Sunday, 19 January 2020

The Fanitt Fatties

Hi all

So most of my xmas gifts from missus Gobbo and my wider family were Blood Bowl related (yes I've gone a bit loopy for it...).

In addition to all of the Almanacs, which are a collection of the Spike! journals and provide additional rules and star players for the various BB teams, I also received a complete Halfling team.

May I present to you the Fanitt Fatties.

Halfling players are too short to throw or catch, only run at half speed, and let’s admit it, they’ve got little hope of blocking anything! Most Halfling coaches make up for this lack of quality though with sheer quantity. After all, if you can get half a dozen players in the opposing team’s End Zone, and by some miracle end up with the ball, all it takes is one of the little guys to score that all-important goal.

The miniatures are from Black Scorpion, made from resin and were very easy to paint, with lovely character.  Although the BS minis don't differentiate between the new positionals that GW have introduced, I split them into various groups so that I could recruit them into those roles.
Hopefuls are the traditional halfling lineman role. Not quick, not strong and not armoured, they often spend most of their time in the dugouts.

The Treeman is probably the strongest player in the whole of Blood Bowl. He's gifted with an extraordinary natural strength against which very few players can compete. However, the Treeman is extremely slow and has a bad tendency of taking root in the middle of the field. If that happens, he won't be able to all.

I adapted the second Treeman with the simple addition of an eagle from Master Crafted Miniatures, which adds a nice contrast to the first.  that said the "leafy beard and hair" are also quite distinctive.

The new positionals are the "Catcher" and the "Hefty".  The catcher is fairly typical, has some nice skills that keep your 'fling from being turned into jelly and hopefully score those TDs!
At first I thought Heftys were going to be the 'fling attempt at a blitzer, so before reading the new rules for them, I chose the armoured minis and painted them up.  Later I found out they are more akin to Thrower roles and can take "passing" skills. So they got white rims on their bases, but I still liked the minis and so they stayed.

For size comparison to the GW minis, I used an Orc from the base game and I think they scale reasonably well, although I think the BS minis are more true 32mm rather than the GW "heroic" 32mm. Still I don't think they'll look out of place and at £40 for the entire team, they are a lot cheaper than the equivalent GW.

hope you enjoy


  1. Great looking Halfling team Andy, BS do some very nice models, and good use of the models to define the different positions

    1. thanks dude, they do make some very nice models.

  2. Very nice! Top job on the treeman conversion.
    How do Black Scorpion size up against the old GW metal BB figures, do you know? Sorry for being a pain.

    1. the old BB minis are true 28mm aren't they? The BS minis are true 32mm rather than the "heroic" scale that GW prefer.

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