Saturday, 7 December 2019

Throw-throw, catch-catch!!

Hi all

***edit*** in my haste to post, I put out the last in this series of BB posts first and forgot this one.  Looks like a double post this week you lucky people!!***

This week I look at the first two positionals for the Gnash-Gnaw. 

First up are the throwers.  I have 2 (naturally) but only take one in my first 11.  So number 1 is Krik,  this all-star rat boy originally ran with the bad rats at the lowest level of "the Pit". Spotted by the overlords of that Hellish place when he kept his nerve, not spraying the musk of fear, when facing down a squad of Storm Vermin and flinging a pilfered bag of warptokens at a waiting runt in a nearby tunnel with pinpoint accuracy.  Since then his calming presence helps steer the Gnash-Gnaw to victory.

Number 13 is yet to appear on the TableTop for me, although he has made it into my online version of the Gnash-Gnaw (when I play BB2) and therefore has finally been given a name - Likad Venom. Venom is happily warming the benches most times, its safe and warm but when he does manage to get some field time, he's known for his "dump off" skills - a quick pass just before being sacked.  This cool headed ability allows the team to keep the ball even as he gets taken out.

Onto the sneakiest of the sneaky - the Gutter Runners. The Skaven don't have catchers as such, but they do have these guys. Super agile, fast and armed with the dodge skill, they are able to get themselves into and out of tricky situations and into scoring positions.  These guys are literally the fastest players in the entire game and have pulled my fat out of the fire on many an occasion. I started with two with the option to take two more as and when I can afford them.  Not much is known about the mysterious runners, closeted away in the Eshin quarter of Hells Pit when not playing but Nurgjit is my star player online and on the TT, racking up the SPP

so that's my throw/catching contingent, next up is the heavy hitters.
hope you enjoy


  1. Gotta love a Gutter Runner, quick when standard, and with upgrades capable of a 1 turn touchdown, throwers can really make the skaven team hard to beat, and the mutation big hand means you can always pick up on a 2

  2. Lovely, really great to see these Andy.

  3. Cool looking team. I have never tried Blood bowl. Best of luck with them.

  4. Those are looking the business. The green, blue, red colour scheme works a treat.

    I'm just getting back to playing BB, though now just play solo. The board was always the most off-putting thing for me, so I've taken to playing Street Ball which uses a much narrower playing area and only seven players on the pitch.


    1. thanks Roy. I know BB "7s" is a thing as well, smaller pitch and fewer skills etc. It has quite a big following too

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