Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Simpsons... *cue iconic theme tune*

Meet the Simpsons, my family of survivors from Zomtober. This is the last Zomtober post so although I haven't painted these fresh this week I thought I would share what I have come up with for them. In order to use them in a game I felt some special rules were in order to represent family bonds and children in the zpocalypse.  But first introductions are in order.

Ma Simpson (Mary-Lou) the matriarch of the family, lioness and all round star! She's rep 4 armed with a compound bow and SMG, this mother is all about protecting her cubs. She is also a medic and has a wiff of the Britney Spears about her (white trash

Pa Simpson (Billy-Ray) husband to Mary-Lou, loves his beer, brawling and 'bow.  A rep 4 co star armed with X bow and machete he loves a good fight. He has the attributes brawler and hard as nails.

Next up is teenager Bobby-Joe, eldest of the young'uns he is a bit of a wild loner. Rep 3 and armed with his trusty .22, he has the initiative attribute.

Lastly we have the twins, pre-teen girls who were the terror of the teachers at Jungville Middle School. Gracey-Lyn oldest by 2 minutes (and don't you forget it!) blagged her pa's SMG and Bonnie-May who snagged her momma' favourite .357! Bonnie-May also totes her favourite prank weapon; firecrackers (6" range, no impact but makes noise 6d6 after a turns delay)

Ok so these are family specific rules but I thought they reflected some realism well.

Rule one - The family that slays together stays together!
The family never need to test at the end of an encounter for keeping it together, they automatically pass.

Rule two - protect the Cubs!
The adults will never runaway while the children are still on the table, they will always stay and fight!

Rule three - you stay close now, ya hear?
The children must stay within 4" of an adult at all times, if for whatever reason they become separated more than 4" apart the child will immediately stop moving and must remain stationary until an adult moves to within 4" (the exception to this rule is my teenager model as he is just old enough and has the initiative attribute, I see him as a loner!) They can still shoot weapons and fight in melee but cannot move away from danger as they are rooted to the spot.

Rule four - growing pains
When testing for rep increases the child can only increase on the roll of a natural 6 followed by another 6. This may seem harsh and I know kids learn quick but rep is also about demeanour, skill at arms, muscle power etc.

Rule five - a parents grief
If one (or more!) of the children die then each remaining adult must test immediately by rolling a d6. On 1-3 the parent becomes filled with rage and will 'kill' any zed on the table before ending the encounter, they will gain the rage attribute from here on out. On a 4-6 they will become overcome with grief and will become inactive until they roll a 1-3 in following activations and then they become enraged as above. Note when inactive they can do nothing at all including defend themselves!


  1. Firstly great painting on those minis, GG - not sure why I missed your earlier post of them. They look excellent. And that's a terrific bit of backstory you've given them with your home rules; something I thoroughly enjoy whenever Vampifan posts. Such fluff really helps brings the minis to life (so to speak). Will we see them in a BatRep sometime soon?

  2. Yes BK definitely, I was worried that my style of batrep wasn't hitting the right notes but after some positive feedback and some suggestions I'm going to be pressing on with them. The Simpsons will feature in their own batreps and some crossovers with my other group, just as soon as I get them played and written up!

  3. I like them, Andy, and I'm glad you're going to feature them in your campaign. All of your house rules for them are very sensible. Here's hoping they kill loads of zombies without suffering any casualties.

    1. Thanks Bryan, coming from the master of ATZ that means a lot!

  4. Very good background for the family. The rules for the group make a lot of sense and should make for a good time on the tabletop! Can't wait to see a batrep from the family...

  5. Thanks N667, i should be able to get some gaming/writing done in a week or two

  6. Very nice dGG, cool backgrounds too dude! Really looking forward to seeing these guys in action.

  7. Good to see the family coming to life and your imposed rules make a lot of sense for such a tight-knit family group and will give interesting storylines.

  8. I started gaming them and it definitely is interesting tactically that's for sure....

  9. What a great looking set of survivors and love there background as well.