Saturday, 21 September 2019

Blood, Sweat & Horses - update

Hi all

As my regular readers should be aware by now (if not, why not?), I've been working on my own game  - Blood, Sweat & Horses (Equorum Sudorum Sanquinis) for a couple of years now.  Starting out as a hobbyists side project for my own amusement and developing with the help of some awesome co-designers into a very good (imho) game, that is proving to be popular outside of my gaming group.

I have blogged about the development of this game before, so won't go into it too much. What I will do is let the pictures do the talking - from the beginnings (sourcing some minis and making a board) to demonstrating the game to a games publisher in Svotland.

minis from Irregular Miniatures

humble beginnings

the development of the main board

the very first playtest

that led to a vital piece of the game becoming developed

and the event deck coming into existence

and finally the missing piece of the game is devised

game boards for each player

the second playtest

with added nasty surprises

professionally produced cards which I love

and the game looks the part - more playtesting required to "play" the part

so onto Six Realms - a charity event here in East kent

and Broadside

with these two reprobates!!

the printable version of the board

and my dice tray - sorry Joe

later versions of the game now developing the event points system

Uncon 4.0 - it proves to be very popular

and CBK Gaming seem to enjoy it too

Uncon 5.0 goers seem to love it as much as those from previous Uncons

Family that races together...

still a very popular club game

and finally a published games designer enjoys the game at TTS (sorry for the blurry photo)

There are exciting times ahead for this game, as I move into (I hope!) the next stages of it's development.  More as and when it happens!

hope you enjoy


  1. Have enjoyed watching this game develop over the years Andy, and I hope you get it published mate

  2. I am so pleased you're continuing to develop this game, Andy. I'd love it if it did make it to retail.

  3. Excellent. Do you have a sculptor lined up to make some chariots?

    1. sadly not, I had some wonderful customer service from the chap at Irregular Miniatures though

  4. Great stuff Andy! Is this something you see going to Kickstarter in the future possibly?

  5. It looks to be shaping up pretty well, lots of smiling faces round the table is a good indication of that.

    1. and that is the general reaction to the game John, lots of smiling faces and positive vibes

  6. Best of luck Andy. It has been great seeing its development so far and what a wonderful achievement it would be if it made it to the shops!

    1. I would love to see it in the shops Michael, I'm sure it would hit the right notes with the gaming community

  7. Best of British Andy! I'm sure your game will be a fantastic success!!
    And just who were those 2 handsome chaps in black t shirts at Broadside?

  8. A jice retrospe tive look at the development of this game, Andy and splendid nes that it received positive feedback from a professional game designer. Wish you the best of luck with this, mate.

  9. Some choice mis-spellings

    1. they were certainly awesome

      thanks mate

  10. The game has come a long way, in a relatively short time and all the new additions have greatly added to the thems and look of the game, though I'd have gone with a sandy coloured arena (and my personal gripe). having the chariots race counter-clockwise -bit that's just me !
    Good luck getting this published, it would be a great acheivement and well deserved.

  11. This all looks brilliant mate. Well done!