking the wind from him, Jr tried desperately to keep the zed from biting him.  With a bang he felt his head bounce of the hard packed dirt off the impound yard and his vision swam as he tried to remain conscious. The child's face filled his whole world and Jr prayed that the end would be quick.  Just as the jaws descended, a heavy work boot crashed into the side of it's face, kicking the zombie off of Jr.  That blow was followed by a quick swipe of the big knife that took it's head from it's shoulders.  Billy-Ray's jovial face replaced that of the zed as he reached down a huge hand and lifted Jr from the ground and cradled him in his arms like he had when Jr was a baby.  Breaking into a loping run, with Bonnie-May running behind him like a hunting hound they dashed for the car to the sound of JJ's shotgun mincing the faces of the remaining zombies that were threatening the family. 

JJ pulps more zeds
Ma was behind the wheel and rammed her foot to the floor when the whole family were onboard, causing a huge spray of dirt to fantail over the broken remains of the undead strewn across the yard. JJ threw a salute to family as the car leapt forward and sped through the open front gate smashing through a trio of zeds milling around the property.  Jr could feel his father's hands expertly checking him for wounds, the TV had said that the bites of the infected could spread the contagion.  Satisfied that there were none, he grunted to no-one in particular. "Well good god-damn if that weren't one whole barrell of fun!"

the family make their escape

with that the family escape off the board, Jr's "Harry, are you okay?" roll was passed after his knock down in melee, which had my heart in my mouth.  I like to make things difficult for myself, so had ruled that if Pa drew in combat their was a chance a zed could slip by him and attack another member of the group as long as their base is touching (or nearly!) Nearly curtains for the boy as he is a rep 3 citizen and armed only with the rifle and he got bowled over by the zed, fortunately Pa dispatched his opponent and was able to rescue the young pup.


  1. Yikes, but that sounded close. Surely the family won't all survive for long at this rate?

    1. Statistically unlikely C6 unless they start to increase rep which hasn't happened yet....

  2. My word that was close! Fabulous report and the family live to fight another day - what's not to like?

  3. That could have gone either way. But the family's good fortune continues. It was a shame they couldn't recruit JJ.

    1. Absolutely Bryan, but fortune is fickle....

  4. Great looking terrain, and game. I still haven't played ATZ. I was going to do it in 20mm. I need to paint my Elheim figures during this years challenge. I'll put you in the feed reader. Good stuff.

  5. Welcome Sean, ATZ is a cracker well worth a go at any scale! Good luck with the challenge, my painting is not up to task for the comp but never mind.