Friday, 2 February 2018

PAW 2018!!

Hi guys

A very quick post today, just to let you know that this weekend is the Plymouth Association of Wargamers, convention.  PAW 2018 is a two day event held at the YMCA Sports Centre in Plymouth and will host a variety of traders, participation and demo games. I was very kindly invited to attend by one of the organisers, who asked me to put on a game using my homemade terrain and I was only to happy to oblige, despite a very daunting 7 hour drive!! 

As my regular readers will know I've been beavering away over the last 6 months to produce a scratch-built urban sprawl for a zombie apocalypse participation game and I'm really excited to be able to game the zombpoc with the folks of the South West at PAW 2018. I really hope to see some of you there!

On another note, my mojo has been at a bit of a low ebb over the last few weeks.  well today I received my KS pledge for "Street Wars" by Funky Skull Games and let me tell you its a bloody cracker!! I will do proper posts on the beautiful contents of my pledge at a later date when I can get at the groovy miniatures but I'm really looking forward to "boppin" my way through NYC 70's style!

hope you enjoy


  1. I hope you have really great time running your game, Andrew. It certainly looks excellent from what we can see on the blog photos ... Battleground Show at Stockton-on-Tees is probably only a five hours journey for you [hint. hint.] lol

    Scooby Doo and co. look great as well.

    Have a safe and great weekend!

  2. You're going to knock em dead with your board and game, good luck with the weekend, I don't envy you the drive. Do you go to Hammerhead?

  3. Good luck with your game (needless to say I'll not be attending) and I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to your reports of the day.

  4. Best of luck, Andy. I'm sure you'll wow many people with your gaming board. I wish I could attend but with real life issues to take care of that's not going to happen.

  5. I'm sure you will put on a great looking game. I wish I was close enough to check it out. Have fun with the new toys, they do look neat.

  6. Awesome have fun today. I have seen the pics on Facebook already! I think my SW has arrived as well but i must of got it posted to my Mum's so picking it up the weekend me thinks!

  7. got back late last night, so will post about the day on Wednesday. Thanks for the support guys it means a lot to me

  8. That board looks amazing! If by any chance you brought such a game to one of the big Scottish shows then I'd be first in line to play :-) .