Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

well maybe not.....

Hi all

just a quick post to reveal the winner of last months competition to win the Dr Who goodies that I'm sure most of you had forgotten all about.

First name drawn from the hat and the winner of the Tom Baker version of the Doctor and his faithful companion K9 is .......

Phil Curran

4th Doctor in Sherlock Holmes Hat   K-9

Second name drawn by the ever youthful missus Gobbo and the winner of the William Hartnell mini is......

Ray Rousell

congrats to the winners, if you can drop me an email with your addresses to -

da gobbos grotto at google mail dot com 
(remove the spacings and change the at and dot to the symbols).

thanks to those of you participating, there will be another comp over the summer i'm sure.


  1. Congratulations to the winners

  2. up, I was one of those that had forgottenall about it; congrats though to Phil and Ray

  3. Woohoooo1111 congratulations Phil Curran and Ray Rousell :)))

  4. I've just got logged on. What a wonderful surprise.A nice end to my week long half century celebrations.Thank you all for your kind comments.

    1. No worries Phil, will pop them in the post asap

  5. Excellent! Thank you very much!

    1. Because you need a Dr Who figure!
      Well maybe you do, Maybe you want to play sci fi from now on!