Wednesday, 6 June 2018

volunteers wanted!

Hi all

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yeah I'm looking for some volunteers to playtest my game "Blood, Sweat & Horses". I need those of you who have a mixed gaming group with board game and war game enthusiasts alike to give it a go and feedback to me their thoughts/feelings on the game.

Let me firstly reassure you that I have tried to put my ego to one side regarding the game i.e. I'm not going to get angry or frustrated by negative comments - although would like them to be constructive as well.  So if someone doesn't like an aspect or rule of the game or indeed the whole game, I would like to know why and how they would change it. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome and where possible will be incorporated into the design - the whole game has changed in so many ways due to the play testing of my own group!

Anyway, for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I've been designing and building a Romanesque chariot themed board game for the last few months. See this post for more details here.

Historically accurate it is not, but I hope it captures the theme and your imaginations.  The game play is designed for 3-6 players at 14 years+.  I've tested it down to 4 players but it is more fun at 6! At some point I'll be trying it with just 2. 

I've tried to get it to the point where it can just be printed out, including the track and cards.  So don't worry about having to do much more than a bit of arts and crafts. The board can be printed out in A3 or A2. Don't worry about your home printers because the A2 version can be printed out in 6x A4 pieces, I mounted mine onto some blue foam for rigidity but corrugated card would be just as good. The board can be printed greyscale so don't be worried about it being too costly.  Tokens-wise, I use small mdf bases to use on the priority tracker and either cubes or really small mdf bases for speed and damage markers. For chariots I use 10mm scale minis from Irregular Miniatures, but you can use anything you want including the images I've included in the pdf which can be made into cardboard standees.

I will be attempting to put together a "How to Play" video to help with rules interpretation, but I'm obviously available for questions at surprising times of the day due to my shift pattern.

So if you are interested please just email at

da gobbos grotto (at) googlemail (dot) com

just remove the spaces and place the correct symbol in the right bits....

I would like all feedback returned as soon as possible as this project is gathering pace, so please get in touch, especially if you are able to get a game in or two within the next month or two.



  1. Hope you find the playtester's you need Andy, it was one of the hardest things I found with releasing a game. Lots of offers very little feedback

    1. hopefully I'll get a couple of brave folks step forward

  2. You have really made a lot of progress, it looks superb. Best of luck with the play testing.

  3. I've tried e-mailing you, but to no avail.
    I'm interested, try emailing me please.
    Me email can be found on my profile page of my blog

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers Greg, an email will be forthcoming

  5. IK would suggest our club BUT we have a tendency to play a game just once!
    However we can chat on Sunday at the show and see if there is much we can help with.

    1. You’ll be able to see it in its glory on Sunday mateas im now demoing it...

  6. Normally I'd be all over this, Andy, but as I'm desperately trying to get enough time together to play a game and get it typed up and posted, I regret that I'm unable to help on this occasion. Literally just a timing thing. Serms like you've got enough takers to provide valuable feedback though, so the very best of luck for this project.

    1. No worries buddy, we’re all busy no explanation needed

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    1. Does that mean you want to give it a go Simon?