Thursday, 15 February 2018


Bobby rocked back on his heels, his head spinning. He had, thanks to his prodigious luck avoided all the MPs who patrolled the FOB. He had even found himself a little hidey hole right next to the command module and out of sight of the rest of the camp. Even luckier he had discovered a little gap in the welds of the structure that seemed to funnel sound straight out to him and his waiting microphone.   

Despite Bobby's rather dim nature he was, in addition to being exceptionally lucky, a bit of a technology savant with the uncanny ability to work tech despite very little formal training.  For the last few days he had been working on the problem of communications and his inability to get hold of April Nillson, the reporter that he was working for.  Bobby knew that she would love the footage that he had gathered so far and he wanted desperately to please his boss.  However, a chance breeze last night had caught a pile of papers that were on the corner of a desk near to Bobby's spyhole and dropped a couple of pages to the floor. Unbelievably, one of the pages had jammed into the slender crack allowing the cameraman to pull it through to his hidey hole...  

Bobby knew it was now or never, he needed to test the crypkey that he presumed was today's code.  The paper had been very useful in providing exactly what he needed at the right time and Bobby was trusting to his luck.  He knew April had a radio handset in the huge handbag that she dragged around with her for work, the twin of which he had in his hand.  Withdrawing to a safe distance, Bobby turned the civitech on and entered the code-ware into the handset, fingers crossed it would marry up with April's and allow them to talk.  With a faint crackle, the radio transmitted the release code to the other unit* 

"April, April are you receiving me? Over" 

Bobby crouched, nervously glancing around him acutely aware that he was in real danger.  He'd never really realised the precarious position he'd found himself in, surrounded as it were by soldiers who would look very unkindly at what he was about to do. 

"Come on April, I really hope you have this thing on..." 

Another burst of static and then a very faint voice came over the speaker, gaining volume with each second. 

"...bby, Bobby? is that you?" 
A big grin spread across the cameraman's face and he let go of the breath he hadn't realised he was holding.  Depressing the press-to-talk button he began to tell his story, he just hoped it was in time to save an innocent paramedic's life... 

*authors note - yes I know this is stretching things a bit far, it is after all fiction....


  1. Oh boy, another great piece Andy!

    *readers note - yes, but it 'fits' the style and pace of the storyline, so makes for a cracking piece of fiction :-)

  2. Enjoyable fiction, so stretch away! :)

  3. Oh no - no not this piece of writing, it's as taut as the rest, oh no - is, I've been to the start of the story and it looks like I'm going to be gone for a few days reading it. :-)

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  5. Great work Andy, and setting up all the stories that are currently separate but have a feeling there is a great conjunction looming

  6. Blimey Andy, you're an industrius little beaver, ain't ya? I kept meaning to post a vomment and when I come back, there's yet another instalment. Suffice to say, really enjoying the progression of the story, so you keep writing and I'll kerp reading.

  7. Another corker of a story thanks for the snippet!

  8. First off this is cracking stuff you've got going on here really gripping, I've only just come all & started with Anna which seemed the likely place to start but got the feeling that it wasn't so & having read John's comment above now know that the start is some place else am I too to be lost for days : )

    1. Hi Frank, thanks for commenting. The whole campaign has its own page with all the links in one place.

  9. I do hope all theses stories are going to come together in one climactic scenario (or two)

  10. Sorr6 for more lack o& individual replies which is not like me at all.
    I do appreciate all your comments and usual service will resume after tomorrow’s post!