Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Kurnus's Pride - part 2

Finished my High Elf White Lion Chariot and it looks absolutely amazing even with my rather pedestrian painting skills!  I love the iconic feel to chariots and the images that they invoke, there will certainly be some Tiranoc chariots coming soon I think - just as soon as I can sell a kidney to fund it!

That said I once had in mind to field an entire Gobbo army purely of Wolf Riders and Wolf Chariots, mostly because I loved the idea of a purely nomadic tribe, picking up and moving from hunting ground to hunting ground and raiding Humie outposts, picking back up before more organised resistence is formed....hmm may have to revisit that idea when the Elves are done.....

Talking of which I have started painting my fiery mage Webril Feylight.  With a flaming sword and staff the model is looking really good and I couldn't wait any longer to get stuck in.  It has disrupted my painting plans as I was due to start on the spearman unit next but there you have it I'm a creature of impulse.  I've also had an idea to create some baggage items and treasure pieces for later on in the Skull Island campaign so it looks like they'll be postponed even longer - poor sods.

Talking of Skull Island better crack on with the next scenario and start having a think on how my poor 800 points will cope with the vast multitude of men 1000 points can bring to the party....

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