Saturday, 2 November 2019

The Rescue - the intro

Seated on the stretcher in the rear of his ambulance, his daughter Astrid in the “jump seat” and the reporter April Nillson in the attendant seat, Andy “Gobbo” Wosa shook his head in effort to organise the information that April was giving him. Black sites and strike teams were the stuff of spy novels and the like. The fact that a strike team had abducted his one-time crew mate Anna “Putters” Parker because of the information she had carried around with her, very nearly blew the top of his aching head off. 

“So, you’re saying that Anna’s fiance – Chris, had a different reaction to the virus than all the other D-Subs? And that this was the reason that my crewmate was snatched and sped away in the biggest fucking helicopter I’ve ever seen?” Gobbo exclaimed. 

Astrid sighed, a well-rehearsed sigh of exasperation at the slowness of thought her father displayed... again! “She has said this twice now dad...”. Rolling her eyes, she checked the firing mechanism of her wicked looking crossbow for the umpteenth time, the repetitive action seeming to soothe her stretched nerves far more than her father's repetitive questions. 

“Thanks, trappy!” Gobbo snapped, winking at his fierce daughter to soften the rebuke. “But now what? Do we go after her? I mean I’m just a fat old medic, never served in the forces and these guys are highly trained soldiers and by the sound of it bloody ruthless to boot. It’ll be suicide”. 

Silence descended in the back of the ambo, as each of them retreated back into their heads to contemplate the impossible task. Astrid looked over at the worried but determined face of her father and knew that he would do something, likely very stupid but brave, to help his crewmate.   

The crackle of a radio cut through the morose atmosphere like a sharp knife, as the airwave handset in April’s slingbag came to life. “April, you there? April? It’s Bobby” 

Gobbo winced at the awful radio protocol but urged the reporter to answer the call. Reaching into her bag and withdrawing the handset she keyed the transmit button. “Go ahead Bobby”. 

“April, it’s gone insane here! There are soldiers barking at each other and all sorts. It seems the chopper carrying that paramedic has gone down in somewhere called Westgate, some malfunction or something.  Anyway, they’re scrambling around like crazy!” 

April glanced at the older medic who was already heading toward the rear doors of the ambulance and thumbing a shell into the breach of the shotgun he held.  “You know where this is?” she asked somewhat resigned to the fact she was about to get dragged into something very dangerous. Gobbo glanced at his daughter and sighed... “Yup, 10 minutes away I guess we’ll see it before we get there.” 

Hi all and welcome to my first game of ATZ in over 18 months, hopefully I won't be too rusty, however you won't know because as before this will be a narrative batrep. Blue text in the bulk of the story will likely be because I need to punctuate the action with some clarification of what happened in the game, so that you don't just think it's a product of my imagination. 

If you haven't read the previous episode then click on the link above to take you to an appropriate page because I will not be recapping each time. This game will be played out using All Things Zombie Final Fade Out (my preferred system) and on a 3 foot by 3 foot board divided into 9 sections.  

Anna is in section 7 (red person type icon), she needs to exit off of the board via section 3 marked by the acid green arrow (and coincidentally where Gobbo's ambulance is sitting) to succeed this mission as she looks to escape the crash site and disappear.  If she manages to link up with Gobbo they will move onto plot thread A. If she does not but still escapes she will move onto plot thread B.  Anna has an ankle injury and will not be able to fast move at all. If Anna is killed or captured by Sgt Boyle or the MiBs then we move onto plot thread C. She is now armed with an assault rifle and a flak vest (counts as protected).

Mr Smith and Mr Jones, the shadowy men in black from several episodes ago have been tasked by FOB SKA000 command to locate the girl and snatch her and the information she carries if possible, the information takes priority.  They enter in from section 1 and are marked by the purple arrow.

There are 3 PEFs (green squares) in section 7, 8 and 9 and are preloaded.  When one is revealed I will roll on the following table ignoring any repeats:

(1-2) the deserters Conti (poser) and Dewbury (dim) both are rep 4 with an assault rifle and flak vest. They will go straight to walk the walk on any meet and greet (inc the MiBs and the sarge) as they will want to avoid having witnesses to their desertion. 

(3-4) Sgt Boyle (born leader) rep 3 with an assault rifle and flak vest. Boyle is wounded, hence the lower rep and will try to fulfill his mission and capture Anna, if he wounds her he will demand her surrender and call in a heli-evac. 

(5-6) Gobbo, Astrid and April! they will automatically join up with Anna and attempt to exit at section 3 via Gobbo's ambo. 

It is an Urban setting so all of the ATZ rules for urban setups are to be used with zeds appearing on 4+ for each noise made. It is the afternoon of day 5... 

hope you enjoy 


  1. Bring it on, Andy! Naturally I'm rooting for Team Gobbo and hoping they find Anna first but I know only too well how fickle the dice gods can be. Best of luck, mate!

  2. Great stuff Andy! Good luck 😀

  3. Glad you're back to this. I really enjoy the story.

  4. Sweet looking forward to it starting.

  5. Great looking set up Andy, and a very well thought out scenario

    1. thanks Dave, the scenario will hopefully generate even more

  6. That sounds and looks like a tough task to complete, but I'm loving the set-up/

    1. thanks Joe, the set up is almost my favourite part of the game and this layout I really like

  7. Brilliant table Andy and I'm really looking forward to reading the resultant story.